When Worlds Collide, November 2

…the result will be either be a lot of space junk or a brave new world.

The “elitist Left” fear the idea of this collision. We already know this, and it’s easy to understand. They hate what might happen to those they hate, and what might happen to themselves. The same goes for  “Republican elitists”, often referred to as RINO’s, who also fear the prospects of this collision, for the same reasons, really.

Me? I pray for it.

Actually, most of us do, don’t we?

But some true conservatives do not. I’d like to think they are apprehensive, rather than filled with the same fear and loathing felt by elitists from the Left. But I think it’s important to inquire into to what it is that separates us…their apprehensions versus our enthusiasm…for while I am downright dancing on my toes and peeing in my pants I’m so excited about this collision, I’m not unaware of the chaos and mayhem that will ensue and which makes them so apprehensive. So what really separates us?

Short answer: We can do it. We can handle it, and they probably don’t think we can.

I use a lot of words willy nilly here, I know, but I try to be precise about the difference between elites and elitists, since one I’m fer, but the other one I’m agin, as Moses Sands would say.

The difference totally depends on self-reflection, i.e., what one thinks of oneself and through that self-image, what one thinks of others. Not peers. Others. All others.

Without getting long-winded, going back to the election of 1912, when a popular third party progressive-lite candidate managed to hand the country over to an arrogant, academic progressive-hard (core) candidate, thus ending almost 50 years of the reign of what I’ve called “the Doctrine of Liberty”, our conservative elites have always been a group we, the people, have acknowledged as those best qualified to protect our collective interests as laid out in the Constitution design against Progressivism in its various manifestations and different names. I’m not speaking of our elected here, but rather our un-elected citizens, who through merit and acclamation; from academe, business, the arts, and law, reflect the highest attainments of our society and are best suited to protect us from the natural enemies of the republic…from Yale to Wall Street…to the Roanoke Rotary Club, each in his own way and own field… while the rest of us go about re-seeding and re-planting America’s constitutional fields for still more generations of freedom-loving people to come.

I think you can see the symbiotic relationship here without too much explanation. We need other other. I’d always considered Bill Buckley to be one of our elites. Steve Forbes probably another. Thomas Sowell and Hayek for sure. Many, many more, a couple even here at RedState. Not so sure about Newt. And I’ve always considered Charles Krauthammer to be one of our elites, as well.

But Charles’ little dalliance with the Castle v O’Donnell affair d’interet or affaire d’honneur (?) caused me to consider alternative perspectives about conservatives elites/elitists. For while a conservative elite is a position of award, so to speak, inasmuch as we acclaim them to have earned it, an elitist of any stripe wears a badge he awarded to himself. That’s how you can tell them apart.

And that is how I distinguish them, only, since I can’t know men’s hearts, I have to use circumstantial evidence to try to decide which is which among conservatives. (About the others I don’t much care. They’re just bugs to me.) Thankfully, Charles almost immediately began to walk back his position in his support for Castle, for his underlying premise was that she (O’Donnell) “could not win”, which for the longest time among GOP RINO elitists has been used as a code for really not wanting her to win….based on other unarticulated criteria, which for the most part, I’m sure they’d just as soon keep quiet. (Usually class, i.e., not one of us, but there are others.)

Charles almost fell into the trap of being one of them instead of one of us, because at the bottom of his analysis was to believe that pollsters know best, when (I think history bears this out) in times of major sea changes, the most successful prognosticators of the past can prove to be the least reliable to predict the future. In 1777, I’m sure Harrods of London was laying 100 to 1 against the colonists, only they could get no takers. They missed it, but why? Well, a host of reasons. For one, the central basis of the ideals of self-government and liberty expressed by the signers in Philadelphia was as alien to an Englishman, or any European, as the Cubs winning the World Series would be to any sane American today. Secondly, the English could never empathize with the manner in which their king and his minions mistreated American colonists, for no such thing had happened in England to Britons since before the Restoration. And lastly, drat the luck, (or Providence) every time victory seemed so close, a blinding fog would drift in over Brooklyn, or somesuch, allowing the insurgents to get away and train to fight another day. God had always been on England’s side. What gives?

This same sort of sea change, with more intangibles than tangibles, is upon us now. I know this. You know this, The pollsters don’t. Charles just wasn’t sure. This is not a time to be sure about anything, especially in the cosmic sense.

In Charles’ case, by repeating what may well have proved to be a serious miscalculation of fact, he’d made an ethical misstep, not political, but ethical, for to say one cannot win as a mathematical certainly can be as ethically dangerous as when one says a thing cannot be true, when one knows he cannot know whether it is true or not. In other words, a lie. In fact, a grievous lie…to oneself. I think Charles saw this, and had almost painted himself into a corner where, while he thought he was merely supporting a more likely winner in Castle, was giving evidence that he was just like him…vapid, witless, and as shallow as a pool of warm piss.

Charles rightly walked it back, exactly the right way, when he said, “Don’t get me wrong, I hope she wins”. He knew exactly who he didn’t want to appear to be alike.

To you truly apprehensive conservatives…but not the elitists with the secret supplication in their hearts, like Castle, Murkowski, and a never ending stream of whiny shaggers (look it up) as has appeared to defeat Nikki Haley in SC…from the losing GOP side…who really want to see un-anointed-but-publicly-selected outsiders LOSE…and nothing else…

…all I can say is that your conservatism is real only if you agree with the original vision of the Founders. And this (grass roots crap) is how they always envisioned it to be. A nation of citizens run by citizens, and not by a Levitical class, from either side of the aisle, including a self-appointed  conservative protector class. Your job is to protect them, not anoint them.

This collision therefore has been inevitable at least since 1912. Sorry, deal with it. It is a sign of poor upbringing, even potty training, to consistently go back and say that Nikki, Sharron, Christine…do I see a trend here?…no, there’s Scott in Alaska…shouldn’t have won, so therefore, they didn’t. Reality, please. Real reality, please. If you were Scarlett O’Hara, we’d call that a teat fit, and last I checked, Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle throws those. Like Charles, pause to consider the company you may find yourselves among. These are your candidates, and those are the Left’s candidates…in Christine O’Donnell’s case, a walking, talking Marxist, who lies for no particular reason. Christine can be sworn in dressed as Elvira holding a Coors beers, and I’ll still feel relieved. So would Bill Buckley, who, suddenly I miss.

It doesn’t matter that all of you may think maybe we aren’t really able to complete this task we’ve undertaken. Maybe we’re too stupid, in this post-modern world and the task just too complex, requiring talents and skills we don’t have. I’m sure you would prefer a more orderly slide away from Marxist statism back toward a republican ideal based on both law and order…heavy on the order, with ketchup on the side. So would I in fact.

Still, the fact of it all is the collision of the worlds is a fait accompli, November 2, just as it was in 1776. It cannot be avoided.

Laisser les bons temps rouller!