Things Americans Find Repugnant, Lisa Murkowski

A note of apology, in advance. We’re 20 some days out and have a lot to say in that period. Some of the front page writers are working almost without sleep. A few diarists are as well. If you see my name here a little too much, I apologize, but there are a lot of cans of whoop-*** we need to open these next three weeks. We are trying to feed a lot of campaigns right now.)

Things Americans Find Repugnant…Lisa Murkowski

Notice I didn’t say Alaskans, although I’m betting they’ll agree.

As you know, Art Chance and I have swapped both compliments and elbows here on RedState. In my last conversation with Art, we laid all our guns and knives on the table, electronically shook hands, then exchanged pleasantries. I told him I regretted his passing here on RedState, then said I would never have expected it to be by shooting his foot off. “I didn’t know you were that good a shot” I think were my exact words.

Art replied with something about where I could stuff my regrets, and told me he was hellbent on saving Alaska for the Republican Party (which I believe he really means) to which I answered that the Republican Party he seems to favor in Alaska is one I’m hell -fer-certain going to do my best to destroy in all fifty states…and…make sure Lisa Murkowski is as dirty a name in Alaska as George Soros, Typhoid Mary, and “Ol Clewfoot Hisself”.

Still I miss that old coot and would like to work with him someday under friendlier conditions.

But there you have it, politics is a blood sport and it ain’t gonna get friendly anytime this year, for sure.

That preamble out of the way, I’m saying this for all you folks in Alaska, and the lower 48, for I think what I’ve set out below are notions we all share and could apply to at least a dozen other campaigns…and none of these notions has a single thing to do with politics as I see it.

They do have everything about how we judge people, and what we are willing to tolerate in people. And to me, this should be our gold standard in politics.

Things Americans…and most Alaskans…Find Repugnant

We just had a Republican candidate in Toledo named Rich Iott, down 10 in a strong Democrat district anyway, photographed wearing a Nazi SS uniform. (Please, no threadjacks, as this is about Lisa Murkowski, and not any tedious arguments about media fairness. You know who you are. Stay on point.) He was a military re-enactor, of whom there are tens of thousands in America, from Revolutionary War soldiers…to WWII (both sides)…to, in recent years, the Red Army, who many Americans on the Left have been dying to dress up like even before Hogan’s Heroes made stalags seem funny.

I’ve known more closet Nazis than I care to count, in Russia and Ukraine, not even counting Cincinnati or Harvard. Today America is being tugged apart at the shoulders by Marxo-fascists…only in Akron…some poor schlub can’t play dress-up without taking a beating by guess who, a Marx-leaning press. Rule: Want to be fascist? Just put a face (Hitler) and a name (Nazi) on it, then never really define it, so only the names and pictures define it. Then no one will notice you running around in fascist drag all the time. We’re seeing this now. Been seeing it for years all over the country. Even in the academy.

Point is, on Toledo streets, image determines. Rich Iott’s running against a corrupt, dishonest commie-symp, where even in a heavy-Jewish district, a ham sandwich should get elected this year. Only he won’t. This poor guy will probably lose because there is simply no way he can walk back photos that, as an expression of his true values and beliefs, are totally false…’

…while some other politicians, such as Lisa Murkowski, don’t even try to retreat from expressions of their true inner selves which every true-blue American finds repugnant, distasteful and ugly to the core.

If the shoe fits, you wear it, Lisa. It’s what people see, and what people of ordinary good sense and honor can deduce from what they see.

1) Bad sportsmanship…the first thing we teach our kids is to walk over and shake hands with the winning team…even if the referee made a bad call. We don’t screech and stomp our feet, refuse to shake hands, or, as is becoming something of a vogue for the moderate wing of the Republican (and of course the Left), spit in, then try to scratch the eyes out of the winner.

This conduct Americans, and Alaskans, find repugnant. And the kind of people who tolerate it are those who secretly are the same, or are on the payroll, where one will usually tolerate most anything. To be a good sport in losing is to be American. To be a vindictive sore loser is to be of the Left (a general truism), or Lisa Murkowski…but also Mike castle, Charlie Crist and Bob Bennett.

2) Back-stabbing. Of course, in another time the greatest evil a man could do, and which was considered the highest form of cowardice, was to shoot a man in the back…rather than look him in the eyes. Even before Marx was as dominant in American politics as he is now, our politics have rendered up all sorts of non-lethal ways to assassinate a man from behind, all considered to be dirty and foul. I always think of that scene in Gladiator when the Emperor embraced Maximus with one arm, and stuck a dagger in his abdomen with the other. Everyone who saw that…probably even leftists in a moment of weakness, thought that was the height of villainy.

This thing Americans, and Alaskans, also find repugnant. To be a back-stabber is to be a sneaky low-life sumbitch. And the kind of people who tolerate it are those who secretly are the same, or are on the payroll, where one will usually tolerate most anything. It is a fact of life with the Left…and Lisa Murkowski.

3) Spoiled tantrums. You would think, now that the teat fit has become so embedded in our culture, and actually become accepted, maybe even popular, among the more celebrated of our society, from Hollywood to the Beltway, from the Chattering Class to Starlet Class to the Political Class, from Naomi Campbell to, you guessed it, Lisa Murkowski…and Baraq Obama, the Whiner on Chief…most Americans still find the teat fit, whine and tantrum to be repugnant. Nobody likes cry-babies…not even their mommas. Little punkins.

4) The Lie, the Cheat, the Skim, the Sweetheart Deal, the sense of entitlement. I’ll let someone else list the oil and land deals, although I have to admit Lisa has been fairly honest about her sense of entitlement to the station she inherited from her dad, Frank, and all the accoutrements pertaining thereto…to what in political parlance is known as a dynasty. By blood right and birthright, by God, it’s hers, and by damned if she’ll let the people of Alaska take it away. I can’t say anything about her skirt, but Lisa’s lifted a enough sweetheart deals to be a genuine chip off the old lump of coal. Not on the scale of Dodd or Frank or Rangel, mind you, but pretty fair for a petty backwoods Republican grifter.

While I think Americans still find this sort of corruption repugnant, they also find it all-too common these days, and feel just a little helpless about it, especially at the national level. But locally, they still “string ’em up” (metaphorically, of course) when they can catch them…and Alaska’s famous for its frontier justice. In fact, the people of Alaska thought they’d been fairly gentle in dispensing this justice by voting Lisa down in the primary. I think Plan B now calls for it to be a little rougher, for you see, when you say “No” and she screeches, “It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine”…everything that Americans find repugnant sort of melds into one big spanking, as the state of Alaska spreads Lisa Murkowski across its lap and gives her the whomping of her life. One long, long overdue, I suspect.

To be American is to find ONE THING the most repugnant, above all other things:

Quoting Lincoln, sort of…


“…we are engaged in a great contest, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure. We are now on a great battlefield of that war…”

These are the times we find ourselves in now, perhaps the greatest battlefield of American history, and to a great extent we are defined, and divided, by those of us who know and understand this and those of us who don’t.

To be American is to find the most repugnant thing on earth to place one’s personal ambitions, one’s vanities, one’s appetites, one’s personal sense of entitlement above the very survival of the People of the United States (not just Alaska), their Liberty, their Republic, and the freedom of mankind.

That’s how I see the stakes, anyway.

This places Lisa Murkowski and a whole host of others in bad company, indeed. Barack Obama, for one, only, and here’s the rub…It’s part of Obama’s creed, Pelosi’s creed, Reid’s creed, the Democrat Party’s creed, to place their ambitions over the survival of the Constitution and the Republic because their ambitions and their creed are virtually the same, to destroy those sacred things. Anyone who knows Marx knows this to be true.

Lisa Murkowski, and a few others, only excuse is a love of self. I leave it to you to rank them for meanness; the one who would assassinate you out of hatred and envy, and the other who would assassinate you from indifference borne on the wings of personal appetites and vanities.

Repugnant, indeed. Now you know how I feel.