Walking Back Blue Numbers, the March Continues as Democrats Crumble

Early in the primary season I wrote a series about how GOP candidates in strong Democrat districts can help the Cause by getting out the vote and making their districts more competitive. Our rule was that we only join lost causes “if we can make them less lost”. Squeezing safe Dem districts fits that bill nicely.

Seem that’s happening….big time.

We made a few suggestions, and contacted most Republican candidates in those “loser” districts, suggesting themes, and ways to go out and find new voters among the unregistered. But more importantly, I think, a lot of local RedStaters did, too, for the times, they are a’changing. (Bob Dylan)

This is what we’ve found out:

Using Cooks PVI, Compared to the break-out of Democrat safe districts in June, (+21 or more) these have slipped from 54 to 48. More importantly 71 districts have slipped from Dem to GOP altogether… while only 9 Republican districts have Dems leading (and not by much). That’s a net gain of 62…TODAY…not including 5 toss-up districts, 3 of which are also Dem districts. In New York alone 13 Democrat districts are in play! Wow!

Why this is important now.

With 28 days, four weeks to go, most years, “safe” Democrats like Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi would normally be “loaning” money to candidates from their campaign coffers to Dems in tighter races…in exchange for favors to be called in later. (This is how godfathers are born, by the way.)

But what these so-called “loser” GOP candidates and their backers have done is similar to what Obama has done to the economy; they have caused these rich Dems to hold onto their money rather than “invest” it. In fact, Barney Frank’s seat is so much in play, where an unknown named Sean Bielat has the race down to +14, with still 28 days to go, he’s even asking for money, from unions and others. (H/T to AlexaShrugged).

Watch the RedState front page as the editors are highlighting new races every day (Nan Hayworth, NY-19, +3, Austin Scott, GA-08 + 10 in a Dem district! and Star Parker in LA’s 37th District is down to around 26, having knocked the gap down by ten, in Maxine Waters country. This is a sea change. A surge.

Keep it up.

Earlier in the week LadyImpactOhio wrote a piece about ActBlue and their fund raising efforts. Look for more on that front, as the Dem’s are getting desperate, needing to find new funding sources, since Barney, Denny, Nancy and all the rich “donor” Dem’s are having to hold their treasuries closer to home.

Likewise, the unions are spending millions, only the ordinary rank and file are not marching…at least for free. Like Reagan’s Democrats in 1980, they are still there for the asking by our side, and for the same reasons…Mom and apple pie..and God. Only the socialist unions (teachers, federal/state workers, SEIU) can be drug out, only most have to paid or coerced. And also fed apparently, as the few who could be bulldogged into a bus to attend the big Commie march in Washington this past weekend must have been gathered up with a spatula in gutters along the way if their manners and personal hygiene are any indication of their state of grace among the American citizenry. (H/T Erick Brockway) What pigs! What gutter trash! Oh, thou shiteing bovine! I’ve seen cleaner sewers in Romania.

It’s been a long, long time, maybe never, since so many Democrat candidates needed so much money they couldn’t raise among the usual suspects. Even Soros can’t fill the gap. It just has to be spread too thin. It’s like Reagan spending the USSR into insolvency, only we’re doing it with goodness and moral righteousness, not nukes.

This is trickle-up fear, folks, and you can thank those Republicans slugging it out in a district that was once +27 Dem, but now is only +14. The losers.

But don’t give ’em a hand. And don’t just vote with your feet (remember GOTV and the Concord Project)…but also with your dollars. $10, $25, $50, whatever you can spare. These candidates are getting very little, if any GOP money, having been written off as losers a long time ago. But still, you can see the impact they are having on the Democrat cause. Whatever you send, the Dems will have to spend X 10 to match it, because as I’ve told you time and time again, we have certain assets they don’t have. It’s in the air, and we can smell it.

Don’t know who to give to? Just go to Cooks PVI and pick out a district, any district, then find the candidates on Google and send ’em a few bucks. Tell them RedState sent you.

If you tithe, for the next four weeks shift it to God’s American Venture Fund. It’s above my pay grade to grant dispensation, but I think God won’t mind. After all, America is His creation. You can help seal the deal that keeps the American Venture afloat.

When it’s over, let’s make sure the Congressional Black Caucus is also the majority caucus in the Democrat wing of the House of Representatives.

We’ll check in again in about two weeks, but hey, you can follow this at home just by watching the Cook PVI index. The gap will continue to narrow.

My guess? Well, I’ve said 70-80, while Cook is only calling 62 today. I’m betting that 5-10 of these “losers” will go to bed Thursday night “winners” defying all odds. And they will have you to thank for it.

That’s my call, and I’m sticking to it.