Response to "The best sentence I've seen on the Citizens United case"

Let’s boil it down to the essential words: Political documentary, banned, government.

I’m a big defender of free speech, but it’s just not this simple.  Try replacing “documentary” with “Chinese-funded propoganda”.  Furthermore, the use of the word “banned” is erroneous.  We all know what banning speech means, and this is not it.  Citizens United is free to show this movie to one and all.  But prohibiting specific types of what would otherwise be protected free speech during certain times in a campaign is something we’ve all accepted.

And so the boiled down sentence above is boiled down too far, and has lost all its meat.

And seriously, given the SCOTUS decision, by what mechanism are we going to keep the influence of wealthy, ideologically suspect governments (China, Saudi Arabia) out of our political process? Those two countries, over all others, must be licking their chops at this decision.