Is America’s Patriotism Fading – by Chelsea Clark

This was on the LFF blog, linked here, and I thought it was good enough, and appropriate so I thought I would repost it here because I think people should read what it says. It’s written by someone who is young, and in that, carries more weight.http://liberty-freedom.org/blog/?p=33


There is a fading American Patriotism today and the residual effect is causing detriment to our great Nation.

Ask yourself, what does it mean to you to be an American? Then ask someone else if they can articulate the values that define the founding of this great Nation. Those of you who DO understand the morals and values that define America…then educate! We have grown dangerously complacent as Americans.

So many are fearful of causing a rift that they miss their chance to reach someone, especially the younger generations. Our youth (and I am one of them) is too easily swayed by liberal marketing schemes, through the indoctrination of liberal thinking within the American education system, and the blatant misrepresentation of American history.

Don’t miss your chance this election cycle.  Encourage everyone to vote November 2nd! Put signs up, walk districts, this IS the most important election that we as Americans have ever faced!!

Preserve the Liberty our Founding Fathers fought and sacrificed for American posterity.  VOTE NOVEMBER 2nd!

Pass the Conservative message on, we only have 5 days to motivate!! We can do this!! NOVEMBER 2nd!! GET OUT TO VOTE!!! NOVEMBER 2nd!!! GET OUT TO VOTE!!! EDUCATE!!!! NOVEMBER 2nd!!!!!! Be there.

Your Friend in Liberty & Freedom,

Chelsea Clark