RedState Teammates Save the Republic...America Yawns...

Because…some assembly required.

Ever wonder how many great ideas have gone by the board because of those three lonely words?

Maybe you’re too young to remember Fred McMurray in anything (My Three Sons) let alone The Absent Minded Professor (1962), where he invented an anti-gravity rubber called “flubber”. Those kinds of can-do stories were common in those days. Every kid thought he could leap tall buildings in a single bound…once the secret decoder ring came in the mail. When I was a kid in the ’50s I thought if i snapped my fingers a certain way and said “Shazzam!” I could 1) fly, then later 2) speak Yiddish, or 3) only last week, evaporate Congress with a telepathic neutron bomb. (I still like Washington’s architecture.)

I came from a generation who believed we could invent, build, cure, fix, anything and that anyone could do it, if he or she would only set their jaw and decide to do it, acquire the skills then say the magic words, By God, I’m going to do this. It was that easy. (Still is, actually). It had been that way for over a 100 years in America, even before radio and television…anyone hear of Horatio Alger? Our books and folklore were filled with stories of people sitting in their basements and dreaming and concocting a thing that would change history and possibly save the world, or maybe just a better mousetrap. Edison did it that way. So did Henry Ford and Proctor & Gamble. So did Bill Gates. So I know it can be done.

So did some guys known to you here as LaborUnionReport, Cold Warrior and Ron Robinson. (Of course I know them by their real names, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.)

The problem is, sitting in your basement you sometimes can’t always know how best to maximize the potential of what you’ve discovered. When I was in Russia in the early days I met with scientist after scientist who had developed ideas, processes, some theoretical, some oven-ready, but hadn’t a clue how to get those ideas into the hands of producers. One had even (naively) given a project to a businessman from Kansas City who had promised to see what he could do with it, but never replied to any letters. When I got back to the US I tracked this guy down and found his company was doing quite nicely with that process. When I mentioned Dr Shitsev back in Tula, he replied that there was no contract. He gave me a Bart Simpson reply, “You can’t prove it.”. Bad answer. The rest of that tale goes untold, but I began working with a Cincinnati law firm on protecting intellectual property for Russian scientists, so I have some experience in identifying gems in the rough and seeing that that they get into the hands of end-users safely.

Back in February, just before CPAC i looked into the Precinct Project of Cold Warrior and understood right away what it really meant. Its potential, I mean. I wrote here on RedState then how someone should be paying CW’s way to CPAC just so he could schmooze with the money guys, begging bowl in hand, to speed up that project by a factor of 10 at least. It was (still is) that big. I’m quite certain that had some money been made available then the GOP would have a much more conservative face on it right now at the precinct level, with more and better conservative candidates standing election today. Later, in May, I wrote “America’s Tombstone, Death by Skinflint?” reprising that subject, wondering where all the money is for things that can really define the outcome in 2010 and 2012. To some extent I was wrong, as I’ll explain, but then LaborUnionReport came up with what we now know as the ConcordProject, and which was launched only the day after Labor Day, which dovetailed perfectly with CW’s Precinct Project, laying out in almost military precision and detail how, over the next two and a half years (from when they started) the People can take back the Republican Party (actually both parties) and insure a voter tide in this and the next election that not even the most terroristic union-leftwing-Democrat-Soros-sponsored campaign could stem. Then, enter Ron Robinson with his Procinct Project software, to make it all user friendly, to make the team complete.

Is it that No One Cares? Or No One Knows?

What we Have Here is a Failure to Communicate.

When I wrote my Tombstone piece in May I was under the impression no one cared. I was wrong. They just don’t know…1) How big this project can be, and 2) what this project can mean to American History. Yes, I said history and not simply getting a 10-second shout-out on Fox & Friends tomorrow morning. This is more important than any one person, any one president. This means a painless, bloodless return of power to the People though a legal process, all to occur within a 26 month period. Think about it.

Then consider the people, and the power of the people, who won’t want to happen…besides the current Democrats. Then consider the powerful people on our side who do….but don’t know.

At his 8/28 event Glenn Beck paid over $280,000 for people who couldn’t afford it to attend the event, out of charity. Only this week Oprah gave her audience a free trip to Australia, est cost minimum $500,000, for publicity. Limbaugh probably lost in that range in skins games on his latest golf outing in Hawaii. With all due respect to my friends here at RedState, we’re really a small community and not really as well-connected as we’d like to think we are. Thousands come here every day, but for the most part we’re ordinary citizens, not financiers or entrepreneurs. We can’t match those kinds of bankrolls. The question is, can we imagine it? All the diarists and many of the front page writers do this as a labor of love. Many blog on their own sites as well as here, also a labor love. We drive our school buses or deliver pizza, pull 9-to-5 down at the bank, (me, I knock over liquor stores), try to raise a family, or our daughter’s family while she’s at work, then come home to crawl back into our one real passion, the RedState Community…and our super-hero suit…by trying with every ounce of energy we can muster to donate our part in trying to save this noble ideal called America. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

What we can’t do is take these three guys to where what they have produced can actually save this Noble Ideal. Their plan can, you know. And that’s all I care about. We have to help them find those who can. This is that big. I couldn’t shine Ron Robinson’s shoes about software. I still think Tweet is that damned yellow bird Sylvester is always trying to eat. (Guess you know who’s side I’m on there.) I’ve looked at these things they have designed and I know, as sure as God made little green apples, that what they have designed can change history, and it needs to be put into the hands of people who can make that happen.

But it has to be put into their minds first. RedState can’t do this, nor can the blogosphere.

This is bigger than Dr Salk and polio. (If you’re too young to know who he was, then you’re the beneficiary of just how big his legacy still is.) This may even be bigger than that guy who invented the sneeze glass over salad bars, if you’re really young. If you like parallels between American and Biblical events, this is the equivalent of Christ kicking over the money-lenders’ table in the Temple, signally a new Temple to arise. If you’re Jeff Dunetz and Kenny Solomon, and others, (Gut Yuntiff, Yom Tov…see, I did pick up a little Yiddish), this is the equivalent of Yahweh asking Noah “How long can you tread water?”

This plan will save the Republican Party…but not the current political nobility residing there now…by returning power to the People, as designed by the Founders.

This plan will even save the Democrat Party…but certainly not the current political cognescenti and apparatchiki residing there now….again, by returning power to the People.

In short, this plan can save the entire playing field of Liberty, and all the rules appertaining thereto…

There are still things it cannot save, but it’s a good start, don’t you think? Returning power to the People, bloodless, and by people, who like Hobbits are so tiny and below the radar screen, no power in Mordor, even Soros, can defame them. Hell, he can’t even find them.

There is this one problem, as I said in the beginning.

Some Assembly Required.

Together this plan is visionary, but it has to be delivered to visionaries of like mind and the ability to pick up the phone and not just kick the can down the road but get it into the end zone. I’m just a scribe.

These products sell themselves, but they are technical, so also borrring, if you’re going to be one of those actually taking them out into the field to execute. Get Out the Vote means more than just passing along Tweets. It means phone calls, walking the neighborhood, shoe leather, ringing doorbells. Taking over the Republican Party through the precincts means wading through state regulations and laws, attending training seminars (think tax seminar, for dullness) and then meetings and more meetings. You can see, the execution part of this is not for everyone, as some assembly is required, so only the diligent need apply.

But time matters…the Enemy has a schedule too and right now it’s still a foot race. Never underestimate your opponent.

This is not a call for contributions, but for contributors. So while I appreciate your support, we’re all soldiers here…in search of  few good generals. We need Limbaugh, Beck, Herman Cain, Hannity, men like DeMint, and a bunch of others to read this or know of this project. This project, this dull, dreary, un-sexy project should be mentioned at least half as much as Obama on local and national talk radio. It’s bigger than any story, even Katrina. It’s bigger than any event, even 8/28.

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