To America's Underclass in the Inner Cities, Barrios and Hollows, From Where the Sun Now Stands, We're Coming to Take You Away

And to set you free. To make you whole, and to make America whole, as it was always promised.

We are the Party of Abraham Lincoln and Dr Martin Luther King. And we would have been the party of Benito Juarez who also hated men who would rule other men. We are the Party of Freedom. We are the Party that ended slavery, sending over 300,000 men to their own everlasting Peace to bury it. We were the originators of the Doctrine of Liberty, erected on the Creator’s design and the Founders plan. We were the Party of Civil Rights With No Strings Attached; no tickets to punch, no tolls to pay, no middle man to beg a favor from. You are free because God wills it, nothing else.

We are that Party. Not the other Party.

We are still the only Party where a man and woman are judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin…or their religion or the poverty of their birth.

After 45 years of slumber and neglect we have been renewed, and set out once again to fulfill the original promise of the Creator, the Founders and the Constitution. Libertad!

This time we will finish it, for as Abraham Lincoln said, quoting the Gospels, “a House divided against itself cannot stand”. This House, our House, must be reunited and reborn.

Having begun this fight to end bondage 150 years ago this November, we are coming now to finish it. We are coming to tear down the walls and kick open the doors of the cells that keep you in servitude to the evil purposes of godless men and women, and set you free to find the Light and pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness as God grants all men are entitled to do…

….and to free you from all the politicians, house trustees, poverty pimps, race-baiters, gatekeepers and toll collectors.

We’re coming to put them away, too.


As I write this today we are already enlisting soldiers who will surround your captors with a smaller force of men, and we will set the fires of freedom in their territories, on their doorsteps, depriving them their sleep, causing them to curse the darkness, then to stumble, and to strike out at the dark as blind beggars, never knowing from which direction the last fire came, or from which the next will come. We will dog them, and trip them…pausing only to slide under your door this message of hope; a note, a photo, a prayer of thanksgiving…a sign that we have been there, and that we will be there again. Get ready, as the Children of Israel were told to be ready at Passover; be ready for that day, when suddenly your captors will be gone.

And so will we.

And you will know what to do, for you all have kept your own councils, discussing your plans and your dreams and your hopes for your children with God, keeping them hidden from the filth-peddlers and corrupt men who want to control you. You all will stand up and walk into the Light, to reclaim your streets and your neighborhoods.

It won’t be a dream. You will be free, so prepare, get ready.

No code here, this is our solemn duty and our promise, which we pledge with “our lives, fortunes and sacred honor” just as the men who first signed our first declaration of independence. Now we are signing this second declaration. Yours. Here and now. From where the sun now stands, I tell you that the Liberty Train will pull into your neighborhood, then pull out again with you and yours on board. And in this lifetime, not in some make-believe time. And be confident, for this train won’t pull no liars and no back biters, no ramblers, no midnight gamblers, no dealers, no shillers, no pimps, no whores; they will all be thrown from the train before it pulls away. You will be among free people only, for the generations of your children and your children’s children to come. This is our solemn promise.

It is our pledge that we will finish Dr King’s promise. You will overcome.

Oh, and if anyone in the old Republican Party (the RNC, RSCC and RCCC), the one we intend to reclaim,  wishes to stand up and say I am or am not also speaking for you, please do so or forever hold your peace. We’d love to hear from you. These, America’s disenfranchised would love to hear from you, to hear you say you are coming for them too. After all, it is on their behalf that all your identity was built. They were your original brand…before low taxes, limited government, anti-communism, or the party of the rich, all of which you seem to have abdicated anyway. Why not waltz with the one that brung you to the dance?

For you see, your train is pulling out soon, too, madams and messieurs. This is an issue you can no longer claim doesn’t exist, or isn’t a part of your contract. At one time, it was your only contract…with God. From where the sun now stands, we have just seized your mantle.

We’re coming to take you away, as well. Maybe even first.

And this was once your anthem. Relearn the words.