Letting Election Officials Know We Know, One Thing We Can Still Do Now

As expected the last month of the campaign season his shown some interesting shakes and bakes by the Left. We saw this coming, although we were never sure from what direction they would come, or their precise nature. Look for more.

First of all, there’s not much we can do about these things. I’m just making you aware, and giving a little context, for as in every operation, there are after-actions, where soldiers and operatives sit down and go over events with a view to either preventing them or being better prepared should they come up again.

We’ll do this in a more formal context all through November and December before the next Congress will be seated, and, with 23 days still go, will no doubt have more items to pile on our stack of stuff.

What sticks out now are four items, but only one of which we might be able to do anything about these last 21 days. What binds them all, for you corporate sponsors out there, is that we’ve always known these things were going to happen (signaling them months ago), but still, there was no focusing of organization and assets to interdict them. This part is addressed to you.

The three we can’t do anything about now:

First, from Anita Mointcrief’s RedState post of Oct 9, that the GOP has abandoned any real cohesive, coordinated, nationally-funded effort at getting out the vote (GOTV), leaving it up to local candidates and what, I’m sure they think are little ragamuffin efforts such as our own ConcordProject. LaborUnionReport and his team will do their own after-action on Concord’s success, but already we know with a little more funding and broader application, as many as a million NEW voters could have entered the conservative voter-fold the past few months. In what everyone expects to be record turn out anyway for a midterm, it could have been much higher, notwithstanding the tug for Democrats and their constituent plantation trustees to sit at home, but possibly replaced by as many as a million of illegals (about which I’ll comment below).

There are other GOTV projects/systems out there as well, and while we have looked at many and found them a little short of Concord, there was no Invisible Hand trying to bring them altogether in a more or less coalesced whole, especially among the very important Tea Parties around the country, who stand at the doorstep of literally millions of unregistered voters who are still unregistered today. Drat the luck, as they say at RNC headquarters.

So, what needs to be fixed is the RNC, it seems, as they have shown the same sort of foresight a 17-year old shows when he jumps into the back seat of his dad’s Buick, having never before torn open a pack of Trojans with his mouth, and no hands. Drat the luck, her Daddy, holding the shotgun, said.

Just like that poor, stupid kid, who literally bit off more than he’d ever intended to chew, we saw this coming at least nine months ago. The RNC needs to be fixed by replacing its entire corporate structure, its way of looking at things, and its personnel.

2) In like manner, only Friday, I set off a little firestorm mentioning the NRA, AARP, (accidentally omitting the AMA)…I am sure there are many more…that need to go through the same sort of soul-searching cleansing, executive firings, and restructuring as i just mentioned for the GOP. Sorry, you cannot support law that will ration health, invoke death panels to decide life and heath issues for your members and still call yourself an advocate for seniors. And sorry, you cannot support candidates, and the laws they support and have a record of supporting, that will deny Americans all their other rights under the Bill of Rights, by telling us you are protecting “the one right” you perceive to be just a little more equal than the others. Before the Constitution, our rights were written on the stars, and are not subject to barter…or triage. Get thee thither. But I leave that up to the respective memberships…only the mood of the country…which is not about to change in two more years..can render you all irrelevant if you don’t do things quickly. (Wanna bet you can’t fix it from within?)

3) LadyImpactOhio here among the diaries, Jeff Dunetz at The Lid and Neil Stevens on RS’s regular Tech at Night on Friday highlighted the fact that DailyKos is sponsoring a rather sophisticated cyber-attack on Google, to try to insinuate false stories about GOP candidates in target districts around the country, abusing the search protocols of Google. Neil raises a good question as to whether Google will catch it (Kos has after all announced it), interdict it and finally punish it…or, as the Obama government did for so many big time corporations (McDonalds, et al) when they announced they might end their healthcare programs, will Google simply grant an exemption?

Again, not much we can do about it now, but so very, very much we might have done to interdict it, or, in the alternative, assess non-administrative penalties. But if Goggle allows this attack to stand, cyber-war will enter a new phase, one in which we will have to engage. Still, as Neil Stevens has been suggesting for the longest time, would such an event provide justification for the feds to jump in and preempt control of the internet altogether…a thing they’ve wanted to do for the longest time?

To you big corporate GOP wallets, unless there is a major turnover at the RNC, and who either way will be off to the Virgin Islands as soon as the smoke clears November 3, these are just three things that need to be attended to very soon after the election, both organizationally and financially. A better focus of resources needs to be one of the first things on the “new GOP’s” agenda.

One Thing maybe we can do something about these remaining 23 days.

As you can see almost daily, we’re running a never-ending stream of Rah, Rah posts about the coming election. We’re winning. I expect record turnouts. In a fair election we’d probably win 90-100 seats.

But there’s a fly in the buttermilk. So time to sober up, still 23 days out. There are things to be dome besides getting out the vote, besides calling five who will call five who will call five. There are reminders to be sent; reminders that we are watching, and just as this is not just any election, but a world-collision election, official misconduct will not be met with by the ordinary slap-on-the-wrist sanction.

The set-up

From the beginning, a year ago, even longer, we were talking about steps the Left might take to circumvent voter wrath. Since the Health Care vote in March, anger has continued to rise, only a few have wondered out loud why the Left in Congress has been so ho-hum about it. Is a fix in…on epic proportions?

Well lately, even the media has been playing up the epic storm coming, and in these stories, have we forgotten that the main stream media are still the megaphones and stooges for the Left? Are they just puffing us up for a giant letdown that has been cooking for months now? What gives?

LaborUnionReport, who is a hotter’n right now than a…well, I won’t go there…with so many important pieces about Labor’s role in this election, posted what is the most dramatic if not important report of the entire campaign season, at least to an analyst and fire-starting activist like myself. Read it…all of it. Digest it. How Unions Could Be Stealing November’s Elections Right Now (under our very noses…my words). It is happening now…still 23 days out. Then throw back two fingers of Johnny Walker, and pause and reflect. Then consider the human dimension in all this, since, for every illegal vote cast, your legal vote is cast out (h/t Lady Penguin.) This is theft. Grand larceny…and a national security risk.

First, this is something we always knew could happen, might happen, and right after the Health Care vote, noting the nonplussed attitude of Congress in the face of rising voter anger…was very likely to happen.

True, we can’t do anything about the Secretary of State Project, although we’ve know about it since 2006, and have still done nothing about it, even after it gave us Al Franken, by yiminy, you betcha, and added Jennifer Brunner’s (who gave Obama Ohio on a platter) name to Roget’s Thesaurus when you search the word “bitch”.

But I’m not so sure about the union’s plan, according to LUR, already executed, by which illegal aliens would register to vote using fake ID’s (some states are a little iffy in this regard, especially with motor voter) and by now may even have cast their early-voting or absentee ballot.

LUR and I have talked about this and he is of the opinion that “mere notice” won’t deter unions, who are now running so many Democrat campaigns, intimidating or buying off local media, etc…check what Dan Benishek’s having to face in MI-01…

…but my thinking is that locally elected bureaucrats, election officials and registrars…especially outside of heavily corrupt Democrat districts (which are dwindling as we speak) are not so stalwart. It was always my belief that one registrar in VA-05 handed Tom Periello his win in 2008, and that district was a test case to see if it could be carried out on a broader scale. After all, considering the Democrat sweep in 2008, who would notice an anomaly in the Shenandoah foothills, win or lose? Too bad for the Dem’s, Periello won, and we noticed.

What you/we can do

In LUR’s report you will find listed states that have been targeted, and in those states it won’t be hard, using Cook’s PVI or any other barometer to see if a favorite candidate of yours may be a target. But since emails don’t have zip codes, I’m in favor or sending notices to as many local registrars in the affected states as possible. Pilgrim, right here at Red State, has accumulated a list of “riser” GOP who may be targets.

The point is, unlike union thugs, elected bureaucrats hate the thought of committing a crime, or even allowing one to occur…if they think someone is looking. Weenies are just that way. I can’t explain it.

You can find their email address on any county government website. (If you fear being traced, go to Yahoo or Google and sign up with as many aliases as you can, only don’t use Jabadoo, or InYourFace…use something regular like MrsJohnJakes, or Hillary Swink, FredCBarnes. If they get a notice from just one of you they will file it away. But it will be read. But if they get 2-3-4, they will understand that someone is looking over their shoulders. See where I’m going here? In bureaucrat-speak, we call this the “pucker-factor”. No threats need be made, this is legal intimidation, which every citizen is entitled to. Just know to all elected officials every unsolicted we’re-watching letter, or email, carries an impled threat.

I suggest very simple language: We (or I) have been informed that your country/district/region is one of several in VA, MI, etc, that has been targeted by groups wishing to have illegal votes cast. (Don’t mention Dems, Socialists, Union…but give LUR’s citation if you want. Its factual.) The national reports are that these will appear from students purporting to be residents of the state, and illegal aliens with false documents. We hope that you will put forth you best effort in preventing these votes from being cast or counted, as every illegal vote cast is a theft of my (our) votes. Yours cordially, jack the Ripper, Vinnie and Augie, The Grim Reaper (seriously, use a real name, better still, steal a name from any one of a thousand names you can now find in any town in any any district in America.

As for after-actions, we really do need to do something about tightening voting laws. I don’t like federal laws at all, and think every state should resist them, on 10th Amendment grounds, especially Motor Voter (NRVA) which serves as one of the lynchpins of access to the polling place by illegals in this country, and which should be scaled back, if not eliminated. (We’ll deal with that later in January, hopefully.)

Once you’ve done this deed, better still if you’ve conspired with friends to do several times, as we need to contact hundreds of local officials, sit back and pour another two fingers of Johnny. Enjoy the moment. You’re a right wing conspirator and fire starter. You done good.