To SEIU and Andy, From Where The Sun Now Stands, We're Coming to Take you Away, Ha Ha

Just so you’ll understand, including you, Mr Andy Stern, even though you no longer run SEIU, we’re coming to take you all away. We know who you are, we know where you live, we even know where your Hessian thugs live. Only you don’t know where we live…ha ha, ho ho, he he…

People who know me here at RedState know I don’t speak in this tone, unless with a little tongue in cheek. I don’t beat my chest and paw at the ground like Malik Zulu. I don’t rant or rave. I just thought the heightened hyperpole was fitting for what we’ve already heard from SEIU ever since the AIG home invasions last year, and the jive talk we’re hearing now from the Shabazz Boyz, who apparently are very much like John Kerry when it comes to decorating their chests with medals for smacking around “cracker cops”, as Malik Zulu reported, all based on self-reporting. No one seems to be able to find anywhere they’ve done anything with crackers others than try to whistle while eating one…walking past the grave yard. Just cheap street corner signifying. Wet dreams. Legends in their own mind. But we’ll get to the New Black Panthers later…we’ll clean up that part of Dodge as well. We’re coming to take them away, too, ha ha, ho ho, he he, just not this week. We want to peel this onion one layer at a time. So keep watching. Check with me again in November 2012. It will be nearly finished by then.

(For very interested RedStater’s, the wheels are in motion, so stay alert over the next few weeks.)

As you’ve guessed, SEIU, MoveOn.org, the New Black Panthers, with the witting help of the media, are all trying to start something right now, some say a race war. And of course, we won’t bite. We’ll watch how far you push the envelope, then, what we will do is finish it…only in our own good time. But with finality. There won’t be a Rocky II in this fight.

We here at RedState have an unwritten rule about throwing the first punch. In two words, we don’t…although on a couple of occasions I have swatted the first newspaper. But I’m old. In my younger days I would have spit in that smelly hippie’s eye and been done with it with a single cannon blast between the gap in my teeth. I used to could nail a human head at eight feet when I was still chewing. (Disgusting habit, though, I gave it up.)

But as you know, Andy, SEIU has already thrown the first punch. In fact several. So, with your union guys at least, the gloves are already off. What I want to report to RedState readers today and anyone who knows all our codes, SEIU is ours. “We” own you, and because you don’t know who we are, where we live, what we even look like, the only question is the “when” of it all. Not the if. And the “how’. This is our notice to the congregation that it’s time to think of a reckoning and prepare ourselves.

I’m sure many of you on RedState began thinking, when SEIU brought buses to the private home of a Bank of America officer and terrorized his 14 year old son not long ago, ostensibly about a political issue that had nothing to do with their union...in other words they were the paid thugs of paid thugs…most everyone asked, “Is that legal? They had a police escort. They were issued a permit. Must’ve been legal.”

Well, actually it wasn’t legal in my view but these days all sorts of people in official places believe that their signature alone can make a thing legal, and then let some judge decide it wasn’t…a couple of years later. This is a practice we intend to stop…legally, of course. Consider the voting officers in Minneapolis-St Paul who signed off on 341 felons voting, handing Al Franken a seat in the Senate. A few good lawyers and a bunch of irate citizens in Minnesota could make sure Al doesn’t finish his six years using the same kind of legal tactics what got him elected in the first place. So sure, with the raid on the banker’s kid, some people downtown made a real bad mistake, thinking, I suppose, that they could do it with impunity. Oops! We know their names too, Andy, so guess who else may just might find a dead skunk in their gas tank and sand in their basements?

I’m thinking out loud here…

…if SEIU and others (that’s you, Andy) can hide behind the law to punish lawful behavior, surely to goodness we can do the same things punishing wrongful behavior. So, the game is on.

(There was embedded code there. Did you get any of it?)

It’s not for me to say the how or when, but you see, we have assets you not only don’t have, but can’t have, Andy. You couldn’t buy what we got for a hundred million bucks. (There I go with the code again.)

In other words, inasmuch as you all have turf, we will encroach on it. Look for it. But it will all be legal. I know you’d like to incite violence to justify some reaction by some people higher up the line in the Administration, but most of your agents provocateurs are only comfortable on certain turf. That’s just one of your problems. And paid Hessians tend to give up the fight a little quicker than those who fight just for the love of the Cause. Or in your case, the fun of it. (Talk about a job fair, I’ve got people lining to enlist, for no pay!) A paycheck is no match against an “all-in”. (That’s a law, by the way, that cannot be repealed.) Ever consider if their wives find out they weren’t out bowling last night? What if a bus full of Christians come round to their house, singing hymns, and the wife looks over to Hank and says, “Those are the union-busters you told me you were beatin’ up?” Aaaaalllll them chickens gonna come home to roost, Andy. (A little Jeremiah Wright lingo there.) I’ve seen some of the Shabazz gang go to the bus station by themselves to get a bus ticket, and the furtive glances right and left and abject fear in them there eyes reminded me…of me…in the bush at night, with rattleheads under every log and trip-wires on every open path. That ain’t confidence, Andy.

And just so you’ll know, we read the same playbooks, only once again you’ve come up lacking, for we have a few more you may not have heard of. (Code!) Besides, all those playbooks only lay out tools, which in the end are as political as a whore’s embrace is loving. Tools are tools…except One, and we got that, too, Andy. Anytime you want to separate the true followers of your rulebook and the true followers of ours, and meet on the Plains of Geddon, just call down the thunder. I think even the people of Denmark will join our side for that one…from cultural memory alone.

I don’t have to play secret about the “what” we’re going to do,  Andy. We’re going to cut off your support network at the knees, for they have all the gumption of Malik Zulu in a Greyhound bus station. I’ve seen him, I know. All your treaties with one another are going to have to be redrawn, for most of your members, and all the gofers over at MoveOn, the Working Families Party in NY, the various new names for ACORN, are going to have to move into the inner city under the protection of the Panthers just to stay in business. Acorn will need armed guards just to go shake down a bank. Like suicide missions during the great wahr, you’ll have to enlist only bachelors, with no kin, because married mens wives won’t let ’em. At any price. And all this because of an army of sneaky psalm-singing Christians who keep shining the light on your darkness…and who will always have one more playbook than you do.

It’s the when and how you need to concern yourself with, Andy. My only tip: Soon, but little by little, like dripping water in an old torture my generation used to know about.

Think about it. You’re playing a losing hand. All that is left is for us is to rake in the chips.

Now, Andy, guys like you will have lawyers, and fight like hell to stay out of our clutches. You will seek refuge, only OB1 won’t be there to grant you pardon or asylum (code). But look how long Polanski has held out, and if you can work your way to Switzerland un-nabbed by our gendarmes, we’ll all hoist a Biere33 (code) in your honor for we would never disturb the legal sanctum of the Suisse. But we knows sons of Gideon who will. They too have their own Book. We’ll just give them your name.

We’re not just coming to take you away, Andy. We’re coming to break all of you up. Fin. Totally. It will amaze you how many of your soldiers will surrender, and so easily, hoping to simply fade their way back into the woodwork and fabric of society, hoping to forget this whole fleeting dream that they could be real-life storm troopers in a new world order. This we already know (code).

But sure enough, we’re going to have to put a few of your people in jail, so pity the poor city administrator who passed out that permit, or that chief of police who (wink, wink, nod, nod) sent a few uniforms to protect your parade recently. Generally though, we will try to sort out the True Believers and profiteers from the camp followers, brown shirts and hirelings. We have no animus toward them. But you have several true believers, such as George Gresham, and we will know them all by name before it’s over, and we aim to find them the most cordial lodgings we can…only we do have this problem with a recently revitalized citizenry. They’re not as magnanimous as I am.  We’ll do all we can to keep you separated from the mob…

….for while you are trying to portray good righteous people as a mob today, once identified and they can put a face and a name to the evil things that have been done to them these past years, they may indeed become one.

But while we sort all this out, and get our ducks in order, all of you, consider your asses fatwah’d.

From where the sun now stands, we’re coming to take you away. (h/t to beasley)