How Obama Became A Big Winner by Doing Nothing

I’d always grouped Lindsay Graham with the French, who, maybe once every century, did or said anything memorable.

But as Erick quoted Graham yesterday, it was a doozie.

“I can understand the Democrats being afraid of the new Republicans; I can’t understand Republicans being afraid of the new Republicans.”

There you have it.

Charles Krauthammer said that this had been a very good week for Obama, intimating that Obama had schemed and maneuvered, a la Bill Clinton, or maybe Richelieu, to bring about this sudden reversal in his fortunes. Yeah, sure.

Maybe Charles was merely damning Obama with faint praise…he is susceptible to that…but clearly, as everyone of you know, the secret to all of Barack Obama’s success to date…from 2008 on, has been first, Republicans being afraid of Democrats, then Republicans being afraid of new Republicans.

In short Republicans being afraid.

That’s about to change.

But the culture of the GOP side of the United States Senate is about to change in a more dramatic fashion than we will see in the House. God, what an awesome power they will be if they will work in tandem, and in solidarity. While the new freshman class of senators will not have the size or putative power of the freshman in the House, the change in culture there will be more magnified. Lindsay may find himself afraid of those same freshmen himself, before all is said and done.

Our lesson on this 23rd day of December, is that there is still much to be done. It is the culture of Washington the People want to change, but all we won on November 2 was a foot in the door to that change. We have two hard years in front of us.

I’ll dedicate my next 20 months to examining the nature of leadership, the long view, and this new culture we want to see emerge in Washington, as well seeing if we cannot launch a relentless pursuit of the Left outside Washington that will be as effective as the one the Left has carried on against us these past forty-fifty years. Watch for it.

That said, for the next few days enjoy family, peace, and joy, and the true Reason for the Season, as LadyP so poignantly reminded us yesterday….

…’Cuz on Monday, the 27th, not the 3rd, it’s battle armor in full dress regalia.

Many Blessings on your House, and God bless the United States of America.