Do Rank & File Union Members in America Know they are now Officially Communists by Proxy?

This is actually about Egypt and the illusion, still held by the American media (including FoxNews) that the protests, riots and resulting stand-off in Egypt is about more freedom for the people of Egypt and not less freedom…while we all know the outcome will be the opposite should the Muslim Brotherhood be brought into a governing coalition with Mubarak’s successor.

But its genesis actually begins here. America, and American public opinion was always the focus of that uprising, or did anyone not notice that as sure as America went home on Friday to settle in for a two-day vacation called Super Bowl Weekend, the violence in Egypt decided to stand down…since, I’m guessing, who’d notice? Coincidence?

Indeed, this “popular uprising” has foreign (mostly American) roots…not just from the American Left, and Soros and his minions (there’s a money trail in there, so look for it) but also from official US government sources, although how high the connection runs may never be known. And yes, Mr Obama read his cue cards properly…albeit a little ham-fisted inasmuch as those cue cards were changed daily last week. About Egypt he has been a puppet, as planned.

What we know

I’m not big for using hyperlinks, but visit my last two pieces last week, about el Baradei and the Muslim Brotherhood replacing the democracy movement, and you will see all sorts of links in the posts as well as the comments. The story behind this story has now become a major topic on Glenn Beck’s TV show the past few days. Thanks to LaborUnionReport I think RedState was way out in front of this story from the beginning. It should be Pulitzer Prize stuff.

What we know is that the American Left, and left-wing student groups have been deeply involved in organizing Egyptian students for well over a year. What we know is that American labor officials allied with foreign labor officials to organize labor involvement in the Tunisian, Egyptian and Jordanian uprisings last week…and they did so openly in the name of Marxist “social justice” and other culinary sound bytes such as “worker’s of the world unite”.

What we know is that any government in the region that shares power with the Muslim Brotherhood must stand for the immediate ending of all ties with the United States and the destruction of Israel, a fact I believe our State Department has been slow to grasp, and of which, sadly I must conclude Mr Obama tacitly approves.

And what we know is that the American media either knew all this, and chose not to “out” the students as leftists, and that the massed throngs who were not students were not necessarily “of the common masses” but rent-a-mobs (which in Egypt cost $200 per 1000 per day)….or was strung along by the protest organizers (which is easy to do if you’ve studied journalists trying to cover a country as large as Iraq from a single hotel…and bar…inside the Green Zone in Baghdad) so as not to be able to walk back their prior prejudices once better evidence was laid out in front of them.

No matter, either way, the media is holding to their original positions, all factually wrong, even as they are, in the end, contrary to the best interests of American security, world peace, regional stability, and most of all, freedom for the Egyptian people.

All is vanity. (Eccles 1:1) And vanity in this case often kills.

What we know can be proved, so please don’t try to tell me we don’t know this. It can even be proved by all the things that did not and have not happened from what historically have been genuine democratic movements. The evidence is overwhelming that this revolt is and always was an attempted communist-Islamist takeover of the Egyptian government, the Jewel in the Crown, as it were, of Islamist aims in the region.

What most American union members did not know

…is that their union bosses have openly avowed themselves to be fellow travelers in the greater Marxist scheme of world  “worker” (read Elitist) domination. This is new, this is bold, and this is big.

Yeah, I know, with Richard Trumka at the head of the AFL-CIO, it is hard to imagine. I knew him when he was head of the Mine Workers. A crook, yeah, but he thinks a Marxist dialectic is something they do to you in the hospital when your kidneys go bad. He ain’t bright enough to be a Commie, and even I’m a little perplexed. Whatever he’s grasping here, it isn’t a reasoned search.

But there is another possible answer. He’s been morphed, neutered, gelded, call it what you like. An addititomy, I think the sex-change-surgeons in Thailand call it.

In any case, this is big news, for you see, in all the years of the American Labor Movement, from the very beginning, from Gompers to Reuther and John L Lewis, the American Labor Movement was American, and it wasn’t joining any goddam worldwide Commie labor movement and Comintern crap seeking one world government. Screw the Europeans and screw the Russians, and screw the Commie horse they rode in on. American Labor wants better pay, better work rules and better safety, not Commies in the White House.

Pension funds came much later.

If you haven’t guessed, these were Labor’s best years in America, when they were in the high 30% of workers, for most of union labor were men…men who made things; cars, steel, coal, ore, and built things, bridges, skyscrapers, highways, canals…and we made more than anyone in the world…and by men who had fought for their country in two wars. It’s hard to say whether the rank and file drove the union leadership or they were in perfect accord, but Commies weren’t welcome in their world, and there was no way they were going to go the way of Euro-Soviet labor. American Labor loved America. That was fact.

But that was also then. When they began allowing federal and state workers, and teachers, to organize…well, many of those were men too, but theirs were sedentary ways, and by the 70s, fewer had worn the uniform or even worked with their hands by cutting grass or fixing a bicycle as a kid, and all they ever built were stacks and stacks of papers in an office, to be shuffled by other union members in another office, until those papers were finally stored in a depository in a basement by union members who at least could drive a fork lift…to be replaced by a new stack of papers.

These were girlie-men and women, the Skirt Unions, and they had an entirely different view of Karl Marx, social justice and workers of the world uniting. They saw their counterparts in Europe putting in a hard 30 hour, 4-day week, 48 weeks a year, never hitting a lick, just hand-stamping whatever piece of paper came down the line, and only pausing to read every fourth one, and then retiring at 41 to a nice condo on the Spanish coast at 75% of full pay, with full health benefits. What’s not to like about this gig? Our jealous Americans state workers have been struggling for thirty years to acquire parity with their brethren in Europe, who, as we speak, are breaking their nations’ backs, and their banks just to keep them in toilet paper at the beach.

As the Guy Unions decreased and the Skirt Unions increased in America, it was only natural that this would happen. Some of us old timers knew it a long time ago.

Then all of a sudden the Guys wake up to find out they are all Communists…by proxy. What to do? What to do?

That is the question, but I can’t answer it. Only the working men of America can.