Situation Analysis, Are Democrats Trying to Prevent November?

(One of my biggest beefs with FoxNews is how they frame a solid finding as a question, in part to appear a little snarky, but also to be able to walk it back, should that “fact” meet approbation, as when the rest of the media, or Harry Reid, cries “Ouch!”. (We should never forget that like Hollywood actors, media types’ self-image depends on the approval of others.)

(Homey don’t play dat, still here I am with a chicken-s**t question for a title, in part, to get more readers, but also because I just hate believing what I’m saying here can actually be true.

(Still…we been moving in this direction for a long time.)

This is in a part a commentary of the issues raised in Hogan’s FP article about Texas being singled out by Congress for special rules concerning the distribution of education funds. It’s a great read, and the debate/comments that follow it are very informative. Pay attention especially to the comments of Erinmist, a Redstater, like me, of less than a year. I invite you read them and ponder, oh ye of little faith and Lost Causes, for they play heavily on what I am about to say.

Our view, as laid out last year, is that the Democrat Party, Barack Obama and the Executive Branch and other fellow travelers are committed to ensuring that November does not happen, or, if it does, that the new Congress will not be seated in January, 2011.

I hinted this was coming on RS in Dec 2009

So, I want to sound a kind of cautionary tone here, for things, as we see them unfolding, are very close to getting ugly, whether we win or we lose in the coming months.

Our profession is to predict the probable “natural” outcome of events, then, when possible, to lay out various alternatives that might change the course of that outcome.

My mission here is to forewarn you that the way things are breaking out, the forces on this side, and theirs, and how they are aligned, with each passing day, lall of which lead to the conclusion that ugly events lay ahead.

I believed then there was a 25% probability that the unthinkable was thinkable. There has been a quickening, as predicted, as we approach the November elections, and I now upgrade that to close to 50%. I’ll check in again in September, as Bernie and I are tracking this much like a hurricane, and God knows, you know how accurate those guys are. Still, we’ve upgraded this from a Tropical Notion to a Cat 1 Possibility.

There are several scenarios you can work out in your own minds, and if you’d like, please list them here (below) as Bernie’s compiling a list. Maybe Heritage should too, if they’re listening in. (They have better staff.) Every scenario is pertinent now.

You can disagree if you wish, but all your life you’ve known people to do things, sometimes little things, but nonetheless tell-tale things, which you know they cannot walk back. In other words, they have gone “all in”. (Men who take up an affair with another woman do this all the time.) By those signals you know they have decided they must win completely, or they will lose completely, even if it means the hoosegow or the gallows. And in doing so, once all-in, they will (try to) remove every impediment as it confronts them, almost as if hypnotized. You can feel this in your bones. Every fiber of common sense tells you you are right………………………most of the time. And there’s the rub.

The Evidence

I’d give worlds to sugarcoat this, but I can’t. Me? I’m glad it’s now, rather than a couple of years down the road. But since at least the Health Care vote in March, when Lady Nan condescendingly commented that they “had to pass the bill in order to know what was in it”, we have been entertained to a progression of bodacious and outlandish acts and lies (make you own list, and again, compile them here, if you wish) which cannot be walked back, and which, if ever offered in any court of law supporting criminal charges ranging from treason, to malfeasance in office, to larceny, fraud and perjury (the US Code lists about 300, but God only lists about 6…a lot of covets included…plus a few that are not punishable by the USC, but which can still smart like hell for eons) would easily condemn a defendant to jail, jail, jail, not just public humiliation or retirement. That is the elephant in the national parlor right now, that what we have been witnessing for several years now has been a progression of ever-widening crimes, not lies, not slip-ups, not oopses, or political shucky-derns.

While Michele Antoinette is on her “Let them eat hubris” tour, Pres Obama is galavanting around, sneaking smokes and burgers,  but also making statements and comments about the economy about jobs creation which are so made-from-whole-cloth they defy defense, even by the slack-jawed Gibbs. They are criminal in nature. And I do mean criminal, not just impeachable, without so much as a scintilla of a hint of a fact to back them up. They are spoken to hide a series of crimes, not political blunders or missteps. On his horniest of days, Bill Clinton would never have concocted such whoppers on what are so-easy-to-disprove claims. Bill had to have wiggle room. It’s the audacity of the lies that tells us there is no intention to retreat from them.

The Congress is now openly speaking of going back on most of pledges (as if we didn’t know) on Health care, such as single payer, rationing, and the entire panoply of costs issues. Anything to remove the impediment-of-the-moment, that’s all. The EPA threatens to implement Cap and Trade via regulation and trial balloons are being floated to implement Immigration “reform” by executive order, also bypassing Congress, and no doubt fast-tracking those illegals into a voting block by 2012. A massive retribution agenda is threatened in the lame duck session if they are thrown from office in November. (I would suggest you prepare for far worse.)

More and more members of Congress and the Administration, including Obama, are openly speaking out against the Constitution, including all those “rights of man” that make up its foundation. They are especially offended about where those rights purport to come from. They are even hinting at a national religion to not so much replace, but subordinate that Source, a religion of “collective salvation” (group rates to Paradise anyone?) based on a non-existent religion (The Church of What’s Happening Now), liberation theology. Large blue states are now considering legislation to suspend the electoral college by requiring their electors to cast all votes for whoever gets the majority of votes in a general election, thus making the five largest states the sole determiners of presidents in the US. Unconstitutional or a loop hole? Either way…all in. Finally, two unqualified, get-even anti-constitutionalists with the legal qualifications of a fish-monger’s wife, have even been promoted to the Supreme Court. These were both all-in nominations. (A little humorous irony-in-the-making here, for when we win, they stand to be a perpetual 7-2 minority on the Court, their opinions, their scholarship (sic) so empty as to be irrelevantly tendered and irreverently read for many years to come. May they both serve 50 years…in abject isolation and embarrassment, our first justices-by-sinecure.)

On smaller scales, these and other crimes have been going on since the Clinton years, and none, or very few, of them walked back in the Bush years, which makes the Republican Party complicit, adding credence to the “Ruling Class” definition of both parties floating around these days. I’m convinced this is the class arrangement we all face, making this a three-sided civil war we are now engaged in, not two, for if offered the choice between a return to a constitutional republican-style (little “r”) government and maintaining the Ruling Class even as erstwhile junior partners…well, I don’t think they can walk that back either, as currently constituted. They’ve already made their choice, I fear. (This is why RedState’s own ColdWarrior may very well be the most important Republican in America right now. He leads the “process” by which the People will seize the GOP once again.)

But you have to understand the enormity of these things they have done, as seen from their viewpoint. It is how they see themselves as they stride to the brink that matters, not how we wish it were, or history tells us it probably will work out. Everything about where America stands now in history is a case of first instance. When people did these kinds of things in the past, when they lost, we held trials in Nuremburg after they were rounded up. It’s that kind of “all-in”. The gallows or a thousand year Reich.

The only real question then, if you are still with me on this, is: Is there any way they can be deterred from that without open civil war? Can the people, or the states, collectively or severally force them to desist and back away, legally, constitutionally and through “process”?

Short answer: Maybe, for only they can decide the next steps leading up to each tomorrow between now and January. But the answer lies with the states, not the People as little units. (Read on.)

Understand, being a seemingly filibuster proof majority in Congress, the Democrats can dictate “process” for another 170 days or so. They can force any issue, and issue any force…simply by slapping a badge on any criminal they like (I like to recall when Sheriff Behan deputized the Cowboys to go after Wyatt Earp) and simply saying “Sic ’em.”

The Criminal State of Mind

I know there are more ways than one to look at this than mere criminality. Self-delusion comes to mind, the perfect self-destructive storm, Obama and the Congress and the media all lying to one another, each believing the other one actually knows what they are really doing, the perfect circular firing squad. And then there is also the first rule of gangsterdom, in Congress and the White House, and that is when you find a pigeon (the GOP) you pluck it for all its worth. You never let that bird go. And I am sure many of you believe that on the last day, if the Dems marched Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham out before a firing squad, blindfolded, and just as the “Ready, Aim” were called, Harry Reid strode forward to remove Graham’s blindfold and said, “You’re free to go, Lindsay”, only then would Mitch get it. Mitch’s last breathing words would be, “Why Harry, you lying sob, I’ve finally figured out what you…” – Fire.

I’ve considered these accidents-do-happen, mistaken identity, and politics-gone-wrong theories and while plausible, believe No, this is a full scale socialist takeover…armed if necessary…in process. The evidence is pretty clear.

Let’s say for arguments sake you agree with my analysis, that dictatorship is the Democrat’s final ambition, and that we are now in the midst of a virtual coup d’etat against the Republic and the Constitution. If that is the case, how much of heaven and hell are they willing to move in order to achieve it, looking at the coming November cataclysm?

Do your own math.

To be sure, there is the “old GOP”, the third rail of this civil war. Perhaps they are the  only deterrence to a rabid reprisal by the Dems. (I smell Talleyrand.) This seems to have taken on almost religious-like dedication by GOP moderates, namely that they are a big government-lite alternative to Democrat excesses. Mensheviki ne bolsheviki. The Dems may be convinced to believe that if the “old GOP” takes power they will be allowed to lie low for awhile, with no major shakeups at Fannie Mac, etc., still in default but not in receivership. General Motors will still be Gubmint Motors, and Health Care will still be Obamacare maintaining some level of federal mandates over what from the beginning was believed to be the province of the citizens and the states. The temporary stewardship of some miserly penny pinchers like Paul Ryan will streamline and fine tune it, but its (unconstitutional) soul will remain intact waiting for the eventual return of the Democrats (Sort of like Halloween Part IV). Having the culture safely in their pockets this Tea Party thing will eventually get old, and happy days will be here again in a few years. The way things are going in film, in the schools, there will always be millions of American who hate America for whatever reason. That idiot army will survive. You can make book on it.

That’s one fail-safe scenario, and as a few moderates are piping up this very minute to comment here, a helluva better choice than Texas throwing down and going all Alamo on everybody (great piece by one of my favorite Texans only today) and Galveston being blockaded. What’s that all about?

First I don’t think the Dems can ever be dissuaded from their current track by even the smoothest talking forked tongued devils on the GOP side, giants such as Lindsay, “Suzy Cockroach” Graham. (Now he knows what one other JAG thinks about his jagship.)

The People, The States and…Via Processo (The way of Process)

Understand, mine is not the official opinion of RedState or its owners, Eagle Publishing. To a great degree I agree with their position here, because RedState has invested itself in the notion that we will take back our country “by process”, namely through the November elections. My only disagreement is whether “process” will be allowed to proceed normally. I think, as I opened, that there is now a 50% chance it may not, and at that level, even the most rigid, jug-headed conservative had better start considering other options, if only with pencil on a yellow legal pad. We are in uncharted waters here, all of us.

The early SEIU attacks on Tea Partiers, the lies of N-word and spit (poor John Lewis, he was a giant…once upon a time…but like John Glenn, allowed smaller men to chisel him down to their size) were all provocations. So far we have not taken the bait. You know my position on this. Rule No 1, never strike the first punch. Teatty your cards. We the People must stick to process…at least until a new Congress is seated in January. If they come out in naked aggression before then, whether by plan or sheer frustration, they are finished. Then it will all be finished on our terms. (I know some of you are secretly yelling “Hoo-ah!)

In like manner, the states, Virginia and some others by challenging the Health Care bill, Arizona by challenging the notorious and open abandonment of federal responsibilities along our borders, and Texas by setting stipulations of the use of federal education dollars, have all used “process” to vent their claims against the feds. Each will win in due course…and this the government also knows.

And in the meantime, Texas, Arizona, Virginia and all the other states may have to suffer all sorts of federal indignity the next 180 or so days. In the immortal words of the imminently quotable Joe Biden, “BFD”. It won’t destroy them. They should already have contingency plans in place. After all, Obama has already turned a relatively “minor” BP-caused hundred million dollar oil spill into a government-mandated economic catastrophe of immense proportions, in the billions, and totally ignored one entire state when the Cumberland River flooded everything but Al Gore’s home in Tennessee. But you know what? They weathered the storm and already are on the march back. As the old Hoagy Carmichael song goes, “I’ll get along without you very well.” Tennessee has proved it, and so has the Gulf states. It seems Obama & Co think they can win wars electronically, by denying people and states money. Phfft! Considering that hoosegow or long walk to swing city that lies just over the horizon, that may be the biggest mistake they could possibly make.

Still, the fact that Washington doesn’t care is one of those tell-tale signs they are all in.

What to do? What to do?

Odds? Ten years ago what I am saying here would have been filed away in the flat-earth, holocaust-denier cabinet. At the RNC it still is. But those tell tale signs, all of them criminal, even treasonous, in any other time in our history, tells me clearly what the intentions of the Dems and Administration are. Those baby steps keep getting bigger and bigger, because at each step, there is no one there to stop them. And despite all their known prestidigitations with voting irregularities, they know the potential magnitude of the November election, in part, because local registrars, who actually have to deliver and certify those mysterious votes, are already having nightmarish dreams of themselves doing a Mussolini danse macabre hanging by the ankles over a billboard outside of town. Chill, baby, chill.

Call it what you will, a coup d’etat, a criminal gang, fascism on the march, socialism, no matter, this country is already in a state of civil war. It began with the first lie that no one ever intended to walk back, from which there was no retreat. My view that was the first stimulus under Bush, when Barney and Dodd and others decided that rather than be caught for a tiny heist, they’d raise the ante. That is the sort of thing historians will debate in fifty years, but which is of no moment now.

My analysis is not based on what we will do, or should do, either by the People such as Tea Parties, or the states, but what THEY, the Left already are compelled to do. They cannot turn back, i think…unless…

In light of that, I think we have to deny them, from now til a new Congress is seated in Jan 2011, any pretext for suspending the normal constitutional method passing of power. And pray that China or Iran or the KKK (no, really, just one of their hidden weapons…and we’re working on it) will not oblige them an excuse.

So talk of secession is not only silly, it is playing into their hands. Want to suspend the Constitution and see martial law declared? That would be it. I cannot see what a New Lone Star Republic can ever do in restoring the original Republic. Texas can make their own way, maybe for a few years, but that’s a helluva “we’re all in this together” thing to say to the other 55 states, don’t you think? Besides, i have no intention of letting a Russian lightweight like Igor Panarin out to be a mystic seer. Texas doesn’t either.

The federal government fears the People…a little…yes, only a little, but it fears the states, and a resurgence of federalism under the 10th Amendment mightily. Right now, the People, via the local Tea Parties headed only by local captains, with no real name recognition (an asset) nor desire to become a third party except to those with dreams of grandeur, are giant movers in the States. This is as God ordained it, at least i think. so. That is why ColdWarrior is my Republican of the Decade, 2010-2020. This is federalism on the hoof.

Backed by the power of the People, the states can say No, hell no, or even go to hell, no (all a form of nullification) to the federal government…

….and peace, ugly, dirty, chaotic, non-slave type peace will ensue and reign forever and forever, Amen.

Still, with just a few Georgia goobers in my teeth, the hair on the back of my neck stands up when I read other conservatives here at RedState speak of “we” or “us” putting down any state should they try to secede. Self-interest and the preservation of the Republic (and telling the aforementioned Panarin to kiss my sister’s black cat’s behind), not the fear of an absolutely impossible replay of the 1860s, will be why clearer heads will prevail in this. I’m at a total loss to understand why the actions of the militaries 1861-1865 have anything to do with any gauntlet being thrown down by the states in 2010. I’m a great war gamer, having actually having won at Gettysburg twice (out of 20 tries, app 200 hours) by being the North. There are some great minds here, and this Secession Game 2010 is one that should be rendered to the Board, so we can actually see how Texas would fare against “we”, “thee” and “us”. But on the board, please.

My only real question about this sidebar: I think Erinmist asked it as well in the Hogan article: at what point do “we” and “us” change sides when the other we’s and us’s turn mean? We’ve drawn our line in the sand.

Respectfully submitted