Democracy Movement No More, Muslim Brotherhood Takes Over as Planned, Obama Takes Sides, as Planned

Day 8. History may well report that there was actually a democratic sentiment somewhere in the midst of the mass protests that began a week ago in Cairo, but I doubt it.

And for sure, the world media never looked for it.

As LaborUnionReport has been establishing here at RS (this piece should be reread in light of unfolding events, and please note the corporate sponsors) and which seems to be getting traction among some other bloggers (this is huge, folks) it seems the pro-democracy movement that hit the streets were students more of the Berkeley ’64 variety than Tehran ’09. That is no longer an issue in doubt.

And now that world opinion is fully in sympathy with the sweet, desperate and poignant democratic sentiments of what turns out to be a bunch of left wing radicals, they have stepped aside and allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to move front and center to confront the forces of the Mubarak regime…all according to plan.

Note what is missing from almost every news report from Egypt: 1) any mention from the real Arab street, the fellahin, average Egyptians, and their hopes or ideal of democratic reform. This isn’t about them, never was. 2) Recalling Berkeley in ’64, and the dozens or more universities thereafter, try to find any specific mention of just what the protesters want or wanted, on Day One, or Today. Marxists psycho-babble, this committee wants this, that brigade wants that. By 1968 some of those requests had gotten so inane, you’d have thought you were watching Hans Gruber take over the Nakitomi Towers. Phonies. Marxist phonies. 3) Only now, with the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood has any one or group stepped forward to claim a role of spokesman, with a list of demands or “solutions”. There never was anyone else. There never was a middle choice as to who might replace Mubarak. It was the Brotherhood or else.

And Barack Obama’s fingerprints are all over it.

Erick wrote yesterday that Egypt’s collapse is America’s fault going back to the days of Bush I, for Mubarak’s dynastic intentions go back at least that far, his control tightening against not only Muslim extremism but any organized opposition to his one party rule. But he was a formidable ally we’re told, only, at 1.9 billion a year (remember those secret protocols to the Egypt-Israel Peace Accords?) I’d be pretty honorable in my obligations to my benefactors as well.

But what is now being exposed is not so much ordinary people bumping into political opportunists and anarchists in the street to feast on the rotting carcass of a dying dictator, than a well planned, timed and executed movement covering at least five Middle Eastern countries…Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, with Algeria beginning to rumble.

While Obama cannot be blamed for the decrepit state of the Egyptian corpse, it can no longer be said that he, his administration, including the State Department, American unions, or his many corporate pals in the social media business, are not up to their elbows in this well coordinated attack around the Middle East…

…but not to bring down old, out-dated autocracies such as the Hashemite Kingdom in Jordan and the Mubarak regime in Egypt for the sake of human liberty and dignity…

…but to establish a neo-marxist, fascists (I see elements of both) regimes in all those places, with the center piece of governance in all them being the Muslim Brotherhood, who Barack Obama suddenly sees as a kinder gentler version of their “former selves”.

Finally, Barack Obama has declared himself…

Ghouls versus Goons

…and Obama has chosen the Ghouls. Considering the downside, I choose the Goons, in part because we can deal again with them again in 2013, when new management comes to town…and Israel may still be there.

That’s what’s at stake, ultimately.

George Patton, in the middle of a great battle, trying to save a beleaguered and surrounded town in Belgium, asked that a strange prayer be asked of God, that he might allow better weather conditions by which to kill the enemy.

If you ever prayed that bad guys should beat evil guys, pray that prayer now. Invoke the Horns of Hattin and the Marxist Crusaders. God will understand, and so will Egyptians.

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