Making Congress Aware, A little Sam Adams Two-step

The Set-Up

First we make them afraid. Check

Then we make them aware we’re still watching. We didn’t just vote, then walk away. We’re still watching.

That’s next. Now, we need to remind them we’re not just watching but we’re closely watching. No more Mr Nice Guys. The Left needs to know we’re not going away, and our own Congressman need to know we’re not going away.

The Hook

From now til 2012, and beyond, we need to establish a trend, a continuing expression of public attention, approving and/or disapproving, of Congress’ conduct.

I’ve just spent two days on the phone with people all over the country who want to express this very sentiment, starting on Swearing-In Day, January 3, 2011*.

This is their gig, as I plan to be in DC that very day to shake a few hands and what they have up their sleeves will rearrange my travel plans by about fifty bucks. These guys are from all over the country, with an impressive resume of putting together small events. Sam Adams kinds of events.

The Tale

Their idea is to gather a few thousand drivers in the District on that day, just before the morning rush hour, who will then drive around pre-selected routes, only below the speed limit, but not unlawfully below, stopping at every yellow light, being just a little slow to start on the green, throwing everything off by a few seconds, which, in the aggregate will get and keep DC traffic at a crawl-to-near-standstill for as long as they care to stay…simply by letting nature take its course. After all, nothing is more cranky than an bureaucrat who is still stuck in traffic when he should working on his second cup of coffee down at Agriculture.

The Shut-Out

I’m not the logistics guy, and only carry a megaphone here. As it stands, I now have to park my car at a hotel a few miles from the Metro, take a cab to the Metro, then from there into the district because of this event.

If you’re in the east-midwest, and would enjoy having a little piece of history, go to their home page and sign up and volunteer.


And please, let’s make this a trend as well: Adopt a decent name, nothing like “BadApple”. I wouldn’t mind if you all signed up as Sam Adams, 1 thru 10,000 if necessary.

The Sting

Now I’m sure a lot of you have already sat back and wondered, How will Congress know 1) that we’re doing this at all and 2) what is point we want to make?

I expect the Sam Adams have a few tricks, maybe a newspaper ad, but if you tweet, tweet “They’re coming” in as many clever ways you can. Congress need to know they’re coming. And why.

And all the other Americans across fly-over country need to know they’re coming, too.

Keep the chatter up for the next five weeks. You’ll hear more here on RedState as time goes by, but keep up the chatter. Let Congress know we’re still watching. Let them know that once again, just as we did on election day, that we have postponed all other forms of recreation to see this matter through.

* The official convening on Congress is Jan 3, but actual Swearing-In may be the 4th or 5th. The event planners will make you aware of kick-off dates/times as schedules become more firm.

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