Christine d'Arc, Why Her Election is So Important


(h/t Beasley Beasmeal)

A few days ago, Erick Erickson wrote an “almost obituary” here about Christine O’Donnell, for the way she has martyred herself in the name of the Tea Party movement and The People.

It might work out that way, but she still may pull it off.

Now, I’m just in the cheering section down here in Virginia, as are most of us, but if you’re in Delaware, consider what I’m about to say here. Consider how politics as we know it will, not may, but will, change if Christine O’Donnell defeats Chris Coons.

American RINO’s everywhere will lose, and I mean everywhere, every thing. Democrats will lose an important buffer zone inside the Republican Party and even more importantly, will watch millions of dollars of campaign funds no longer fall into the hands of such useful and manipulable idiots. And one Marxist devil will be no more. Goooaaalll!

This is why it is so important to our Conservative Movement, the Constitution and the People, that Christine should win, and why still-dubious conservatives should be jubilant about those prospects.

1) Immediate Seating, November 15

Her seat may well derail any Democrat get-even legislation during the lame duck session, Nov-Dec, before the Christmas break. OK, if it’s close, there will be a challenge or call for a recount to forestall that. Ive been guessing three points, but all that money the Dem’s are sending in there isn’t just going for TV ads, or insuring that it’s a clean contest according to Marquis of Queensbury Rules. Mischief will be afoot. So it can get close. The Democrat Party, hereinafter referred to as the Party of Inquisition, has a lot invested in Christine not being able to take that seat until after the lame duck session ends.

John Rease (WV) and Mark Kirk (IL) could also have the same unsettling effect on the Dems plans for the lame duck, but for reasons that go to the very souls of not only the Party of Inquisition, but the Party or Status on our side, the name, “Senator Christine O’Donnell” sends cold chills up their spines, which brings me to…

2) RINO Republicans nationwide have gone “all in” on insuring Christine O’Donnell loses.

This is the stuff perfect storms are made of, so follow me here.

By “all in” I don’t just mean spiritually, if you consider ruling class-consciousness to be a “spiritual’ sentiment. But conspiratorially as well, as in some parts of the country, and in Delaware, some Castle Republicans (and probably ol’ Good Sport Mike himself) are actively working to defeat Christine…and of course, seat a Marxist in her place. She has to lose, and there is a nationwide “spiritual” investment in seeing this happen. Hell, maybe even Lisa Murkowski is sending them money…at least money she borrowed from the unions.

But defeating Coons means far more than just a few arrogant, smug, whiny, RINO’s getting their comeuppance.

First Christine’s nomination, and now the prospects for her winning goes to the core of a worldview that is about to become completely undone in American politics, not just in the Republican Party. And while we’re all simply giggly with delight at the prospects of watching all those insufferable snobs who simply can’t bear to admit out loud, or even in front of the mirror, that they want Christine to lose simply because she is not “one of them” and really nothing else…the loss of their votes when the R’s are changed to D’s or I’s are merely the icing on the cake.

How Christine will win is even more impressive, or devastating, depending on which side you’re on.

The day after Christine was nominated, Rush Limbaugh raised a million dollars for her simply by giving an hour of his show to air her case…and against their case. All of that money came directly to her, did not pass GO(P), and did not pay $200 (actually 20%) in handling fees to keep the staff at the RNC in Bounty Towels. (A little Koch Brothers humor there.)

This is huge, for the People in general and the Tea Parties in particular have cut the middle-man money handlers out of dozens and dozens of campaigns. This will continue into the next cycle, of course, unless the GOP gets with the program, and in order to get with the program they have to change…completely.

No matter, for it will be the lack of money from the usual suspects, and ColdWarrior and the Precinct Project, once we get him rolling in January, that will bring that change about. They have will little to say about it…and our people wear boots, only politicians wear bedroom slippers.

But what of the fat-cat donors? The Hundred Millionaire fat-cat donors who are semi-red in their politics but blue in their blood? Purple? While a few thousand RINO’s inside the GOP, plus a few more who are ruling class simpatico from the professions and the academy will simply change their R to D, these fat cats will not be so quick to simply start dishing out the millions to the Democrats they had previously given to the GOP. That money may go offshore in investments, but it won’t go to the Dems, and it won’t go to building beach condos in Haiti for Charlie Rangel.

3) The Democrats will lose a buffer zone of RINO’s and see millions in erstwhile wasted campaign donations go to more useful conservative causes.

And the Dem’s know this. That’s what so juicy about this perfect storm. The Dem’s have always needed the RINO’s, but as useful idiots, or as Mitch McConnell is referred to, “filling out a foursome”. But not for any collegial or professional purpose. The Democrats have needed the GOP center to cover them, sort of like getaway drivers at a bank heist. But most of all these centrist Republicans could siphon off millions in big donor money that could really never do them any harm by deterring their agenda. After all, how much harm has the Maine Blueberries, Tweedles Dee and Dum, ever done to the Dem’s considering the millions they’ve gobbled up…that could easily have kept the Mustang Ranch out of bankruptcy, or otherwise been put to better use?

I’ll pick this subject up again in December or January, for the first mission of true conservative fat-cat money will be to sit down and convince as much of that RINO fat-cat money to be redirected at ending a long list of abuses and usurpations. We have a long list here at RedState, especially the Precinct Project, and how about a little interdiction of the kind of early-voting scandals we’re seeing right now? Hard as hell to beat in court, but easy as hell to interdict, I’ll only say this. (I’ll be at CPAC in February, so maybe we can sit down and talk over milk and graham crackers about these very serious things.)

Slaying the Enemy

In any case, all this gnashing of teeth ends the day Christine O’Donnell gets elected…a permanent carbuncle removed from the behind of conservatism, a tightening garrote around the throat of the Democrats, and an oh-so-good-feeling swift kick in the pants of a quickly departing army of Wormtongue’s who have been vexations to our spirits since Ronald Reagan’s second term.

A Saint She Ain’t..

…but a Martyr She Needn’t be…for the D stands for “Diablo”

…and a child of El Diablo is Chris Coons, Delaware, as pointed out so perfectly by Uma Ritchie right here at Red State. Puedo oler el sulfuro de aquí.  (I can smell the sulfur from here.)

In Orthodox eastern Europe they especially venerate three military saints, St Georgi (George) slaying the Dragon, St Dmitri (Demetrius) slaying the Turks, and the Archangel St Michael defeating the Devil. St Michael is my favorite, for I like the idea that one of God’s inner circle is packing, and knows how to use it.

Americans have always had something like this triumvirate, as well; George Washington, Sergeant York, Audie Murphy, Ike, real heroes for every period of our history, giant killers from every station of life. Not a few are women, Rosa Parks comes to mind, and a whole bunch never asked for the job. A string of Li’l David’s to an array of Goliaths, that’s American history, only now we’re asked to forget it.

Sometimes events simply dump in a person’s lap the immediate call to act and to achieve. Again, Rosa Parks comes to mind. I can think of a lot of people inside our movement I’d handpick over Christine O’Donnell to smite the Democrat dragon, but in truth, maybe it was the Enemy itself that chose her because they thought she could be beaten so easily. They picked her, not me. Sometimes, history can turn on just such a single misstep…to tell one single, tiny, defenseless woman she can’t sit in the front of the bus. Philistines!

Oh my, what joy there will be across America, Delaware, if you reach up and smite this dragon. Read Uma Ritchie’s article about what happened to poor Venezuela when they didn’t, because it was their last chance to ever choose. Or…

…you can make your own deal with Lucifer, Delaware. But if you do, you burn with him. It’s your call.