My response to David Frum's "Republicans face fraught choice between two roads to revival"

David Frum’s piece is here.

My response:


Your entire post is about the survival of the Republican party without acknowledging that the GOP actually stands for some important values and core beliefs. You suggest we abandon our principles … for votes. There’s something very sleazy in your post and very obviously so.

How are we to win over college graduates when colleges are dominated by leftist professors?

The failures of the GOP during the Bush years are obvious (and not all his fault):

  1. massive growth of gov’t.

  2. scandal upon Republican scandal

  3. Iraq War — the management of the post war period. We should have gone in with overwhelming force, prevented the outbreak of anarchy, and not disenfranchised the Sunnis.

  4. Failure to lead on the economy and head off the meltdown.


We have to think about what we can do about the leftist majority in the college profession.

We have to think about how we can articulate conservative values to the masses that are brainwashed by liberal, bankrupt ideology.

You suggest, Mr. Frum, that what we need to do is understand where these brainwashed moveon.org, dailykos zombies are at … and adjust our views to them:

You say: “To do so will involve painful change, on issues ranging from the environment to abortion. And it will involve potentially even more painful changes of style and tone: toward a future that is less overtly religious”.

We conservatives who honestly don’t believe in anthropogenic global warming should nonetheless pretend to believe and adjust our economy on Al Gore’s time frame so we can really push ourselves into a Depression?

Abortion: Those of us who believe that little innocent humans in the 3rd trimester of their development deserve protection under the same Constitution that allows Tim Robbins to keep breathing should just “adjust” our style and tone for votes?

We should be less overtly religious?? Exactly which GOP candidate was this way in the last two years? Who? I swear … listening to you is like reading a dailykos diary.

If I may borrow from David Brooks … you Mr. Frum are a cancer on the GOP.

Victor T

Queens, NY

aka “Vic the I.T. Guy”