When I listen to Barack Obama, I am filled with hope.

I am filled with hope for the future of this great country. I am filled with hope that our economy WILL rebound and return to its rightful place as the envy of the world. I am filled with hope that we WILL win the war on terror. That our military WILL remain the strongest and proudest in the world.


I am filled with hope that Israel will NEVER be abandoned by the United States and that we WILL put a stop to Iran’s attempt to dominate the Middle East, and later the world. I am filled with hope that we will once again give the one finger salute to the Chavez’s and Putin’s and Castro’s and Ahmadinnerjackets of the world.


I am filled with hope when I listen to the President, because every time I hear him speak he puts another nail in his own political coffin.  He and his advisers are sooooo wrapped up in his Messiahness that they failed to understand the significance of events like the Republican vote on the stimulus in the House. They forgot or won’t admit that this is a right leaning country, and when the Republicans show historic backbone in opposition, Americans take notice.


I am filled with hope because they failed to rethink their Guantanamo strategy after the executive order ordering it closed immediately, uh.. within a year, uh… we’ll get back to you. The polls showed Americans overwhelmingly disagreed with that move. So what do they do as a follow-up? Drop all charges against the maggot who is responsible for the attack.  A number of the victim’s families refused the One’s invitation to the White House in protest. And, after listening to Fox today, they don’t have much good to say about his Oneness.


I am filled with hope because even though public support for this bill is dropping as fast as Nancy Pelosi’s face lift, HE DISRESPECTS THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST THE BILL!  In public, on TV, after saying he was at the event because he needed and excuse to go for a joy ride in Air Force One.


I am filled with hope that between the comedy act currently inhabiting the White House and some new-found huevos on the part of Republican congress critters, and the often surprising intelligence of the electorate, we can delay the worst of the damage until we can start to retake control in 2010.


Unless he remembers where he forgot his reality glasses, his Oneness is going to be a one term wonder. With Michael Steele at RNC and some of the stars we have as Governors and even in the congress to choose from as a nominee, we’ll get the White House back in 2012.


I am filled with hope.