Who is more middle class than Sarah Palin?

No one. No one is more middle class than Sarah Palin. No candidate, in my admittedly limited political memory, has ever really fit the definition of “one of us”. I always thought that if someone had the “pull”, connections and money to get elected President or Vice President , couldn’t really be one of us.

But Sarah Palin is still one of us. She is a small business owner. She and her husband belong to unions. She has five kids, and all of the common problems that every American family faces. She was on the freaking PTA!

The McCain campaign needs to use her to neutralize all of the identity and class warfare politics that Obama is trying to play. She can reinforce the twin ideas of personal responsibility and accountability. She can talk about what middle class mother face better than anyone. She can talk about the benefits of limited government and lower taxes, and they can’t paint her as out of touch.

I know this is short for a diary, and I apologize. But, I don’t have a lot of time and wanted to get this idea out for discussion.

Sarah Palin just gets better and better.