Leadership from the New 70

Actually, I’m leaning for 75 even 80, but will takes bets on anything under 60. We need to give them a name, though.

To me the new GOP Pledge is mostly an irrelevancy, but I want to keep to my own pledge of speaking as little ill as possible of the standing GOP until they are safely established as the new majority party on Nov 3.

I say “irrelevancy” because of that new brigade coming to town. Call them what you will, a legion, army. Some say as few as 60, but 80 isn’t beyond belief as time draws nigh. As Toby Toons showed only today, the jaws seems to get broader around the Democrat Party in general, with still a month to go. 30 point districts are now in the teens. 20 point districts under ten. Nobody has seen anything like it. And it’s my view most of the close ones will swing GOP this time around. None of the pollsters, God bless ’em, can get their arms around what’s going on. Speaking of irrelevancies, neither can the MSM. And forget precedence. Think 1824, 1860, hell, 1776. None of those had precedents either. As things are now, and if we don’t let go, we will be establishing new precedents over the next 10-12 years that will last generations. The old text books are being thrown out on a daily basis, and yes, it’s the pollsters, pundits and sitting political class who are always the last to know.

As I said awhile back, people are getting “all philosophical again”, and that is usually a generational thing. When the Constitution is reintroduced into the classroom it will reside there for a very long time, indeed, and then folks like Lady Penguin can go about sweeping the public highway, reestablishing nice and good there, sending nihilism and the rest of the trash into the sewers where they belong. For my grandson, I’d like to think this is how it will be after I’m gone.

So this is a very good thing for the Republic and the original vision of the Founders. Standing at the crossroads of a genuine Freedom-or-Death choice for Liberty in America…and world wide…we actually are poised to fulfill the original Plan and to become a true nation of free citizens in a post-agricultural, post-modern, technological world…a thing social scientists have said never could be done.

But the Devil is in the Details

Rush Limbaugh has been echoing a simple rule, “Just vote against the D”. It’d as simple as that and it seems people are listening. More than that, they are excited and enthused. More than anything else, they are pee-oohed. And when people are pee-oohed, they will postpone all other forms of recreation to attend the hanging of their enemies. That’s a law.

Now, I’m not counting my chickens here, for the Enemy is not without tricks, or resources. We have to keep our jaws rigid, our senses keen…and the bark on. You know what they say about a rat cornered.


The details lay in that New 70 no one has named yet. The Mount Vernon Caucus? Lee Atwater’s Legion? Reagan’s Wild Bunch? No matter, they are the new vanguard of things to come. They are the Pale Horse…so behold!


….when they report to Washington in January, 2011, I want to see them march in ranks of two’s, right face, snappily dress-right-dress, count off, eyes front and report in as a unit. I don’t want to see them limp in singly, like brand new privates, slinking up to the commander’s desk and awkwardly saluting, awaiting new orders. Where’s my bunk…er….Sir?

I want them to announce their coming…for everything changes the day they come to town. The veil of Political Class secrecy will be rent asunder. The wall of separation between the Ruling Class and the People will be blown down into rubble as if Joshua himself had surrounded the Capitol Dome with his trumpets.

We already know there are true leaders in this new army. And you already know how I feel about Dan Benishek (MI-01). It’s not just that he is a true leader, but Dan represents a new type of leadership, shirt sleeves rolled up, of the people and not of the Old Order, with an eye on the real prize…and with the full faith and credit of the People of his district fully in tow. Gone will be the Slick-Talking Express and the button-down minds of Madison Avenue-turned-Politico. Turned over will the tables of the money lenders and wheeler-dealers on the Capitol steps be.

Will a few stumble? Yes, of course. You can’t go to Vegas and not notice the ladies dangling their underwear out the windows. Washington is the same, only worse, for they dangle much more, and they do it there with the express purpose of bringing men and women over to their dark side. Our new army’s senses and sensibilities will be under assault for many years to come.

But what will have changed is the way power flows. That is what this election is all about. You already know that in a free economy money, profit and success trickles down, but the Founders always envisioned that political power would always trickle up….only now and for some years to come, a little more forcibly. You all know the tacky phrase about what runs downhill. Well, what runs uphill will be the bottom of our boot…not bedroom slipper, mind you, but our boot, as it quickly moves Congress’s arse to somewhere between its shoulder blades if it doesn’t behave.

That is to be the new reality, and this new legion of 70 already know these rules, and from where all their power comes. This new Army understands that respect from the People is just one cheating moment, one seduction away from fear of the People and the blunt force trauma of that boot on their backsides.

This bad old Congress was always our fault, so this new one has to be our collective responsibility. We cannot allow them to simply meld into the woodwork when they get to Washington. We need a better…shall we say “crisper”…pledge, as Dan Benishek has promised. Let there be no doubt about the repeal of Obamacare. Let there be no doubt about earmarks. Let there be no doubt that where there are 70 new faces this year, they may as many or more next cycle, and the next…only they all won’t be Republican. For what is to be swept away here is the old order of both parties. The Republicans will simply redraw the playing field…a field which will demand the Democrats reform as well just in order to play…or go off to their caves to build bombs, as they are already beginning to do in Europe.

I see two things that need to be done these last 30 days. 1) The new GOP candidates, even those who may lose, need to form an alliance now as to what the pledge to their districts may be, and what their pledge to one another will be, so that when they are seated in the new Congress, they are an immediate caucus, with both a coordinated agenda and a line in the sand along which they will not budge.

2) And what we must all do is renew our energy and our pledge to ourselves that no stone shall be left unturned to insure we break all records for voter turnout this time. This will be the first precedent-setter in a string of many that will send the pollsters and analysts scurrying…to break records not just for off-year elections, but for all-elections. Let Nancy Pelosi come away wondering, even if she wins, why she didn’t know there were that many Republican voters in her district. Cause her such a distemper that she breaks the mirror next time she looks in it. So revisit the Concord Project and repledge to yourself its Power of Five….times Five. That’s not 25 voters folks. That’s thousands.

For years it will be shillelagh law in Washington. It had better be, in fact. It’s our job, not theirs, to make sure it works out that way.