Are We Worn Out or Just Getting Warmed up?

It’s been a rough week. First, assassinations spawned by left-wing “hate teach” (there, I said it again), followed by a hate campaign against the innocent for yelling “ouch” when they were blamed. Then both the Texas Speaker and the RNC chairman’s elections have proven that the messaging here at RedState isn’t always as powerful as we’d like to think it is. Were the Joe Strauss and Reince Priebus machines too big to corral? Had we misunderestimated (sic) them?

Or have we in fact, as the Left believes and is about to test, departed the field a little prematurely, assuming victory is ours at least until the primary season next year? Have we taken a holiday?

I’m reminded by LaborUnionReport…who I continue to say is writing the most prescient (and scary) news of things to come right now (on RedState or any other political forum)…that the heat of the past two years, and the most recent election cycle will be steered away from the White House and even Washington and move to places the media is not likely to magnify as closely. Places where the unions operate best.

It’s a feint. Media light will not be shined on this heat. In fact, you may have to go a London rag to find out what’s going on with labor in Ohio, or Oregon…or, just bookmark LUR’s home page and he’ll do that for you. In fact…my recommendation…go back a year and print everything LUR has posted here at RS, both diaries and Front Page articles, hole-punch them and put in a binder. Index according to tastes. Then you will be better informed than all but a few labor experts in the country. Moreover, you will see what’s coming even before Rush Limbaugh sees it, for what is coming will come from the places the unions hang out. bank on it. They will drive big events that no one will notice.

And the media will play its role accordingly, using mock outrage, such as the Arizona shooting, to turn public attention away from more important political events. And from the antics of Shep Smith last week, don’t look for any respite at FoxNews. Across the board, the media meme will be to cover up very, very important happenings inside the bureaucracies; the FCC, FTC, EPA, NLRB, the unions, and did anyone here know that Gates has declared North Korea an imminent threat to shoot missiles at the US? (h/t bobmontgomery).

And they will cover all this up with sensationalism and high political drama about what won’t even merit footnotes in history books, a feat at which Shep (and quite frankly Rupert Murdoch) excel.


Even before he announced changes in his White House staff, capped by former Morgan Chase exec William Daley taking over as Chief of Staff, it was figured that the WH would try to cosmetically position itself to the center. Makes sense. Why not? Call him incompetent if you want, but Obama & Co got more significant legislation…historic legislation…passed in two years than most presidents could accomplish in eight. (Or Clinton in sixteen.)

Obama has two years now to remain visibly passive while the past two years of effort work their way through the machinery of government, out of view of even an inquiring press. Even as the “repeal ball” is rolling in Congress, and will continue to roll for two more years, the “bureaucratic implementation ball” is rolling more quickly, so quickly that some say not even the most draconian of Congresses will have the nerve to fire all those people, once hired. Obama has already added 141,000 new federal employees, with another 125,000 in the pipeline. Fed employees making over $150,000 doubled. (And just imagine those pensions!)

Obama, as he is wont to do anyway, can throw his feet up on the desk, light one up, and do nothing except fly out to Hell’s Half Acre every two weeks or so and make a speech…and pass out tee shirts.

Last fall I had reduced Obama’ chances at running for a second term to 60% for what I believe to be very real mental problems. He’s not healthy, you can clearly tell. It could be from prior drug use, current prescriptions, or, as I claimed here before, a deep and abiding fear of work. The White House Insider, a possibly apocryphal source, says, plausibly, that Obama has been taking anti-depressants, the only side effects of which we can discern being those gaunt, indifferent eyes and an insatiable hunger for frequent vacations.

I’ve now raised those odds back up to 90%, since, unless we make him, Obama won’t have to work another day until after the 2012 convention.


Likewise for Congress. While we’re all praying for gridlock, accompanied by a constant banging on the Senate’s doors by the House, “Let me in whee-ooh, whee-ooh, whee-ooh, hoop-whee-ooh, Whee-ooh, whee-ooh, hoo-ooh-oop-whee-ooh, whee-ooh” (The Sensations, 1962) with legislation calculated to 1) annoy the hell out of Harry Reid, 2) remind folks back home that they’re keeping their promises and 3) drawing markers for real live legislation they can expect in 2013, once we get a new Senate and President…the Democrats in Congress, in unison, will be laying IED’s all along that path, just as they did in the wake of the murder attempt on Gabrielle Giffords last week.

Some of those road mines will be very serious, such as the proposed rules change in the Senate filibuster. And while we will study, rage and debate it here, as we already have, the media will paint this as little more than a housekeeping issue, worthy of no more than a mention on the back page. Shep won’t even talk about it. Charles will, but quite possibly, dismissively. Most Americans won’t even know about it until it is over…sort of like the RNC election on Friday.

And just wait until Darrell Issa and others start making inquiries into the conduct of some other members of Congress and the Executive the past few years that could end a few up in the pokey. The GOP will be looking for facts, the Democrats for theatre. The Democrats could win on style points unless our newbies in Congress, and the RNC, are prepared.

The Real War

All the while, the real war will have moved to Ohio, Indiana, Texas, and every union local in America, as LUR is laying out. And it has already moved to the bureaucracies, where executive orders can be “perceived” to overrule the powers of Congress and the Constitution…until the Court finally says no, they can’t, four-five years down the road…all hidden in the mist of boring, un-sexy, paper-pushing.

As before, the Left, at least a large portion of those not already on some level of the state’s payroll, has moved back underground, as they were during the Bush years. There are millions of dollars for them to distribute and spend, from sophisticated projects to corrupt a state’s voting system, all the way down to, yes, building bombs in basements, just as the Communists and anarchists are doing now in Europe, and Bill Ayers and others did in the 60s. Pipe cutters and other parts cost money.

Even if we aren’t asleep, we are still ill-prepared for this coming onslaught. The Tea Parties and other citizens’ efforts have been the greatest public uprising in American history, in part because the natural survival instinct in our people have been reawakened. And they’ve done everything by the book, both the Good Book and Book of Civil Decorum. But only this week has proved how much further we must still go. A crooked leftie is still running the legislature in Texas. Have Tux Will Travel is running the RNC. And ColdWarrior is still wandering around in the wilderness holding the key to American citizens’ final victory over the ruling class establishment, asking why no one gets it. His is the one sure way we can take back the political process from within the system, without having to resort to pitchforks.

If you do “political tithing”, tithe the Precinct Project these next 15 months. Hell, if you tithe at all, send it to CW, for he is doing more of God’s work right now that most preachers. I am sure God will approve.

But as I did during the election season, I’m getting the uncomfortable feeling a lot of people believe that Twitter, really nice looking websites, blogs, snappy diaries, articles, and television/radio advertising can turn this tide of the Left. This past week didn’t so much as show our impotence as it did to show out limitations. Would that 100,000 more would tune into RS each week. Maybe then Joe and Reince would be job hunting elsewhere. (If I were a green-mailer, I’d say RedState has that kind of potential to grow in size and influence.)

But the power of the internet is limited in this regard. The Left has known this for the longest time, and has been using the internet in other regards for years. I’ll speak to that at another time.

Just know we can’t “tweet and beat” the public unions. We can’t overturn the death grip the Left has over our universities and public schools, and the culture of hate they engender by writing diaries here, or letters to the editor. And we can’t root out the Left in their underground sewers with blogs, in part because the unions watch over the manhole covers, or haven’t you heard, the AFL-CIO, the staunchest of pro-American labor memberships, has finally made that nasty turn to Marx that the European Left has been waiting for since 1923. We have to meet them at the manhole covers, win, then seal them shut, leaving the rats to wander the catacombs of filth they’ve made for themselves.

First things first.

Right now we have to let them all know that we aren’t asleep, for they are becoming bolder every day under the assumption most of us have gone back home to put our little trophies on the mantle to admire.

I guess I’m in one of my “sally forth” moods again, but it seems to me our most pressing mission is to make sure the Left, in Congress and out on the hustings, and wherever SEIU and the others haunt, to know we are alert, aware, still with that mean look in our eye from just two months ago. We need to send a message. In fact, lots of them.

On the other hand, if you think the best way to win in 2012 is to rest our forces, or sneak up on them next year, the debate starts here.

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