When They Can't Defeat With the Cheat...

They Try to Depress with B-S.

It’s what they do.

I was going to post this next week, but it seems now is more timely.

It has begun, as witnessed all over the internet; a wave of new outrages about voting irregularities and union outrages, this week associated with early voting, phony polls, new GOTV campaigns, millions targeted here, hundreds of thousands there. It will get worse next week with others kinds of tales of woe, racism, leading up to an attempted wave of illegal voting practices all over the country.

I sense a lot of air going out of a lot of balloons right now. “Oh, no, not again”, many of you are thinking. Yes, of course, “again”.

This is how they want us to see it. But is it real or is it Clairol? PsyOps? Directed at who?

Maybe you blew the balloons up a little too big in the first place. It was never going to be easy, it was never going to be a cakewalk, but it still very well could be a Class 4 tsunami. All i can say, that depends on us…not them. But there is a hitch. Nothing’s going according to their plan, so take solace.

Right now we only have to put all these “cheats and rumors of cheats” under the clinical lens of analysis, before we start sticking our heads in the oven. There’s a whole lot of lying going on out there right now, and just so you’ll know, a lot of it isn’t even really directed at us all.

First of all, it’s what they do, lie and cheat. For the past thirty years at least, over 50 in Chicago, the Democrats have never even considered taking their chances on winning a needed election by playing on the up-and-up. In fact, this is their biggest shortcoming, they don’t even know how to win fair and square anymore. Lesson? Why would you be surprised that craven dogs are behaving as craven dogs?

The only real questions are: What signals are they really trying to send? And to who? And can those signals and their cheating turn the election on a broad basis?

Consider the unions. The AFL-CIO under Trumka are crooks. Crooks mostly steal….and while Democrats do too, they are not exactly the same. They have different constituencies, they buy condos on different islands in the Caribbean and belong to different country clubs. Totally different social circles, trust me. If you’ve ever seen lobstermen and crabmen in a tackle shop in Connecticut, you’ll understand when I say they aren’t exactly friends. “Get them sheep out of here, this here’s cattle country.”

This election cycle the AFL-CIO (and most its members) have a disconnect with their rank and file. In general the rank and file are onto the leadership. (In some ways this parallels how ordinary citizens are viewing their the congressmen.) The big hook that binds most unions are the pension funds, only, the leadership already knows for those pension funds to stay viable there has to be some serious triage going on, requiring a lot of the brotherhood turning against a lot of the rest of the brotherhood. Not exactly a recipe for solidarity. Survival In the Retirement Wars should make a great reality TV series. (Hint: It’s even worse in the public sector unions.)

This creates a problem, since every four years usually, only this time on a 2-year rotation, the fatted sow (The Democrats) requires them to get out their vote, in return for which there will be the same protection money paid…only the fatted sow can’t really make a lot of promises it can keep this time. Three-four weeks, tops. Everyone knows this, so everyone is looking out for himself.

If you know anything about permutations, the variables here are astronomical, for while there are some true-believing union guys on the public side, not so many on the private. They’re bandits, who’d  steal the nickels out of a dead man’s eyes. Throw in the same kind of factionalism inside the Democrat Party…Hot-Tub socialists in Congress (thieves) really are getting uneasy with the Get-Even socialists (true believersm and thieves of another sort) in the White House. And somebody among them has to go out and teat the radical left at DailyCuss, CodePinkUnderwear and the Sheehan for President crowd.

The long and short of it is, no one, absolutely no one, in any of the myriad of factions that make up the Leftwing-Democrat coalition, can trust one another. And to get along they lie. Unless they invite Mitch McConnell, you couldn’t get a single foursome that could play 18 holes without breaking off into a whisper-group. Right now there are more distrusting factions among the Democrats than a pork-pull in Beirut.

I’m just giving you the lay of the land and laying out a suggested scenario, which, if Avalon Hill were still in business, would have made a helluva board game. The opportunity to steal here is immense, which is why I led with the unions. If the GOP wins big, and really takes over, (You listening freshman class, Dr Dan?) Trumka knows he’s going to jail unless he can work out an immunity-free job as ambassador to Sierra Leone. (I still know people there, V& A are everywhere.)

And how you steal is by telling your patrons you’re putting boots on the ground you couldn’t possibly put on the ground, and spending millions when in fact you’re only spending hundreds of thousands (and squirreling away the rest into a Bahamian account, after all, that is what you do best), so, at the end of the day you can say “We did our part. Who screwed the pooch here? Musta been those college perfessers. They was supposed to have their kids out there bringing in votes, but kids, damn ’em, can’t trust ’em to be where they’re supposed to be. We did our part.

It could happen. It could be happening. Every man for himself on the union sideand the majority of Democrats, the true believers left to paddle against an onrushing tide…Barney doing the backstroke.

If you stop to think about it, not much of what we’re seeing is directed at us. Disagree..to what purpose? We’re going to vote no matter what. Our tide is rising. We’re the tsunami. That’s what matters.

What is, is.

So lighten up. Go to YouTube and watch a Three Stooges short. Two fingers of Johnny Walker works, too. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. There’s nothing quite as palliative as the sensation of a long pull from an unfiltered Picayune coursing through your lungs to make even the ugliest worries just fade away with that first smoke ring. If memory serves.

What I know is that they got nuttin’. They are lying to one another, not us, for once again, what’s the purpose? To make me…us…stay away on November 2. I don’t think so. To encourage their own troops? Not a chance. To fool their own troops…more likely. And to fool their patrons. The circular firing squad is happening before our very eyes, and we (you) think of jumping off a bridge because of it?

Will it work? That depends on you. So take a last pull on that Picayune and get out there, leave no stone unturned. Registration is over, this is all about GOTV. We are the tsunami.