Is there Tolerance in SF for Palin?

“Just how tolerant is San Francisco’s infamous Castro district? A group bringing Sarah Palin to the Bay Area is about to find out.” That is the first line of an NBC story about the Liberty & Freedom Foundation, who is bringing Sarah Palin to the San Francisco Bay Area next week. The Foundation put up a sign today in the Castro district, right across the street from the famous Rainbow flag that celebrates the gay movement in the Castro district, and the reaction has been fairly predictable.

While putting it up there were many profanities, and some just looked and laughed, not really caring. Reaction though online appears to be a bit different from that chuckling when the sign was going up. There have been lots of calls for it to be vandalized, thought to it would be disingenuous to not note that there are many in the area that want the sign to stay and not be defaced.

The first question asked was why put this sign there? “Are you trying to get in the face of the gay community by putting someone up who is so intolerant?” Well the answer to that is simple, yet complex. Why not put it there.

The event is in the Bay Area and its a major event. Conservatives for the most part stay away from the area, and that leaves the many that live there without the benefit of seeing their leaders speak. Its important for the leaders of the movement to go out to the supporters of Conservative ideals and solutions and talk to them, rally them, help them realize they are not alone.

It is also the job of Conservative leaders and organizations like the Foundation to not be afraid to go to an area, just because there may be people who disagree with some, or all, of the Conservative mantra. It is one reason why Conservatives have not done well with African Americans and are losing Latinos, because the dont go where the people are.

Why not put a sign up there. Maybe some people will come to the Forum and see that its not two hours of gay bashing, but a real discussion of Conservative thought, values, and solutions. They may not walk away agreeing with what was said, but they will realize that its not what they expected.

Why not put a sign up there. If we are going to have dialogue, if we are going to have discourse, it cant be from afar. You have to go where there arent people who think like you, no more just looking in a mirror.

Why not put a sign up there. Its a free country. No one group owns the streets of the country more than any other group. It should be noted that Liberals got upset when Joe Wilson called Obama a Liar, lets hope that they realize that it goes both ways and they wont vandalize the sign, and will not disrupt the Forum. Come, Listen, see what we have to say, but allow it to be said.

Sadly, for all the sane voices in the community who say let it be, there are more that respond like this gentleman. He has called the placement of the sign a hate crime… “Can’t this be reported vis the San Francisco Police Department’s 3-1-1 line as some sort of hate crime vandalism?”

Others have had more, lets say colorful comments about the sign.  There are links to an article or two here that will help see the reaction.

At the end of the day we are going to finally see if Liberals really practice what they preach, and are the tolerant crowd they claim, or if it turns out that its free speech for me, not for thee.