When the Other Nine Amendments Don't Matter, The NRA

On Tuesday, dhorowitz3 posted a list of Democrat congressional candidates the NRA has endorsed in the coming election. I assume a check also changed hands.

The comments after the post are very interesting as some of RedState’s best observers joined in there, a thing (I noted only today) you still can’t find at the DailyCuss. There were several threads of interest, but especially, (to me, at least) and worthy of further analysis, was the general cry of incredulity…

What are they thinking? That by supporting Democrats the 2nd Amendment will be safe after the other nine are destroyed? The NRA is actually content in the knowledge it will be the one the alligator eats last?

My comments:

Corporations, for-profit or not-for-profit, cannot commit crimes. Or sins. Only in a cosmology headlined by a Marxist Heaven can we find a Hell populated by corporations and other non-sentient beings.

But people can commit crimes…against the state, against Nature, and against their bond (their own word). The only plausible theory as to why a corporation such as the NRA would make a choice such as they have made, by trying to keep Democrats in power in so many key, closely-contested districts…is that it must be to the benefit of only a few, probably not more than a handful, of people. This is a very human choice. And this isn’t really rocket science. Nothing the NRA leadership can say can elevate their motives above personal avarice…or maybe that key members of their families are being hostage in an undisclosed location…or dirty pictures are involved.

In other words, they’ve been bought off.

How? I can’t say. Dirty pictures almost always work, just as horse’s heads in the bed do. But for guys like Chris Cox, why stain the sheets when maybe a cheap box seat among the Ruling Class will do?. Who can say, but there is no doubt that if the Democrats can hold onto power, the 2nd Amendment is history.

Or is it?

Of interest to you should be the historical fact that under the Soviets, only “the people” couldn’t own guns. There was otherwise an abundance of guns…fine Tokarevs and Makarovs…buried away under those thousands of apparatchik polyester suits moving en masse up and down the escalator at Moscow’s Metro Station. (In winter they look like a herd of buffalo cresting a rise in a Catlin painting.)

Under the fascists in Italy and Germany a slightly different arrangement was made, as we got a taste under Bill Clinton, when by executive decree he banned cheap Soviet/Chinese surplus rifles and priced their ammo, affordable to working class folks who liked to go out plinking with their kids down by the creek, right off the market…while still going duck hunting with his pards using a $3000 Mossburg, drinking brandy from a sterling flask. Rule: Fascists like to play up the accoutrements of the State Class, while Communists tend to try to hide it. (I’m betting fascist with this bunch, but I digress.)

Under either form of socialism the Second Amendment can still be “preserved”…only not as any of you would recognize it. In fact, the other amendments will be diluted beyond all recognition as well, but will still be hailed as the finest document ever written…sort of like Al Sharpton praising Dr King’s speeches. This is what the presence of the femme fatales Keegan and Sotomayor, the twin ignorami, is supposed to portend, a new moon for an old document.

In this way, the Dems can still appease the anti-gun Left by acknowledging that, a la the Soviets, only the state will have guns (for crowd control), while quietly allowing that the “approved Ruling Class” will also have guns, only “off the books” so to speak, about which little or nothing need be said. After all, the rank-and-file anti-gun folks, the squeaky wheels, will never see them anyway. Who takes them hunting at private state preserves anyway?

We’ve already seen this corporate behavior with AARP, who sold its seniors down the river with not so much as a backward glance over Obamacare…for probably the same, very personal, very avaricious human reasons as the NRA. You see, like the NRA, the AARP, even if 60% of their members leave, they can still remain the “official” spokes-organ of seniors, just as NOW still is for women even though their membership wouldn’t fill out a good bridge tournament. It’s easy, for all one needs is for the national media to proclaim you so…and this, I think the NRA bosses would like very much, to receive national respectability from the inside the Beltway media. Such acclaim isn’t in the blood (DNA) of its members, mind you, who are contrarian by nature, but their Washington leadership are clearly toads.

If you haven’t noticed, as either an AARP or NRA member, current or ex-, unlike a private corporation in which you hold shares, you can’t really stage a shareholders’ revolt, sue and demand the corporate officers be removed, etc…even though they have violated every fiduciary code of ethics imaginable. (Point of legal order, tell me if I’m wrong Leon.) Episcopalian parishioners nationwide found this out when their parent  Church of England took a hard left at the Holy Trinity, (almost) denying the divinity of Christ in favor of “social justice”, only to find out the churches they’d built with the sweat, toil and dollars, actually belonged to the aforementioned CofE, and in part the QofE, head of said Church. See? True Christians go back to the catacombs. But God bless ’em, they are are  there, worshiping as always, growing while the CofE is declining almost as fast as Sharia law can replace it in England…in the name of social justice.

If you’re an NRA member, about all you can do is deny them your annual dues and write a letter about how pissed off you are…which no one reads.

But …

…you can, just as we’ve discussed here about elected officials, vis a vis the citizens, make them afraid. Very afraid…for their jobs, their perqs, their retirement plans, and their good names.

And if this New Wave Congress is anything it purports to be, you can demand these new members find new spokesmen for the Second Amendment (someone call Dan Benishek MI-01, as the NRA endorsed the union thug McDowell in that district) Check dhorowitz’s list, above. Every GOP candidate needs to know what’s at play here. The NRA leadership, as we know it has to go. If they take the whole organization with it…so what?

I’d earlier recommended here at RS that the new members of this new Congress come to town as a unified brigade. Any candidate on this NRA list should pledge to put the “Mark of Soros” on every nickle the NRA tries to spend in the Republican Party next year..after we win. Treat NRA money like it came from David Duke. Declare them personna non grata. They made their bed, so make them sleep in it.

It only stands to reason that if we are going to toss the Washington Ruling Class out on its ear these next 25 months, Ruling Class NGO’s (non-governmental organizations for those of you at DailyKos) will have to go as well. Who knows, maybe some day we can turn our SKS’s on the mother ship, the UN.

One can dream and this is a time for dreaming….real dreams.