It's Time To Restore Fiscal Responsibility

For too many years official Washington has been on a spending spree.  We must take steps now to restore fiscal responsibility.  An economy in trouble requires all of us, politicians in Washington, as well as every day Americans, to exercise fiscal responsibility.

The American people have made it clear that they value fiscal responsibility in their elected officials.  Managing public money is a matter of public trust.  The American people have elected each member of Congress to safely manage their money.

I have consistently called for a Balanced Budget Amendment.  I believe that is the first step toward restoring fiscal responsibility.  Once Congress is required by law to balance the budget, we will be able to eliminate fraud and wasteful spending.

We must learn the important lessons of this economic crisis.  Record deficits are not the answer.  Paying $800 billion a year just to service our debt is not the answer.  Increasing government spending during these tough times is not the answer.  Restoring fiscal discipline is the answer.  By doing so we will become wise stewards of taxpayer money and at the same time we will be taking the necessary steps to protect the future of our young people.

I know that the economy continues to be the most important challenge facing us today.  Unemployment is at its highest rate in the last 26 years.  The American people are struggling to pay their bills.  But they are doing exactly that.  Every pay day they balance their budget.  They cut spending where they have to in order to do that.  How can Washington do any less?

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