The Next Supreme Court Justice

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has announced that he will retire from the United States Supreme Court at the end of this term. Judge Stevens is known as the most liberal member of the Court. Although I disagree with his judicial philosophy, I appreciate his service.

I hope you will join me in urging President Obama to appoint and the U.S. Senate to confirm a successor who will be impartial and decide cases based on the constitution and not on personal politics.

I do not believe in a litmus test for judicial appointees. Instead each nominee should be evaluated based on their qualifications, writings and rulings.

When our founding fathers created the Constitution of the United States they did so with the intent that future generations would follow this document, except in those rare instances when it was changed by a proper amendment.

Liberal judges throughout our court system have gone far beyond what the founding fathers intended in attempting to legislate from the bench.

Every year the Supreme Court makes decisions that have a profound impact on our society. We need a new Supreme Court justice who will adhere to the Constitution and respect all three branches of our government.

Cross posted at Vern Buchanan For Congress.com