Operations Plan, 2011-2012

This is simply a laundry list of things we believe need to be done, which we will hammer home over the next 635 days before the next campaign season begins.

Some we can do right here at RS, some elsewhere, and some we can only urge others to do, but in the last 12 months, RedState has moved mountains. Never forget your collective power.

Many things will happen between now and then. I won’t prognosticate, but will say, if we keep our eye on the prize, we will finish off (almost) in Nov 2012 what the Tea Party winners and losers and some others began several months ago, by first lancing an infected abscess on the behind of conservatism, then cementing and widening our gains in both the House and Senate…and the White House.

Conservativism will be the principal political mover of 2012…so everyone will be gunning for us.


We’ve come a long way, so don’t lament we didn’t win it all in one fell swoop. So far everyone is still playing their roles according to script, although the House leadership has established itself, at least rhetorically, at the foot of the Constitutional cross early on. (see Moe Lane earlier today. God, I love to read stuff like that, even if it does turn out to be whimsy.) But across the GOP fruited plain I haven’t seen as many somber faces at such a momentous turn of history since the KGB learned that Gorbachev had declared peace in 1992. No matter, unlike the Left, I don’t look for the tantrum wing of the GOP establishment to go nuclear in retaliation for American voters trying to steal this election by voting contrary to their wishes. But they will fight back, only, once we win, will bow and back out the door almost as obsequiously as if Harry Reid had asked them to himself. The good news; there will be far fewer of them defending their fort at that last surrender as there are now, and far fewer than there were a year ago.

Remember, it’s a game of numbers in their world and our ideas always trump their idea of numbers.

Taking the GOP back to it original roots is the best approach, and will continue to be our intermediate goal so long as the reigns of power in the GOP remain with the Establishment Ruling Class worldview found there now. In the end, they will either kneel at the foot of the constitutional cross, and bow to the power of the Citizenry, or find the mark of our boot on their backside. Their choice.

So Keep the Fires Stoked

The far Left is mad as hell at the center-Left for a whole host of reasons. I won’t try to explain this to you, as they can’t explain it themselves. It’s called a rant, and ranters can’t think clearly. In like manner, the center Left of the Republican Party is also angry at the right wing of the Party (and the Tea Parties), for, get this, costing them the Senate (and the perqs appertaining thereto, just so you’ll know where their real core beliefs lie)…and also for forcing them to show their true colors…not as poor politicians, mind you, but as ignoble men. Truly, they are what most Americans find repugnant and that cat is now out of the bag. Theirs also is a rant, and ranters can’t think.

So, around both the conference tables of the Far Left and the Far Squishy, they are saying, “Well, we know what makes them angry now, so let’s not do that anymore. Lull them to sleep for a year. Let them go back to riding their John Deere, or teaching Sunday School, or racing cars and they’ll forget. Just don’t give ’em any reason to stand up and put their hand over their heart and start getting patriotic…God, I hate when they do that.” This is a shared belief, trust me.

So, near term, I think they may ram through the extension of the Bush tax cuts just for that very reason, since the last thing Congress wants to see, first crack out of the New Year, is a massive across-the-board tax hike “caused by Congress”. Obama may buck, but I see the potential for a veto-proof vote on this. Do anything to keep the people mollified for a year at least, that will be their goal. And expect the entrenched establishment wing of the GOP to join in this endeavor…for almost the same reasons…numbing the hoi polloi. (It’s also good policy.)

Going Local. We can’t let the torch drop for 18 months. Next year, not 2012, next year, Tea Parties will turn their attention to local city and county races, yes, even dogcatcher, and will greatly expand their power, under everyone’s radar. There’s much to be done in the legislatures, especially in saying “No” to Washington and the federal agencies if they usurp Congress power these next two years. (Keep reading down.) But even more at the county building and city hall. Tea Party-type groups will be twice their size in 2012. Chickens will begin to come home to roost and that will reduce property taxes, making county and city government more responsive…where a whole lot of voter cheating still went on last week. A fumigation will begin.

The Precinct Project. And, in line with this, starting in January we will double our efforts to take over the GOP from the precinct level, and maybe even the Democrat Party, as we’re seeing rumblings from grass roots Democrats who have been startled and embarrassed these past two years. They too are ready to begin reclaiming their party, which means (this is important) we may soon be able to return the entire political process to its original Constitutional playing field, unlike now, where we’re running back and forth between two fields…the Founder’s and Karl Marx’s. Banish Karl Marx from the game and reclaim that one Constitutional Stadium for both sides, then we can return to being both Democrats and Republicans who love America. That’s the plan.

Follow our friend ColdWarrior here at RedState, only look for a more expansive program of recruitment and training next year. Precinct committeemen and women will be the ones who choose state and national GOP leaders, who in turn will work hand in glove with citizens groups in fielding layer after layer of citizen-legislators. It’s not hard, it’s not all that time-consuming, and when, as with the results of Nov 2, you can sit back and say “this is some of my handiwork”, it makes you puff up like a peacock.

The Bible speaks of the wondrousness of the anonymous gift. This is one of them. No greater bequest can you give to your children and children’s children. Or your neighbor. Or that poor beleaguered black woman locked in bondage in New Orleans. No greater love hath a man than he will lay down a couple of hours a month for his brother.

I’m going back out with the begging bowl to some deep pockets starting January. But if you want to tithe, or have a fiver, or even a c-note that isn’t doing anything, go to the Precinct Project and drop in a pledge. Support their work, for now it’s also God’s work, at least in my eyes.

GOTV/Concord Project

At the proper time in 2012, we will once again wheel, and try to improve on GOTV, depending on how much the GOP has learned, and how much the people have taught them about the value of this incredible national tool. The Concord developers would much prefer, I think, to work with the GOP, sharing assets, than working working without them. But it seems almost every candidate worked without GOP-GOTV assets this time, and look at the miracles they wrought anyway.

Settling Scores

We do not (should not) have any scores to settle with the squishy wing of the Republican establishment, and you should not unduly burden yourselves about it. The good news is they think they do with us, so will (they can’t help it) try to bring the fight to us in the coming year…in their oh, so faux-subtle and klutzy-clever, telegraphing way, with the aid of the media, which means in the end, we get to punch their lights out anyway. Their day is over, whether they want to admit it or not. Ignore them, but keep the newspaper rolled up.

Let California, Alaska and Delaware go

They are in God’s hands. The voters of those states have called down the thunder on themselves. In Pascal’s words, “They are lost, and not seeking to be found.” I have no sympathy to offer for what might happen. Chris Coons of course will be greeted by fellow-Marxists in his party, and things will be copacetic there, except, his vote will not matter much for the two years of his term. He will simply occupy an office. An empty suit. There will be no money to steal, no bacon to bring home, and in the end, when Delaware sinks away, no cavalry to the rescue. He will face a much stronger challenge in 2012. Our tide is rising there, and temple of the Delaware GOP will be cleansed of all the moneychangers.

You’re drunk, Bushmills. Joe Miller may still win in Alaska. Indeed. But Lisa Murkowski is still repugnant and tomorrow I’ll be sober, so this needs to be said. The political institutions of Alaska, her courts, her media, and over a third of her people have conspired to steal this election. They deserve what’s coming to them. As for Lisa, she is the only real sellout in the US Senate, and unlike Chris Coons, will enjoy some party perqs in the first two years, but when the new GOP assumes Senate control in 2012, she should be unceremoniously stripped of all her power, and relegated to the most ignominious obscurity possible those last four years…only, by then, and here’s the kicker, she won’t be able to flip parties or buck the new leadership, a la Arlen Specter, for by then, all her skeletons will have been uncovered, and her sealed indictment will sit in the top right front desk drawer of the new Majority Leader. As Art Chance always said, when in power, plays politics hard. We plan to, Art. Thanks for the advice.

And California? (See LUR’s post from Saturday) Well, I’ve been buying up beachfront property around Yuma for years, and prices will probably double because of the California suicide note last week. California is special because of size, and because of the belief that, no matter how bad things get, the rest of America will bail them out. Like Greece and Spain, California’s government, and now the Californian people, saw the “Bridge is Out, Slow to 50” sign and pushed the pedal to the metal. They are the masters of their own destruction, so the exodus of good decent Californians (and their money) will continue. They made a suicidal gesture under the assumption that the rest of us will come and snatch the razor blade away in the nick of time. We may in fact do that, but only by first reducing Cal-Berkeley to a Math, Physics and Ag Science & ROTC school again, (a dream of mine, really), and other stinging rebukes of the fat-cat bureaucrat system in that state. You’ve heard the phrase “Going medieval” (Ving Rhames, Pulp Fiction). When California virtually falls off into the abyss from this choice they’ve made, I think we will “go Biblical on da’ ass”. So if you are fleeing the state in those last days, don’t look back. You may turn into a pillar of shredded paper. While Californians are screaming for help, asking us to throw them a life life in that whirlpool of their own making, we will say, as God once told Noah (according to Bill Cosby), “How long can you tread water?”


You’ll see here in future posts, as events develop within and without the Party, how the Establishment GOP will attempt to bring over these new troops to move in lock step with what they see as the party’s agenda. Again, the House, having won the coin toss, has deferred, electing not to receive the opening kick-off. Wise choice. This is why we suggested they form a caucus, if even informal, before arriving in January. My recommendation: Don’t allow yourselves to be suborned by issues beneath your original mission. This is how it starts. relegating the Big Picture mission to a position below a day-to-day fight just to confirm your status; e.g., musical chairs and office politics. Resist these urges. All of RedState will also be watching and cautioning. And warning, for we will also keep your voters in the loop, just in case you leave anything out of your letters home. There is method to the leadership’s attempts to lure you into good-old-boy compliance, so there should also be method to your resistance.

New Tone

Personally, I’d like to see a new tone. A little more defiant, but within the rules of House etiquette. And a little more in-your-face…though short of spitting in Harry’s eye. And, never lift your shillelagh above your shoulders . No high-sticking. But this new tone can only come from the new troops, I suppose. If you do this you will get press coverage Mitch could never get. The press will come flocking, with a mic and camera in hand, because they love the sight of blood and sport…but so will the American people, who will cheer, and design t-shirts in your likeness. By the time the media realizes you’ve finessed them, and caused them to create new folk heroes it will be too late. In fact, you should get together and elect a Class Clown to always be out there with some off-the-wall jibe at those wacky Dems. Learn to do Charles Schumer in drag. There is so much material to work with, how can you miss?

And lay plans NOW for the next wave and the next wave.

We already have plans here for going out and finding them. All they need is vetting and prepping. Plow the row for others yet to come. In two years you’ll be veterans…either on your way out because you failed in your charge, or a wise sage around who the next crop will want to gather to listen for guidance and advice. You will be the de facto leadership for the next class. Seed the furrows. Do not allow the conspiracies of the old order lull you into thinking that governance will rise or fall on a day to day basis. It will rise and fall on how you view the Big Picture, the why-you-are-there stuff. You are the Class of the Big Picture, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. They are the Class of Status, so be wary. Play, think, and deliberate as a team.

Remember, the people who sent you to Congress are the most philosophically-invested batch of citizens since the Revolution of ’76. Don’t put them to sleep with the jargon of accountants. Do not use any of Eric Cantor’s training videos, especially the “how to get along” ones. Write your own. They want news from the front. Kick-ass news, wrapped in the flag and the Constitution. They want to know you have the Devil by the tail. They want to see boot prints. That’s how you will change the tone.

Learning to be a Racist Gracefully

Finally, be willing to suffer the slings and arrows of being called racists, homophobes (although you carried the gay vote), sexists (50% and have you checked out our babes lately?) and enemies of the poor, whose numbers have doubled since the Dems took control in 2006. Have you ever wondered why inner city Dems feel compelled to control the vote (stuff ballot boxes) in districts that are 85% black and 85% poor, and vote 75% Dem?. Those poor people want out of that contract, too. More than most, in fact. They are in bondage and you are their only life-line. This is why you will always be “racists” to their keepers. Never forget this.

As citizens you watched for four years as your senior leaders in Congress cowered every time those charges were levied, so much so Lindsay Graham has replaced Caspar Milquetoast as the official bobble-head of the Squishy Wing of the GOP. Take that cat-call away from the media and the Dems…and it’s as easy as shrugging like a Gaul, or gesturing like a Roman (WTF)…and you’re half way home to repatriating an awful lot of lost GOP members the past few years, and gaining new ones.

And if you are serious Christians, and feel you must turn the other cheek, remember, the Constitution compels you not to turn the other cheek when it is our cheeks being slapped. I’m satisfied God requires a totally different response.

More substantively:


Remembering that DOJ will not be your friend these next two years, use every tool at your disposal to break the wall of silence and finally provide the American people with the transparency Obama promised in 2008. Start with the czars, and the federal agencies Obama is most likely to use as weapons to circumvent Congress and the Constitution. Never say it out loud, but let it be obvious that you are building a criminal case against the czars, other members of Congress, past and present, and sitting agency heads. Make them squirm. They know that this evidence will be handed over to real American lawyers at DOJ in two years. Criminals, especially bureaucratic ones, hate to attempt acts when you’ve already shined the light of inquiry over their shoulders. You will have an ameliorating effect, just by turning on that flashlight. (We’ll be using this in our own special way at the district levels, see below.) And yes, let the media also speculate that you may be quietly compiling a bill of particulars about the conduct of the Complainer in Chief as well. You will be the prosecutorial arm of the People, our grand jury, these next two years, while DOJ is still in thrall. Use that role wisely but forcefully.


The media is already out there with the mantra that you will be out to repeal Obamacare, when you, and all but the silliest on our side know you cannot.  But the power of the purse is a mighty sword. Defund, refuse to fund…up to and including shutting down entire elements of government…EPA, NLRB, FCC, Depts of Education, Energy, all the czars. Obama’s trip to India could have paid their tab for 6 months. Work closely with the governors who have their own constitutional issues with it. Yes, conspire.

Stall all Obama legislation that involves new spending. (That’s already on Beohner’s list.) If Obama goes rogue as some on the Left suggest, (see Huff Po) shut the government down if necessary to deny them any way forward. Work with the states to “just say No”. Obama will be stepping in impeachable waters, if he does move in this direction and those who call for it are treasonous. Calling it what it is will go far to alerting the people what’s at stake, as well as notifying potential malefactors what awaits them once we sort it all out after 2012. If they want to roll the dice they will win in 2012, let them…with a sinister grin.


You will see much about this in coming months. There is little Congress can do to curb the actions of the private sector unions, but they are mostly crooks and thugs anyway, and easy to indict, because they always have their hands in the cookie jar (employee pension funds), which is one of the reasons they bed down so amiably with Democrats. (Yecch!) Expect most of them to be in Brazil by the time a Republican president is installed in 2013. So watch that money closely now. I said they were crooks, not fools.

But AFSCME, SEIU and the Teachers unions, all state, local and federal employees, combined for almost $125M for this campaign alone. In 1981 Ronald Reagan fired an entire union, 11,000 air traffic controllers for threatening to strike, which is prohibited by law. Most federal and state workers, as a matter of law, cannot actively participate in political campaigns. So why then can their unions dues go to funding the very government activities (taxation) that pays their salaries. End it. Don’t ease it back. End it.

The political power of government employee unions have to be crushed, not rolled back, but crushed. Think like Reagan on this.


One of the good things we got out of the Obama experiment is that all the Marxists are out in the open. Now they openly conspire to destroy the Constitution, and the foundations of Liberty in America. They declared war on us years ago, but only now feel they can proudly boast it, thinking the power of the state is firmly behind them and they are as immune as a pot dealer in Jim Clyburn’s district.

In the early days of the environmental movement, Nixon era, I was a state environmental agency law clerk, and worked with law professors, among others, to force change thru the courts. “Sue the bastards” was the cry, and the high cost of defending and bad press was the deterrent. Corporations and state agencies folded like a pair of deuces with an Ace-high showing. Today, at the heart of Jesse Jackson’s shakedowns are these same “deterring” costs. CAIR uses the same corporate whip. (We have an answer to that, wait til January.) Citizens groups can sue these bastards, too.

Setting aside “loser” pays legislation, which you will see in some states these next two years, because of the chambers we took in the states, the Congress has great power of the purse over colleges and universities who provide cover for these Marxists. True Marxists should know the icy knife of poverty anyway. Let them starve for their faith, as their masters required Christians to do in Europe for fifty years. Let them turn over a peach crate and begin talking to the uninterested masses going to work each morning. Take away that Volvo. Feed them to the lions of reality. (Most will skulk away to take a teaching position at a middle school in Iowa, where, within a few short years, we’ll be waiting as well. We are taking names now, and Tea Parties, unlike Democrats, share information. In the end, there will be no place to run or hide, until they take off the red sash and toss it to the ground as they vamoose into Mexico.)

Strip the academy of feel-good socialism, in part, because it don’t, and return it to core curricula of preparing students for lives as citizens and builders, according to the Founders’ blueprint, not Karl Marx. If they want to hear Marx, let them pay full-nickle. Not on the people’s dime. Period.

Begin inquiring into openly subversive anti-American and anti-Constitutional conduct by academics and supporting university administrations. Hold hearings. Hell, I’m for reopening the old HUAC, but I don’t recommend it. Put them on the run. Put a big custard pie in that arrogant, smug grin.

And just as a gesture, although it gets 85% of it funding from private corporations, defund NPR. The hoopla alone will help us get rid of the other 85% in short order.

For our part down her at ground level, one of our main tasks at the Tea Party level will be to take back the public schools and reintroduce Constitutional and American Exceptionalism into the curriculum, starting at 4th grade. And we’ll teach it with enthusiasm! Next stop, college freshman history, where both American History and Western Civ will be required. What fun!


Here at RedState we will continue to try to broaden the Constitutional education of all conservatives, so that there are no longer any single-issue conservatives. We’ll leave that for the corporate world. The NRA is a one-issue conservative NGO, and has shown a willingness to forsake the other nine amendments in order to pursue its limited aims, which in the end are self-destructive. The same for the AARP and AMA and ABA. None can afford to pursue the broader aims of Liberty, it seems. The same goes for the one-issue, right-to-lifer. We have fostered and the Tea Parties have produced, with the help of years of talk radio and books no one took too much notice of, the best educated nobodies in the political world. I would put a random list of Tea Party members against the entire staff of the Delaware Republican Party any day…”Why, Ike, a spelling contest perhaps”. This is what has made the anti-Tea Party meme so ludicrous. Making fun of the intelligence of the Tea Parties is like a high school math teacher making fun of Einstein because his hair looked funny.


Enough is enough. It’s time to fix this…by, God (he said for emphasis). Our voting system is broken, and it’s broken on purpose, and much of the reason is that aforementioned fear of being called racist or favoring disenfranchising the poor. The Secretary of State Project (A 2-3 tier Soros-funded plan) from around 2003 was directly aimed at putting in power secretaries of state who had no scruples about stealing elections for their cause. Jennifer Brunner (Ohio) is the poster child of that project. As I write today, Bob Ethridge, NC02, is kicking off a recount campaign, where he is confident he can reclaim at least 1601 votes he lost to Renee Ellmers (He already mysteriously found 500, just to be allowed the recount). He wouldn’t try this unless he thought he could pull it off. He knows he is doing it. We know he’s doing it. The media knows he’s doing it. North Carolina voters know he’s doing it. It’s gotten that out in the open…and that ho-hum. Where’s the outrage? The inquiry? Every freedom-loving citizen in North Carolina should be out there right now with pitchforks! It’s the shamelessness of this kind of criminality we intend to end.

Enough is enough. Etheridge, and every aider and abettor, have called down the thunder on their heads. So heads-up, Bob. Tell your friends, if you win you don’t win much, and they lose a helluva lot just for helping. The times, they are a’changing, and you just found yourself on the wrong side of mule’s kick.

But this is old fashioned voter fraud. Underlying modern voter fraud is not “walking around money” or marching entire unions into vote at the point of a gun (Nevada last week), or finding boxes of uncounted votes in the trunk of a car (Franken and Periello, ’08). Today it is carefully constructed (complex) laws that facilitate mass registration and voting by illegals and out of state college youth inside a maze of regulations that are so very complex, yet easily passed into law for fear of being labeled a “disenfranchiser”. Even the most sophisticated and costly trials can’t sort out the illegality of the votes embedded there. I met the RNC’s chief vote fraud lawyer at CPAC last year, and he said they were on top of this. But while Boehner may get it, the RNC’s not sending any of his people to help Renee Ellmers. Yep, RNC, you’re on top of your game, all right, and also on top of your hands.

What Congress and legislatures can do

We want to see legislatures change voter laws to the benefit of the people, not trial lawyers. Get rid of early voting. Get rid of Motor-Voter. Apply serious fines and other sanctions to registrars who “forget” to send absentee ballots to soldiers on time. Hell, in Chicago hang ’em. They’re guilty of far worse, anyway, probably. There are simple and easy requirements to prove citizenship and residency in order to register. And there are easy and simple requirements to prove one is registered and that one is who the voting card say he is. And there are simple ways to prove that he voted. In iraq they simply dipped fingers in inkwells. And the fact that it will inconvenience a few hundred dead people who don’t have driver’s licenses with photo ID makes me no never mind. Say no to the race-baiters (see above) and you can do this.

Tea Parties can make this happen across the country these next 12 months. Make this a priority when the legislatures are in session.

And talk about show trials, Congress can haul all those election officials from Harris County, Texas, as reported by LadyImpactOhio here at RedState, to explain why they taunted and threatened duly certified poll watchers. Yeah, they’ll walk, but we want every American to see their face, and know their name, so others in Texas can look their names up in the phone book, then run a few buses out to their house to hold a lawn party as SEIU did in Connecticut. Think outside the box. Think like a Radical Reckoner.

Rules for Reckoners

Yep, that’s what we’re gonna do. Tired of this. And tired of public officials sitting on their hands doing nothing. Starting early next year, we’re going after these people…by name, with photos, video provided; every thug who ever bit off a finger, or pushed an old man out of a wheel chair, or every county election official who “accidentally” mishandled a pocketful of votes. Every dog has its day. Read Revelations, oh ye of little faith, just to see what kind of dog it is that’s about to have it.

All legal, of course, just like Alinksy. But a reckoning is coming. The website’s in preparation now, look for more news in January.


I don’t really have a gift-of-spiel, but hope to meet with some folks who do at CPAC (and other events) to convince GOP donors to adopt a more project-oriented and results-oriented approach to spending their money. Sending money to the Maine Blueberries is money the Left knows will never be spent to harm their ambitions. Recently HuffPo (I think) did a front page report on the Koch Brothers providing a big bash in the Rockiees for Krauthammer, Barone, Colter and some other big name conservative pundits, ostensibly to pursue conservative objectives. Now I love those people, but quite frankly, I know at least five people right here at RedState who can kick conservatism’s political can down the field much further….and would be happy to discuss it over a beer and hot pastrami almost anywhere. Mustard on the side, black tie optional.

I won’t go deep into it here, only to say I’ll have more to say in coming months. This election changed a lot; who’s in, who’s out, who and what are rising stars in conservatism. I’m not interested in personalities, only results. What’s rising is “the Project”: such as ColdWarrior’s Precinct Project. But there are many more on the drawing board, most aimed at ending, interdicting, and aggravating left-wing aggression, in and out of Congress. E.g, while the Left wants to target the Secretaries of State, we want to target their sunsabitches, guys like Jim Moran in Virginia, Baghdad Jim McDermott in Washington, Tom Harkin in Iowa, even Murtha, even though he’s dead…(Some Marines I know at the Quantico museum wanted to erect a piss-post next to his grave just so they can salute the only ex-Marine they never knew. I suggested, like the Chinese, they build their own home chapels for Murtha. I put mine in a bush out by the back porch.) We got Grayson this time. I know, walking back blue numbers in blue districts is difficult, and the way we do it now, impossible. But Saul Alinsky and Vassar Bushmills could have undone them inside five-six years. It just requires a plan. Bolshevik? No really.

All lighthearted tom-foolery aside, we need to establish projects that will start and stay under the radar for years, yet produce results as relentlessly as Bermuda grass can reclaim an untended gravel driveway.

Taking back the inner city is the easiest thing in the world to do. All you have to do is set your whole mind to it. No, really, it’s that easy. All you have to see is the benefit. And believe…in the Founders’ ideal. The communists set out in 1950 to do all the things they have largely achieved in the last 20 years. See how that works? We can do this. Again, we have ammo they don’t got. But first, you have to have the vision to see a thing that will not bear fruit in your lifetime, then, you gotta believe.

If you believe, we have the plan.

10) The Media

The media has been a partisan player for years, and there’s nothing we can do about it.


Ronald Reagan knew how to marginalize the media by going directly to the people. In their view, he went outside of the chain of the command, when in fact, he restored it. That’s they key to understanding both the power of the press, and its innate weakness. Constitutionally, it is only strong, can only be strong, when it serves as a watchdog, (quality control for you drunks at Chrylser) for the people. One of the founding fathers of progressivism was a publisher. They were always on the inside.

You can’t legislate against the press, but if you stop to analyze who they really speak to…Glen Beck’s newsletter has a larger circulation than the New York Times, Rush Limbaugh is more listened to and is more influential than all the main television networks (and this election proved it)…the mainstream media has pretty much marginalized itself. If Limbaugh and Beck would just stop telling everyone what MSNBC says about them, no one would know MSNBC even exists. (Duh!)

The new Congress, en masse, can do what Reagan did, by simply not reaching out. The press needs you to need them, even as they hate you. Limbaugh told the class of ’94 the same thing. My suggestion, always defer to local media. Let the folks back home know you respond to them first. Their entire game plan is to get you on defense. As we speak, they are already planning to turn ol’ Blue Eyes into the next Grinch who stole Christmas. My suggestion, shrug and go on. The only people the media reaches now are people you should care less about. Your duty is to that district back home. Their only goal is to take away the ladle that stirs the pot. The People now have it, and you are their representatives. The only way the media can get it back is to convince you to hand it to them.

So our caution to new congressman, they may grab it from you, but not us. Not any more. So be careful.

A good way to say to the press how you really feel is to dress down…as a group. I know a place near Richmond where you can get a full range of Toyota’s, Nissans, Fords, Chevys, all over 200,000 miles, paint peeling, but in good working order. A couple even have sporty spoilers. I have a ’92 Camry, 338,000 miles, ran daily from Baltimore to Richmond for 6 years, runs like a clock, $1200 firm. Think clunker for two years and nothing, nothing can deter you in Washington.

Then know, paraphrasing GK Chesterton, that people who own and drive cars like that have an altogether different idea about lying and dishonesty, the usualness of stealing elections, or the corruption that steals the working peoples’ money, all well known tools of the media. These all have real life and death consequences to working people.  Just let the media know you know who brung you to the dance, and the media will be done.

The Other Side in 18 Months

At the top I said this is what we hope to do these next 18 plus months. What the other side plans to do is another thing, since, as I said, they are in a rant mode, and the hard core communists are beginning to look for things to throw. We warned of this last year…that winning could be as painful and frightening in many ways as losing. Still, it is not a fight we could have avoided, and I like our chances.

Like the media, just understand, the Left is on defense now, and will want to reverse that. They have a playbook, we all know it, and our biggest problem in the past has been to get our leaders to acknowledge that playbook, and play with the same level of dedication and intensity as the Left has. Our position has improved quite a bit in that regard.

It’s in that light that I’ve provided this outline, things we can do on our own, and things we believe an enlightened, and enlivened leadership in the states and in Congress can cause to happen.

So there you have it

Laisser les bons temps rouller

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