The Freshman Class Prime Objective

The 60 plus freshmen Republican congressmen and women will not take office until January 5th. There is a lot of water that will run under the legislative bridge before then…primarily the extension of the Bush tax cuts and what is now being called “The Deal” struck between Obama and the GOP House and Senate Leadership.

This isn’t about that tax deal.

Rather, this is how those 60 plus congressmen and women might want to watch this political theater develop, only imagining themselves inside, not out, and especially how the national media works its magic to superimpose itself over what the people hear back home through local media.

What they should watch most carefully are the current GOP members of the House, who also had to run in November, and note how they must handle promises they also made to their constituents, only for the second, third, fourth etc time. Guys like Hal Rogers.

Then note, the Old Rules do not apply and quite a few of them, (Ol’ Hal among them) think they will…once again.

Then they will get a glimpse early of just what 50%, 75%, even 90% of a promise to the people of their district will mean for them in their re-election bid in 2012, for possibly some of those returning GOP congressmen will be dead men walking before they have even been re-sworn in January.

The Old Rules do not apply. Period.

This past November was called a “wave” election and most pundits, many right here on RedState, are ready to sit back and begin counting up the new gains this “wave” will entail. How will our victory equate in legislative victories, and Liberal rollbacks over the next 24 months?

Well actually, precious few, i can tell you now. And this presents a special problem to the freshmen. If Obama is the Obama we all still must assume he is, he will simply try to accomplish by executive fiat what he cannot gain in the Congress. (He/they do have a Plan, still yet, bank on it.) This in turn will throw much of the conflict for 2011-2012 over into the states, their governors and attorneys-general, and the courts, which will offer the new freshmen some respite.

If you are a freshman, thank God for this.

But about that “wave”…beg your pardon, this was a “first wave” election, for which there will be a second wave, and third wave, and however many further waves that are necessary to begin taking back what the Left has stolen from us in a period of nearly fifty years.

This is the People speaking now, Ladies and Gentlemen of the House, so take heed. Even before you draw you first paycheck, be on notice, you can be replaced. In fact…in most districts head-hunters are already abroad, taking resumes and vetting candidates.

Old election mathematics, then, as to when the Democrats get the pendulum to swing back in their direction does not apply. Period.

As long as the Democrats remain “of the Left” that pendulum will never swing back, I’ll wager. In fact, within 6-8 years, we’re going to pull that pendulum out of the ceiling and re-nail it about 20-30 feet further to right, so that the right today will be the new center by 2020.

And you can say you read it here first.

Of course, and here’s the rub, there is an “inside politics” many of us (the People) can’t fully appreciate, about the ability to actually move mountains, as many of you promised. In fact, you won’t move squat.

The question is, will you be moved?

Some people out here believe that by 2012 it will all be finished. They are fools. That’s like what Leftists thought in 2008, walking on water, raising the sea levels (or was it lowering?), then throwing the damndest tantrum you ever saw when it didn’t happen. (Been watching British kids this week, having to finally pay tuition? They prove the British National Health Service has failed these past fifty years, for every parent should have known it is far better to jerk the teat out of the kid’s mouth before two, not twenty-two.) Many conservative voters are of this ilk, only out of a state of exuberant expectations, not youth or stupidity.

This should be the wind Obama inherited, not you.

Some people will expect you to do wonders this first two years. Not by a damned sight as you already know, so one of the objectives of this new class should be to create communications alliances with reputable spokesperson to the People who can relay timely appraisals of how things are really going. In other words, you will need others to explain for you for awhile. Communications. Unconventional communications. And you need to do this collectively, not just as individual representatives answering back to your districts.

More specifically, you should reach out to certain pundits and public voices, some of the Tea party groups with the better reputations for credibility and selflessness, since, for the foreseeable future, maybe this entire term, your credibility and integrity is being held very much in doubt…not because of anything you’ve done, mind you, but because of all the promises and promissers who’ve come before you. Most of us still remember the Class of “94, who, in the end, couldn’t wait to dress up in the accoutrements of power and privilege just like the scalawags they replaced. Do this and the rules noted above will apply.

This is just how it is, just as you if you were plebes, or on the rat-line, or freshmen from my day when they all had to wear those stupid beanies. So, yes the People will be sending reminders constantly, even on swearing-in day, as I have noted in an earlier post about TheAmericanDriveIn.com.

The Prime Objective

Your primary job is to make sure the People understand the speed at which the freshmen, that’s you, can be expected to move this First Wave, and the limits of power you can be expected to exert…(not a lot during Wave One)…while knowing that even 10% failure in your word to the People ain’t good. The People have to have to be able to expect 100% in honesty, and 98.6% in factual correctness (the Limbaugh standard) for a very long time.

It is this standard you of the First Wave have come to cement into Washington politics; an unbending fealty to your word and your honor. This is the Prime Obective. Do this and your mission will be accomplished and the People’s demands will have been met. Try to state this in dollars and cents and you’ll be on the wrong track.

One of your principle missions then, will be to deflect a media who will want to hold you to a dollar standard, while you must stand up and project yourselves as the personification of the Gold Standard.

The 2011-2012 Stalemate

What will happen then should be easy to see. The second wave in 2012, as many as 50 plus, many “old Rule’ Republications, guys like my old rep, Hal Rogers, who only slapped an R in front of his name because it was an R-district even during FDR, will either retire or be fired during the primaries. Again, that process has already begun, and we here at RedState are in the thick of it.

As I said, the biggest challenge facing you, as convicted liars before you even take office, is how do you relay to “the People” why, in two short years, you haven’t fixed everything? Or anything?

Escape this hurdle…and it will take a group effort (nothing brings men together as much as a mutual attempt to escape a gang lynching)…then 2012 will be yours. And ours.

The media will be all about “divided government” in Congress, paying almost no notice to the wave of state counter-attacks against what will be viewed here at RS as impeachable excesses by the White House in those years.You should go through 2011-2012 virtually unnoticed except as part of an obstructionist House. Take comfort in that, inasmuch as you can vote against the leadership as much as you want as, for almost nothing will be signed into law. God is good!

The Second Wave

The meat and potatoes of our revolution, and your purpose in being there is that second wave. Leave that to us. For when the second wave of 50+ come on board in 2012, they won’t be running up to Cantor’s or Boehner’s office, they’ll be coming to yours, to see you, to ask your counsel…just like ambassadors, to present their credentials to the NEW WAVE. You, not the leadership, will be the patriarchs of the New Wave that cause that pendulum to be unseated and move twenty feet to the right.

Then you will know why the People sent you, and it will be the finest feeling you ever had in all the world…with or without your clothes on. The old GOP leadership will not drift away, but rather, like parousia, the Congress will be suddenly transformed.

And then finally, after all these years, we can all get about to the business of reclaiming our country…one house, one street, one church-bell at a time.

I know it’s become a tired old phrase…mainly because George W Bush said it…but it was taken from Paul’s letter to Timothy, “Stay the course”. Stay true to your word, even use this phrase from Timothy, only use it as David Farragut did, when he said, “Damn the torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!”

We’ll understand.

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