Gun control is not the answer. In fact it could have made the Aurora massacre much worse.

Much has been made about the fact that James Holmes, the alleged
shooter Friday morning in Aurora Colorado, was armed with two Glock pistols, an
AR-15, a shotgun and thousands of rounds of ammunition. The gun control
nutcases are out in force saying that this tragedy could have been prevented if
only Holmes had not been able to acquire the guns. Balderdash!


The booby-trapped bombs in Holmes apartment, themselves,
prove this assertion false. They boy knows how to make bombs. Imagine this:


Because the left, at some point succeeded in outlawing
private possession of firearms, Holmes had no access to guns. Yet he is hell
bent on killing. Instead of leaving the theater and returning with guns, he
leaves and returns with one of his bombs. The bomb is in a backpack and
surrounded by roofing nails to create deadly shrapnel. He sits in the middle
of the theater and detonates the device in suicide bomber fashion. Or, because
most of these idiots are cowards at heart, leaves the backpack and detonates
the device remotely. I submit that the casualty figures would have been MUCH
higher. No warning and no chance to escape.


I spent 20 years as an Army Combat Engineer. A significant
part of my training and experience revolved around the manufacture of “field
expedient explosives.” The more current term is Improvised Explosive Device or
IED. All sorts of deadly devices, both explosive and otherwise, can be created
using common household chemicals and materials. Detonators and igniters can similarly
be created with common tools and materials. And, yes, cell phones can easily be
used as remote detonators.


Information on how to construct these deadly devices is
readily available on the Internet for anyone who is interested. Some of the
Army manuals I used during my training are available for purchase on the web
and in book stores. Holmes apartment is evidence that he was able to acquire
both the expertise and materials to create bombs and booby traps.


I don’t know what the answer is, but I know it’s not banning
guns. If there had been one or more CCW possessing, gun carrying patriots in
that theater, many lives may have been saved. The following link is a perfect example
of this theory in action:



The government cannot ban or control all chemicals and
materials which can be used or combined to create deadly bombs and other
devices. It can’t block access to all of the information available on the web and elsewhere.
Therefore, no man made law can prevent an evil or deranged person from killing.
We should quit pretending they can.


It’s not guns, but rather something morally deficient in our
society that creates and enables people such as James Holmes. That’s where we
need to focus our efforts.