Last Stand On Earth or Last Impediment on Earth? Notes on this Season of Thanks (updated)

Ronald Reagan said we are the Last Stand on Earth, while George Soros said we are the Last Impediment.

For the still-undecided, can it get any simpler than that?

A time for thanks is once again upon us, only Thanks this year, to me at least, takes on a much deeper and richer meaning.

Most of us will once again gather round the family table, hold hands and offer up thanks for the nearness of family and friends, the bounty of bread on our table, the roof over our head….then…lest we forget…we will remember the millions of Americans who have less family, fewer friends, lots less bread and roofs over their heads this year than last…and then we will raise our eyes in praise and joy and thankfulness…

…for just three weeks ago we finally began The End of the criminal madness that brought all this down on our brother and sister Americans’ heads.

It has to end here…with us. Starting now, we begin to finish it.

In that light, These Things I am a thankful for this special season of Thanks:

I’m not a war lover, but I do like a good fight, especially one I’d be a cowardly sumbitch to avoid, and also one I think I can win. So, this week I raise my voice in thankfulness because it is likely I will get to live to see the beginning of the end of this fight, rather than one my grandson will have to fight. That’s what November 2 gave us. A start, and a promise to our children.

I thank God it is still up to me…and thee of like minds…rather than those innocent children like my young grandson, who brought none of this on themselves, and who, twenty years from now, will find their own fight ten times more daunting and bloody than the one we face now…or worse…a prison a thousand times more tyrannical than any you’ve ever imagined, if we don’t face down this Enemy now. November 2 proved we can do this.

Having seen the Left’s paradise up close, I give thanks that I can do these things.

I’m thankful that this couple will not be taken away to the nearest animal shelter and put down like stray dogs.


I’m thankful that these people will not be denied gainful employment, or decent housing because someone spied this candid religious moment in their lives and reported them to higher authorities.


I’m thankful these “unwanted children” were allowed into the world, anyway, and someday will even be welcome in Rhode Island.


I’m thankful that in America children will still be able to grow up innocent and filled with wonder at the smallest of little nature’s little miracles.


I’m thankful “this” star will never be raised over our capitol dome. (This is George Soros’ Hungary in 1957, btw).


God created Man, and Sam Colt made them equal, so I’m thankful that both THE RIGHT and THE REALITY of the Second Amendment will continue to exist side by side in America.


I’m thankful that America will still be the shining city on the Hill…


…instead of Mr Soros and Mr Obama’s and Mrs Pelosi’s and Mr Reid’s Gulag

Photobucket Photobucket

I am thankful for those fine young men and women who faced death, and kissed the saints on our behalf. I can never say “Thank You” or “Thank You, God for them”, enough.


Finally, by popular demand, I need to set additional pics of the gang here at RedState, our Mama Grizzlies, and our Wild Bunch…for whom we are all thankful.


As you can see, there will be no smoking of peace pipes in the coming years.

So, I am thankful that we will be their worst nightmare, rather than them ours.

Praise the Lord and pass the mashed potatoes! Or something like that.

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