Paid to do nothing. By taxpayers, no less!

Most of you are familiar with the “work rooms” that the UAW used to keep people on the payroll even when there was no work to do. I say “used to use”, I have no evidence to indicate that they have stopped the practice. However, common sense would dictate that after accepting billions of dollars from taxpayers to stay afloat, they might do away with somethin most Americans reviled when they heard about it.

But I digress.

It appears that another shining example of economic and business mismanagement, the United States Postal Service, had negotiated the same idiotic concession with the American Postal Workers Union (APWU). The union apparently felt that it was in the taxpayers best interest to have underemployed postal workers sit in a “stand-by room” for as many as eight hours a day because management had nothing productive for them to do. All the while, collecting full pay and benefits, of course.

The employees are not happy about it at all. Managers have the nerve to ask them to read Postal Service training materials while they sit on their @$$es. Many managers won’t allow them to sleep, read books, watch TV or play video games.

Read all the sordid details here:


The US Postal Service, funded by our tax dollars, negotiated this deal. Do you really think we can expect any better from those setting up federal healthcare? How many other local, state and federal government employee unions have the same benefit?