Oh no! McCain steered big bucks to Khalidi. [So, no reason not to release the tape then.]

[Seems like such an obvious answer, right? If there’s nothing wrong, then there’s no need to keep the tape out of play. And yet they’re hesitant. Weird. – Moe Lane]

[PS: Our liberal readers – the ones who survive – generally understand that the diaries are for people actually trying to encourage conservative and Republican ideals. We don’t mention it; it’s one of our little IQ tests. The author flunked. – ML]

Huffpost has broken a story reporting that McCain steered several hundred thousand dollars to Khalidi via a Republican foundation he served on during the 90’s.

Oh well, forget about those tapes. [Actually, now I’m kind of interested in hearing it. I figured that it was no big deal back in April, but with this kind of pushback I may have figured wrong. – ML]

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/10/28/mccain-funded-work-of-paln138606.html [I don’t give HuffPo free traffic if I can help it. – ML]