A Relentless Pursuit of the Left

You’ll note the title doesn’t say “A Steadfast Resistance to…”, or  “A Courageous Stiff Upper Lip Against…”.

Nope, in a winner-take-all, life-and-death struggle for personal liberty, individual human dignity and America, i can find absolutely no profit in us simply holding our ground…especially now that we have lost almost half of it, and the Left still dead set on taking away the rest at every opportunity.

Since I’ve been here at RedState you’ve all known what I want first and foremost; in the words of the Sundance Kid, “I want to fight ’em.” I’ve spent a year talking about it here. Besides, that what I’m very good at; starting fires, not writing romance novels.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. (Eccles 3:1)

It’s time.

The most recent case in point; Erick and LaborUnionReport announced on Tuesday a planned march/protest, after dark, at the private home of the man leasing the land to Walmart for their projected (and approved) store in the District of Columbia. That will take place tonight (Thursday). That’s just up the road from me.

I won’t discuss the merits of a Walmart in the District. I won’t argue 1200 new jobs in the area, nor the potential for at least 10%-15% across-the-board lowering of prices by area competitors, for what is known to be some of the nation’s poorest citizens, who always seem to have to pay the highest prices for goods because of where they live. No one is more captive than inner city black folks, under the “benign” protection of corrupt politicians, ACORN neighborhood organizers (or Mr Ten-percent as they were known in Cincinnati), and Marxist labor organizers such as SEIU. You can’t pitch pennies on the street corner there without some crook leasing the sidewalk.

What I will discuss is open lawlessness and thuggery as the new normal among Democrats, their union sponsors (read “handlers”) and the Left.

I don’t know anything about DC laws, but I assume trespass and property damage are illegal and even criminal. I also assume there is no authority granted to the DC government for permitting parades and protests in residential areas where property damage can’t help but occur just because of the confined space. They don’t call downtown and commercial areas “communal areas” for nothing, where people can congregate (permits in hand) with their signs, to snake dance, chant, and convey just about any message they want to convey. But on narrow streets where people live and children play (or sometimes barricade themselves indoors) this is illegal. And yes, criminal. And I hold the police who won’t show up to protect that private property and the city councilmen who whisper in bureaucrats’ ears to issue the permit anyway, equally as criminally culpable for allowing such a thing to occur as the thugs themselves. They are accomplices and will be pursued as such.

The point is, I’m tired of griping and being outraged. This is an activist site, only there isn’t an election for nearly two more years, and while escorting Scott Brown out of office in the primaries next summer will be twice the fun as getting him in, that’s a ways away. I want to see people exposed and “thrown out” every week.

One of our principle jobs here is to keep the troops aware and energized. Being filled up with a daily bowl of outrage helps. But watching them get away with it day after day grates on my soul just as it does yours. So seeing some of these scofflaws on the run, showing their heels, and watching them duck for cover when a crowd shows up on their front lawn is even better food for my soul than any old bowl of porridge salted with indignation. I need a little red meat from time to time. I want to see us win, not just wish it.

So here’s what’s up.

Right after CPAC I’ll be announcing a new website, GreatAmericanZeroes.com, which I’d owned for some years, and which I recently turned over to a group with the ability to do more with it than time and money would allow me. This is just a heads up, so stay tuned.

Hopefully, you’ll go there and support its efforts as I think they need to raise about eight thousand, for it will be part of an integrated planning and organizational nexus for a national effort, revealing the rise of dozens of sites and cells across the country…with one purpose and one purpose only…

…to relentlessly pursue the Left.

The GAZ site will concentrate on voter fraud and intimidation, both at the legislative and street level, but as the protest tonight on the DC residence proves, almost any misconduct by thugs and public officials will be highlighted. Pictures will be taken. Names will be named, and all the things the Left loves telling the world about where you live will be told about them and their accomplices.

While some high profile groups (FreedomWorks, AmericanMajority, AmericansforProsperity, and the Tea Parties) are beginning to network with each other to maximize political action (with, despite what you read, amazingly little vanity and territorial discord), the time is ripe to insinuate ourselves into the internet in a different regard; by organizing a vast, year round, 24/t relentless pursuit of the Left…not in the polling place but on their own turf. I expect new supporters will show up as the year progresses for this kind of time-for-a-reckoning stuff is contagious. We want to start a run on the Left, just like they did on the banks.

I’ve had an planning and operational hand in these sorts of things before in some of the strangest places, but I’m not the most web-savvy guy in the world. So, I’ve been working on this with others since summer trying to draw up a bigger and better team. In my last post I said this:

…(our) power of the internet is limited in this regard. (i.e, how conservatives now use the internet.) The Left has known this for the longest time, and has been using the internet in other regards for years. I’ll speak to that at another time.

That time is now to begin using the internet in those other regards.

We will be going after the Left using their own tools…only better and more efficient, and quite frankly, with more stealth. Nary a fingerprint, in part because we don’t brag and our victories will be measured in how much quieter, and more peaceful it has gotten out there, and not by the noise. But Oh, how the heathen will rage!

Networking with associated groups operating around the country, GAZ will let citizens know about every foot soldier, storm trooper, Wormtongue, and fifth columnist in every small community college, English department, county office building and union local in America, what they look like and their haunts. They will be known by their deeds.

We will have people in the field, at the ready, and as the year goes on those numbers will multiply, for people are tired of just sitting around being pissed of, doing nothing. People will be lining up once they know the game is afoot. And as Alinksy taught, they’ll never break a single law…except maybe in their hearts.

They will photograph, identify and track every Leftist and accomplice who ever carried a megaphone, drove a bus, toted a placard, wielded a lead pipe, turned over a wheel chair, bit off a finger, stuffed a ballot box, intimidated a voter, pushed an election watcher, or issued a permit to invade a man’s private property. Police chief’s and bad cops will have to dress up like dock workers just to get to work. Bureaucrats, professors and school officials will have to take the bus, or drive to the office in ’85 Celicas and students will have to call Mom for more money. Leftie school teachers will leave their jobs to open a Cut n’Curl in their garage. Our groups will be able to put 10-20-100 people at any public place on a few hours notice, sometimes carrying a Bible, and other times, a rolled-up newspaper. Sky determines.

Our people will be using the internet in those “other regards” just like the Left has done for many years, to facilitate pouring a bucket of cold water, having a chilling effect, deterring, intimidating, and yes, relentlessly pursuing the Left…wherever found; in their sewer, in their classroom, in their Volvo, or in their Tudor mansion…all with a cunning and derring-do of heroes of old, from Gideon to the Pimpernel.

We will fight Alinsky with Alinsky, or as I like to call it, V&A.

Yes, you can join up, only many of you already have. But we won’t be enlisting anyone over the internet without local vetting.

Money, money, money

This project won’t be inexpensive, but neither will it be expensive, at least not by Michael Moore bail-money-for-Assange expensive. We know exactly what needs to be done, and what it will take in dollars and cents to kick this can.

I’ll be at CPAC and would like to meet with any conservative donor who might be wondering what to do with his/her annual RNC contribution next year. That’s why I’m announcing this now. You can contact me through thesandsinstitute.org, where I can then send along phone links and contact information while in DC.

I’ll put a up a more concentrated post about re-directing conservative political spending in the week leading up to CPAC, as we have several things we’d like to talk to donors about on a variety of conservative projects. I always carry my begging bowl on behalf of others to these projects, only this time one of those projects will be me.

We can move mountains politically in the next year, but unless we meet the Left in their sewers and begin taking back the main highway by first running them off it, all our political victories will have gone for nil. That’s a law.

The fight starts here.