Situation Analysis, 728 Days and Counting

Yeah, we won, but………….

It looks like Harry Reid will be the Senate Majority Leader two more years. Looking on the bright side, that means he’s not likely to be in Brazil when we finally indict him.

On the darker side, it also means that Mitch McConnell will still be the Senate Minority Leader in all likelihood, which in turn means Lindsay Graham, the Maine Blueberries, (Tweedles Dee and Dum) and that awful, repugnant woman, Lisa Murkowski, will maintain key leadership and committee positions instead of coming to work every day in newly acquired chauffeur-driven ’72 Datsun limos that were confiscated in drug raids near Nogales.

This in turn means the handshakes between the old establishment Republicans and the new crowd of young-gun conservatives coming into the Senate may be as limp as Obama’s sincerity and as cold and lifeless as Nancy Pelosi’s one good eye. Jim Demint may need secret service protection in the executive washroom more than the public streets. (Just watch your back, Jim, they aren’t very handy at frontal assaults.)

This signals a donnybrook in the months to come…hopefully sooner, not later, since the people really are in charge, even if the GOP doesn’t get it yet, and we’ll be taking notes, and adjusting for windage…as the GOP Establishment struggles with the idea of adopting a new (actually the old and original) identity that has been demanded by the American people, or instead, opt to roll the dice and try to hang on to its current identity in the hopes that the spasm that hit America’s gut these past two years will pass with nothing more than this single trip to the bathroom. (We’ll address that and other interesting “projects” shortly, in “SitAnal 725 days and Counting” a few days from now, dedicated to insuring those cramps linger on.)

By the commonly accepted gauge of the Spine/Noodle Meter, odds are the GOP and RNC will opt for the latter, insuring the donnybrook will be anything but pretty. As one person said this morning, “Fool us once, shame on us. Fool us twice, and bye bye Republican Party.”

And of course, the sense of collegiality in the Senate for all those uninvited red-headed step children moving about freely around the Senate, with no restraints whatsoever, their own keys even, access to the gym, the sacred sauna!, will trickle over to the House, where it’s reported, (and we hope it’s true) the new 60+ freshman class may march in in ranks of two, and like good Irish teamsters on the first day on the job, doff the tweed cap, and say “Beggin’ your lardships pardon, but here’s a list o’our demands, me and the lads here, you see, and we won’t be driving your bloomin’ trucks lest you attend to these matters first.” Then squat in the middle of floor.

I know, but I can dream. Still, it’s moments like this that will tell us just how conservative Boehner will be, or just how ruling class he will be. Boehner was Newt’s right hand man, and when Newt came to this same crossroads some years back, he took it, as Yogi Berra would say. So again, it’s a crap shoot. Time will tell. Again, sooner than later will be best.

One new Democrat senator promises to vote like a Republican (Manchin), but after all, he’s a Democrat, and Democrats lie. And, so what? The Republican-to-seated-right-away (Kirk) is soft on social issues, so who’s to say what he will say “Yeah” or “Nay” to in the lame duck session, starting in eleven days? Besides, like Old Faithful, The Maine Blueberries can still be relied on to lift their skirts if the Democrats throw in a box of chocolates, hence the origin of that “w” word going around in California last week. And while Blanche Lincoln was hurried off in the paddy wagon for soliciting in public, she’ll be replaced by the Easy Lisa, who, we’re told, may just give it away for free, she has so many scores to settle this time. (Since Alaska and Delaware have chosen to bed down with the Devil, I will have no tears to spare for them when that snake reaches up and bites them in the neck. (“You knew I was a snake before you brought me in”, hissed the snake.)

So, with 728 days and counting, you can see we have our work cut out for us. The fire that has driven the American people was lit a good eighteen plus months ago…here at RedState, a much longer time. We have to keep it stoked. We need to begin making plans now, not in the spring of 2012, and we need to make plans that may not even include Barack Obama. Who knows, at $200M a day, 20 aircraft, and 3000 “guests”, it sounds more like an exile than a vacation. Imagine, almost a billion dollars, for 4 days!

Yep, times are tough, but don’t expect the imperial outrages to end. The rest of the election we started yesterday ends in 728 days. The reckoning begins now.