"I will end this war!"

“I will end this war!” Five simple words. Five one-syllable words that are music to the ears of anti-war nut roots. Yet, at the same time, these five simple words scream defeatism, retreat and capitulation to the millions of moderate and right leaning Americans who don’t like to lose wars. Americans who mourn the outcome of the Vietnam War.

Five words. But, only one has real meaning. End. It has many meanings. It is an ambiguous word. Of course Barack Obama is skilled at stringing together ambiguous words and phrases and speeches. They’re so much easier to use when one needs to deny and deflect past comments.

But, in this context, and in the final analysis, the word ’end’ has only one meaning. One can verbalize that meaning in a number of ways; quit, retreat, capitulate, run, punt, surrender to terrorism or whatever comes to the reasonable mind. At the end of the day we all know what he means.

But, what if he switched that one meaningful word, with another, simple, one-syllable word? A word that, in this context, has only one meaning.


“I will win this war!”

Why can’t he say that? Hell, why can’t any Democrat say that except Senator Lieberman? Are they such cowards, that they find armed conflict so utterly distasteful, that it can’t be dignified by wanting to win it?

Can anyone explain it?

Rick Liedtke