The Blue "Safe Pool", Let's Take 10

(I know this may be a little repetitive, but I promised Janis I’d try to get it up this week.)

Coming down the stretch in a race that began almost a year ago, first when Erick started tagging what are all now recognized as a Class A list of candidates (Rubio, Haley, Buck, Lee, Angle, et al) followed by the Stupak Treason in February, which ushered in a whole new brigade of citizen-candidates such as Dan Benishek in Stupak’s old district (MI-01), RedState has stood above all the other national journals (RS is more like a news journal, so indulge me if I think of it that way) for showcasing dozens of candidates from around the country this election season.

The reporting and interviews here have been extraordinary, as you would expect from Moe Lane, Dave Poff aka Haystack, Neil Stevens, LaborUnionReport and a few others, tirelessly, almost on a daily basis.

Still, we found time to pause and reflect of the acrid odor of stench from the likes of Charlie Crist, Mike Castle, and the special aroma of the fair Scarlett Murkowski’s sweat socks after one of her foot-stomping teat fits. So not only do we support candidates here but we know where both our guys and the other guys fit into the larger scheme of things. (You can’t get that at Huffpo or DailyCuss.) When you think Red, think “thought and reason”. When you think Blue, think “knee jerk and whine”.

But to my mind, what has moved RedState to a cut above in this election season has been the work from the other side of the page, the dairies, and in this election context, especially Pilgrim’s extraordinary work in showcasing several lists of candidates who otherwise might have escaped everyone’s notice. (The list of his posts is too long to link here, just view his posts the past 30 days in his Profile, but I will note that his diary on ex-military GOP candidates may spur a new Hunk calendar if some of RS ladies have anything to say about it…which is why I link it again here, just so you can go back for one more peek.)

The Blue Safe Pool

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece here about how all our new citizen-candidates keep walking back the Blue Numbers in what were always considered to be safer Democrat districts, closing with the comment that I even expected 5-10 candidates in the +10 and higher categories to win, which even Charley Cook doesn’t consider winnable. I’m sticking to that claim.

I asked (who else?) Pilgrim to provide me with a list, so these are some of his choices. I’ve added three. All these were over +10 two weeks ago. These are GOP candidates Cook still considers dead in the water. Safe Democrats wins. These are all Democrat districts that Obama carried by more than 20, and Kerry by more than 15:

CT-3 Jerry Labriola vs Rosa DeLauro      (+9)
MA-3 Marty Lamb vs Jim McGovern        (+9)
ME-1 Dean Scontras vs Chellie Pingree   (from +20 down to +8)
NJ-9  Mike Agosta vs Steve Rothman       (+9)
RI-2  Mark Zaccaria vs James Langevin    (+9)
NV-1 Kenneth Wegner vs Shelley Berkley (+10)
OH-9 Rich Iott vs Marcy Kaptur              (+10)
CA-51 Nick Popaditch vs Bob Filner        (+8)
My additions:
DE-1 Glenn Urquhart vs John Carney       (+7) Mike Castle’s old seat
MA-4 Sean Beilat vs Barney Frank          (+14)
CA-37 Star Parker vs Laura Richardson   (+26)

Most of these people you haven’t heard much about. I could have added Jane Harman’s CA36 (only +12) and Linda Sanchez CA39 (only+12) in districts that Obama carried by over 32 points. Both I have a personal dislike for, and both those districts, in the next 3-4 cycles, will be in serious jeopardy if only the new Congress will seriously tighten its belt. And you may know of Rich Iott, OH09, near Toledo, best known after he showed up in a photo as an SS soldier from a military re-enactment in a district whose political class and media can only tolerate the Hammer and Sickle and The Internationale. You can appreciate their angst over this guy.

You’ll notice I added some of my own, Glen Urquhart in Mike Castle’s old district, Star Parker in LA, CA-37, and Sean Bielat who’s going after Barney Frank’s seat in MA-04. Each deserve special mention here, Urquhart because he’s trying to be the first Republican to hold that seat for many, many years. Always a safe Democrat seat, he’s within 7, with only a quarter of the money of his opponent. His biggest secret weapon?…1) the possibility that Christine d’Arc might win, and 2) the general fear in Delaware that they don’t want to appear to be too sympathetic to the gods of communism. It also helps that Urquhart’s running against a non-incumbent, who although it is his party’s seat (Mike Castle held it for 18 years) still has no voting record to defend…only unlike the rest of the Democrat field, is almost giddy about supporting the same Obama agenda every other Dem is running away from. Even my home county in east Kentucky ain’t that stupid, Delaware.

Sean Bielet, in MA-04 may well win for the simple reason Barney secretly may not want to. After all, if he loses, he can be safely tucked away in Brazil when the indictments finally come down. A year or two head start, for sure, and what an ugwy sight that would be, to see him fwag-marched across the street to the courthouse to be awwaigned. An alternate theory, of course, centers around the bizarre behavior of his boy friend, showing up at Bielat events, disguised as a curious cameraman. Either Frank sent him out on this errand, or, he just couldn’t stand to see Barney come home every evening all fwazzled about the way this campaign is turning out, and dashed out on his own, furious at seeing his man so wwetched and wwecked.
Either way, Barney knows something we don’t know, and that enhances Bielat’s chances, alongside the general mood of the country.
And Star Parker will not win in CA-37, only she will win…some time, some place. She has real star power. And what she will leave CA-37 with, again assuming the new House of Representatives does as promised, and restores sanity to the national purse, including a long line of jobs…private sector jobs, with no strings attached…in those districts, the +30 Democrat Super Safe District will be a thing of the past in 20 years.
The rest, the top 8 races, well, they are all bound by a series of common markers; the Scarlet Letter S, (the Stimulus), the Mark of Stupak (Health Care) and TARP. Now, all these incumbents are walking back Health Care, with the promise, underscore “promise”, that the people should let them them fix what they in fact broke. (There’s almost an entire chapter in the Book of Proverbs speaking to this kind of self delusion, and people’s willful unwillingness to turn their heads toward wisdom, er, common sense.). Now most up-east liberal Democrats don’t have to stare down a religious (which is code for Catholic in the east since Anglicans, Methodists and Presbyterians ceased being “religious” in that neck of the woods years ago) constituency, but mid-western liberals do. Stupak was the hypocrite-in-chief of that group, and Marcy Kaptur (OH09) one of his gang of twelve-something, that came storming up to Pelosi, saying they wouldn’t sign onto Health Care unless the unborn were protected. I haven’t checked to see if all of them were lawyers, but they sure lied like ’em. Marcy Kaptur included. But did you ever stop to think that Stupak & Co were always willing to sign onto death panels for the elderly, (after all, AARP also had), and a mandated requirement that citizens purchase health care, contrary to all freedoms expressed in the Bill of Rights? Even if they had been honest on that one issue, they treated all the other rights taken away in Health Care pretty much the same way the NRA treats the other 9 amendments in the Bill of Rights. See a pattern here?
(By the way, if you Tweet, Tweet this one message, I’m thinking of Scott Rigell in VA-02 now, but a host of others, as well…”If the NRA supports the Dem, they’re kissing the other nine amendments goodbye, with malice aforethought.” Don’t quote me, just say it.)
Replace the “D” with “De”
…as in Deflate, Defeat and Defund.
I’ve written of this before, that in the last week of the election, some candidates should roll the dice and lay it square at the voters feet…do they really want to see socialism become the law of the land? Have they thought that through clearly, as to what it means to today, and to their children’s future. Even the illiterate poor people of Nicaragua, back in the 90s, while wanting everything the Communists offered by way of education, jobs working to the state, better hovels and a better bowl of gruel, said No when they read the fine print that said this contract they’d made with the devil applied also to their children and their children’s children.
Tell your voters: At what time does “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” not sink in? When does “better the devil we know”, cause nothing but harm? Every one of these incumbent Democrats played a hand in the straits we’re in now, and have the gall to say only they can get us out of it? It’s time, candidates, to put your own voter’s sense of self-dignity on the line. How often will you continue to allow someone to lie to you without exacting proper justice? For you know, they know, just as Stupak proved, and just as every Democrat candidate proved, even the Blue Dogs, when called upon to sacrifice one promise to their constituent for the “higher” common good of the Democrat Part, each in turn fell an line to vote as they were told. These are not men, these are cowards, and most importantly, the one thing they always promised to bring home to you, pork, (earmarks) they will not be able to deliver anyway. In most case, there’s a voting record 40 years long, the inner city black districts the saddest of all, those people held in virtual feudal serfdom. Tell them all, the days of plutocracy and thugocracy are dead, dead, dead, and you’re going to Washington to seal the deal.
Although I only pick up clips of debates and public statements by candidates, I am sick to death of hearing candidates speak of “lower taxes” and “bringing jobs back to the district” and uncertain “economic futures”…but still never mention the Constitution, or the fundamental loss of Liberty. It’s tyranny, for God sakes!, not bad banking policy. We wrote about this months ago, even two years ago, before I came to RS. I want to hear Mitch McConnell tell the people…every day…how much he loves the Constitution and Liberty. I want the GOP leadership absolutely weepy about it…
…or I want one that is.
Most of the people who listen to candidates still have jobs. What makes people run snatch Ol’ Betsy from over the mantle, or grab the pitchfork in the barn, or start sawing off i-bar for their rolled up newspapers, is what will carry the day this last week. Let them know you are coming, and that Hell is riding with us. Let them all know this is not revenge, even anger.  This is a reckoning, (h/t Tombstone)…
and it won’t be finished this time…
….until it is finished.