People Need Jobs, Not Another Government Spending Spree

Watch Out!  Just when you thought the Democrats couldn’t spend any more of our money, here they come again!

I was pleased to see President Obama shift his focus recently back to jobs and the economy.  It is by far the most important issue right now.

However, I was dismayed that the administration still believes that the federal government can spend our way to prosperity.  Private sector investments will create jobs – not big government spending.

I agree with the President that we need to help small businesses access credit and provide tax incentives to encourage investment and put people back to work.  After all, small businesses create 70 percent of the jobs in the country.

But the last thing we need is a new government spending spree under the guise of another “stimulus and jobs” package.

Despite record federal deficits, the administration continues to announce more and more spending.  In fact the proposals being pushed in congress by the Democrat leadership add up to more than $170 billion.  Yes, I said BILLION! And remember, that is on top of the $787 BILLION stimulus package they pushed through last year!

I’m not certain who the President and the Democrat leadership are hearing from, but as I travel across the state in Florida, I hear one clear message from voters:  Stop spending and get our deficit under control!

The President has proposed using TARP funds to help pay for another stimulus package.  Those funds were approved as an emergency loan to help prevent the collapse of our financial markets.  Any left over or unspent TARP funds should be used immediately to pay down our national debt.