How Leadership Can Trump Demagoguery...Every Time, Watch Wisconsin

Note: We have the best labor union coverage in America right here at RedState, with LaborUnionReport and his crew, and this business in Wisconsin is 95% bullet-point labor issues. I’ll leave that to our experts. But considering the worldwide surfacing of “American-style, street-based labor issues” in downtown Tunis, Cairo, Amman, Manama, hell, even Tripoli, the last three weeks…and then all of a sudden, in Madison, Wisconsin, home of the Badgers, who just beat #1 Ohio State, and Donna Shalala, cutting buddy of Janet Reno, closing that square becomes a little more difficult.

Is this part of a grand plan, or has something gone awfully wrong?

A strange thing is happening in Madison right now, and I don’t think it’s playing out as the public employee unions there want it to. In fact, if scripted as US labor has been in guiding their brothers in the Middle East, this show in Madison has taken on an aspect of the Improv Theatre on Monday night when everyone’s still hungover. Who’s in charge? Better still, who’s the dispatcher? Who’s sending these people out into the streets to make fools of themselves?

This is only a heads up, as there are events still to develop, but pay close attention to what’s going on in Wisconsin the next few days. So far the teacher’s unions, the state senate’s democrats (cowards all), many of who in voting “absent” may well have put themselves out of a job by scramming out of  town, and yes, even Obama and the White House, seem to be doing everything wrong.

They are close to screwing the pooch. On a long, four year road to the Big Rock Candy Mountain, they just may have hit a sink-hole, thinking it was only a pothole, sinking with it much of big labor’s long term plans in the US.

So pay close attention to how the media plays this, for the stronger Governor Scott Walker plays his cards, the more people will see the real purposes of the public employees, and even in a liberal state such as Wisconsin, and even in a leftist city composed mostly of state employees such as Madison, people can still add and subtract.

There is no way the unions can win an argument in the court of public opinion as to whether they should have to pick up maybe 12% of their own health insurance and retirement benefits…when the people who are paying these little piglets’ health and retirement benefits are paying twice as much for their own, and earning on average only 20% less in salaries. Those days are over, and they can learn this with some sense of the “jig is up”, or by their ankles. (I don’t care, but I suspect Gov Walker should.)

I assume Gov Walker is not (or should not) be playing to the Madison gallery only in making his case. I hope he sees America is watching…and rooting for him.

But the whole state is watching, too, and they will see that the people who are in charge of their children (the teachers) are pigs. You can see it all over the internet. Yes, pigs, and they can compare the piglets’ comportment, hygiene and and litter habits with the manners of tea partiers, whose histories also have been recorded. The union cause will sink beneath the congregated effluvia of its own filth….for Wisconsonites are a tidy bunch, all in all.

More importantly, Walker is making a helluva case to the rest of America. Hundreds, no, probably thousands of Americans are watching, in cities, townships, counties, and a few governors, looking for an ounce of backbone.

For you see, Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s new governor, took his mandate seriously and is seriously trying to “simply balance his budget”. He seen his job and he done it.

You also see that the unions are busing in outside help, but to do what? This isn’t an election, they can’t beat people up, run people away from the polls. All they can do is fill the street with more ugly signs, noise and debris and reminders that the shooting of Gabby Gifford came from their side of the fence, and the media won’t be able to help them one bit…if the governor will not budge.

Now I’m not putting Scott Walker up for the president in 2012. He’s a regular guy. But he strikes me as a man of honor and fortitude who is simply going to carry out his job under the state constitution, and his oath…by God. A man of Integrity.

Suddenly a power issue is at stake here that no one really saw coming. The Mideast is in flames, at the hands of several countries’ national unions, under American labor tutelage, plans were going forward, and suddenly American public employee unions find themselves going all-in in Madison, Wis-damn-consin, over an issue they cannot possibly win. They have gone all-in way too soon. And Obama must back them. And now their whole game can unravel.

We need to send this simply message to Gov Walker: Leadership is catching, and leadership is built on a few very well-known, but hard to demonstrate qualities, among them, truth of purpose, fortitude, courage, and honor.

We all have these, but rarely under the wilting glare of power the forces of the Enemy can muster. This is where Scott Walker finds himself today. Send him every ounce of encouragement you can. Let him know he is not alone. And let him know that if he succeeds there, little Scott Walkers will be born across the country, and the Enemy will find itself in hasty retreat.

Sometimes it only takes one.

When Leadership stands up to Demagoguery, Demagoguery doesn’t just retreat, if often surrenders.

I didn’t pick this place, Scott Walker didn’t pick this place, but this battle is still one of our choosing. It can start here. I can smell it.