Liberals vs Hard Core Leftists, a premature Divorce?

An interesting comment from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli earlier today (Tues June 29) in a radio interview: Talking about something Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said in April, that the states’ health care lawsuit is a good candidate to come before the court (a thing justices almost never say in public), Cuccinelli said this was a “good thing” and that the ruling could be 9-0.

9-0? Just after a 5-4 decision on the Second Amendment, and while Frau Blucher (neighhh) is being greased for her easy glide into Stephen’s chair on the Court?

How could any conservative contemplate a 9-zip decision even about daylight savings time these days?

I’m just speculating here, but three “liberal” justices are in fact, old style “liberals”. Stephens (age 90) may be hard core left but I’m not enough of a student of the Court to glean from his decisions any fine distinctions between himself and  “liberals-of-the-Left” “progressives”, “socialists” and mean old kick-’em-in-the-gut-and stomp-on-’em Get-Even wannabe dictators. But I do think there is a distinct generational and cultural difference with how they see that final march to socialist power being played out.

All the older members of the Court (Ginsberg, 77, Breyer 72) carry a bit of the old liberal noblesse oblige, that confuses a lot of people when discussing “progressivism”. (Sotomayor is still a tabula rasa to me, but probably the same grade of meat as Frau Blucher, Grade C.) From the upper crust, and a long line of upper crust, they hate incompetence and uncouth, brutish behavior, (BFD Biden) and have a very definite vision in their mind’s eye as to how a new utopian society would not only look, but how it should be born, and certainly nothing like anything that oaf, Lenin drew up. (Bolshevik. No really.) They would consider Nancy Pelosi to be a social-climber, wouldn’t even let Harry Reid groom their afghans, and now it seems, might just send Barack Obama around to the back door with the pizza.

This was always the risk the Get-Even Leftists of Obama’s stripe have run….they they would get too far out in front of the genteel Left, who hardly can be expected to actually stand on the factory floor and watch its sausage being made.

Watch as events develop this summer. By September we will know if the Court will hear the Health Care suit(s). I sense a peeling away of many liberals, only not on grounds we would entirely consider philosophical.

It may well be that God will bless us by answering our prayers backhandedly, as in the old Russian Jewish joke, not by sending a us a rescuer, but rather sending our enemies a plague.

We will still need to wear a mask.