Rolled-Up Sleeves, Dirt Under the Fingernails, That's Our Politics Now

I said in my last post that this is all I would be writing about these next 55 days or so. I’ll try to keep it fresh but if it gets redundant, well, you know what they say about repetition. By November I’ll have beaten this horse so hard you’ll think ColdWarrior is Louis L’Amour.

This is about the ConcordProject which went public yesterday. At its heart are the usual suspects, our own LaborUnionReport, Ron Robinson and ColdWarrior plus a lot of other people. Ladyimpactohio, who can field- strip a Blackberry with an eyebrow pencil, blindfolded, and tweet in Morse Code just by clicking her teeth, has been over this with a fine toothed comb. And no one knows more about OFA (The Dem sponsored GOTV Plan) than LIO. The hours spent on this project number in the thousands over several months.

But that’s not the real story, or the real teaching lesson here.

While the Dems have poured millions into OFA these guys paid for this by taking Coca Cola empties back to Krogers. (More on that later, at the bottom.) That’s why there is so much to learn here…for all of us…for all of you…for now you know what a few people with insight, imagination, a willingness to work hard, with a cause and a mission can do. Soooo, from reading the comments here on RS the past 11 months, I’d say those are the same qualities burning in virtually every person I’ve seen here. You also know what needs to be done.

End of story. In this case, we knew early on the GOP did not and would not have a very good GOTV plan, nationally or at the district level. They’d leave it up to candidates. Personally I’m not even sure they think in those terms, but sometimes you can analyze the why of a thing to death. These guys did something about it. A few months ago LUR said something had to be done about filling the gaps left open by the GOP to insure the maximum number of people get out and vote this time. He knew what the Dems had planned, for much of it is embedded with the unions. I don’t have to repeat here why this vote is so important. There’s a war on and this is the biggest battle…so far.

What the ConcordProject isn’t is just “a good plan”. It is THE PLAN, of this I am certain. Candidates can use it. So can ordinary citizens who are willing to get off the couch and actually make a difference. It’s missing only one thing; YOU and every other YOU you can find. Yeah, it needs a few bucks, but mostly what it needs is for everyone to pledge just a fraction of the rolled-up sleeves, dirty fingernails and sweat these guys have already surrendered. Just a fraction. Become a Leader of One…to the Power of Five (which you’ll find on Concord’s Home Page) then make sure each of your converts becomes Leaders of One to that same Power of 5, etc, etc. It’s really that simple.

You can go about this in several ways, from a one-on-one, face-to-face approach with your neighbor or co-worker, to a back yard cook-out, to finding a venue to give a talk…Tea Party/Patriot event, business club, etc.

This is the part that gets a little hairy, for in order to get five, you usually have to talk to thirty, and all of it has to be done away from the computer and the internet. Neither of those can vote. Neither can platforms. Only real people can. Boots on the ground. Don’t let technology sedate you.

Example: Last week, before the ConcordProject had gone public, I met with a group of businessmen in an adjoining county. We all know one another and get together every other month at an old hotel. Most are professionals, bankers, lawyers, contractors, even the High Sheriff. I was not the scheduled speaker, in fact, there never is one, but I did whisper in the president’s ear. I also had the advantage of priming those fellows because they always start out the evening with a cigar and 2-3 shooter talk fest out on the veranda. They are all flag-waving conservatives, but of the Rotary Club variety, seeing the dollar bills in the Constitution more than the small change of Liberty. (Sorry, that’s how it is, and if you’re going to get to them, you have to know this going in.)

So my advantage is I have my audience all liquored up before I even got to speak. God knows I tried to make it sound as as sexy as I could, a little flag-waving, a little end-of-civilization-as-we-know-it talk, 30 heads all nodding approval…”Make it walk, Rev, make it walk” (remember Flip Wilson’s Rev Leroy?). Then comes another truth you have to learn. When you start explaining the meat and potatoes, it’s just like Rev Leroy saying “But before this church can walk, it’s got to pay”…only here you’re passing the plate asking for effort, work, get-off-the-couch-and-do-something, not dollar bills.

In all truth, the Precinct Project and the ConcordProject, even in the most general terms, aren’t nearly as exciting as seeing a girl come leaping out of a cake. Even at my age I realize we’ve all been raised on the punch line and the drum-roll, the one-liner, the sound byte…and only a very few will actually pause to build a landscape so as to see what else is there. There were maybe 30 there that night, and I only spoke 10-12 minutes. Still, not more than 5 minutes in I could see the film fall over some eyes. It was like Stewardship Week down at the First United Methodist Church. Heads bobbing, trying to stay awake. But after dinner, as I was about to leave six of them came up and asked for more information. There’s a law there, so learn it.

Certain math also applies, namely your predictable number of hits and misses. One of the things I learned years ago watching the Discovery Channel, before I found out only Al Gore wierdos watched it, was that lions only got a kill in every 12-13 tries. When I was a kid shortstops never hit over .230. If they did, they got moved the third. No matter where you go, certain statistical laws rule. I still have my Roy McMillan glove.

At one end, con-artists and grifters know these laws. At the other, revival missionaries know them, too. And so do those guys on Saturday morning radio who fast-talk about the seminar they’re holding out at the Holiday Inn where you can make all sorts of money in real estate in this down-market, and it’s free, and the CD won’t cost you one red-cent…they know it too. Billy Graham could fill up a stadium on his name alone in his prime, but once upon a time, as every preacher did, he had to rely on other people to go out and get those folks to come listen to him. In those days he was preaching in high school gyms, not the Rose Bowl. Rule: It’s takes one message to get them into the church, and it takes another to get them down to the altar. That’s where the math and good territorial sense kicks in. While a missionary would never pass up a chance to try to save even one lonely soul, a grifter would spy out his marks a little more delicately. Why spend time on someone who couldn’t understand the play if you hit them with a two-by-four? Politics and Real Estate fall somewhere in between the street-con and tent revival. If you can get 30 into the room, feel real good if you can hook 6 or 7. Which also means you have to accept the rejection of 23 others. But you’re still batting better than Roy McMillan. (Obama can’t do that, by the way…handle rejection, I mean…so watch for it coming months, as it grows. h/t Coldwarrior.)

Pick out people you know. Your neighbors, co-workers, people you know who share your convictions, or even half of them. This is actually not the best time to get in strangers’ faces. What we want to do is get everyone registered and to the polls who share your/our basic beliefs in this country. Have a cook out. A joint garage sale. The key is, when you’re finished, make sure they’re missionaries. Make sure they’ve signed up and read the ConcordProject materials. Make sure they pass it on. That’s the hard part.

So; 1) Use every hook you can imagine to get them into the church. Eternal damnation and hell fire (loss of freedom, tyranny, socialism, having to pay $2.50 to get across the Obama Memorial Bridge someday, somewhere) works for me. Or take the high road and stress the positives, such as the Shining City on the Hill, the Pearly Gates, and not having to donate to the Pelosi-Reid Defense Fund.

2) Once they’re there, realize there are some who simply won’t get off that couch, no matter what. Don’t chastise them, just give them some virtual pom-poms for the cheering section. But neither spend any time on them. When a job you know is disagreeable has to be done, there are dozens of way to pitch it. Think of this like a tax seminar. Boring. Women and men respond differently to certain sales pitches. Men are more competitive (generally) and women more diligent and fastidious (generally). You can appeal to both, for both hooks work. I have a few, but somehow I know most of you have several more, so would appreciate any and all of you who have ideas, now that you know what I’m angling at, to share them in the comments below, along with, a contact address (if you want to give that out).

Finally, these fellows need money, mainly for advertising. After all, it would be helpful if what they’re offering reached millions sooner than later. You know my position: 2010 is The Battle. This is where the tide turns. This is Normandy. Then 2012 is only the race to Berlin. But if we lose….that’s what this is all about, making sure that doesn’t happen. This fight will go on until 2012 (actually beyond) but if we win here, the world will beat a path to Concord’s and Precinct Project’s door. Suddenly the crowbars will come out and GOP donors will find a away to put their money into the new GOP we’re going to forge. Until then, if you can find a donate page at Concord, please give. If not you can send money through me, as a verified pass-through, which I’ll send directly to LUR and CW as the case may be, in getting this message out. You can find my Paypal address in the Profile. Make sure sure you select any five (5) of the pics in our galleries, which I’ll return to you in Jpeg format, plus a genuine Communist Red Star (for caps) which I acquired years ago, and which make great Obama lapel pins, which I wear when I put on my Commie hat. C S Lewis hated getting inside the skin of the Devil, but I’m not as nice as he was…sadly. I can do it.