Marching Red Numbers Forward in November, GOTB, a Guide for Candidates

This is Part III of a three-part series, and is a guide (or list of suggestions) conservative candidates can use to actually get new voters registered and to the polls. It is hands-on but neither time consuming nor expensive. But it does require face-time, TV-radio or internet won’t do.

(Part I is an overview, Part II deals in walking back blue numbers in various Dem districts, and for which we’ve gotten a little money to try this fall. It’s long and descriptive for reasons that I hope will reveal themselves in the winter. I’ll report on those again after the election.)

The Hook

As I previously reported, the Democrats have long since been tapped out in getting new voters through persuasion. Even ideological persuasion. They really don’t even have an ideology anymore, although many think they do. Power is not an ideology any more than it is a religion. Neither is greed. Certainly not revenge or narcissism. Everyone…EVERYONE…has a deep-seated and selfish reason for being a Democrat, unless of course their Daddy was one and they’ve just never found a good reason to change. (See Part II). And as Greece has only recently proven, even socialism is only a means to an end…the end there, unionism.  In other places it’s other reasons, but in a lot of American states its break-the-bank unionism, as California is about to learn, where most her elected officials up to and including the governor are little more than fat-cat facilitators for state unions. Pimps. Hot tub socialists, we call them. Even among younger adherents, college lefties, they can’t look themselves in the mirror and follow the courage of their own professed beliefs and arrive at a “Yes, I’m a fascist” or “Yes, I’m a communist”, or “Yes, I want to burn the Constitution”. All those things they deny to themselves even as their every word and deed screams, “Yes, Yes, I am.” Environmentalists are no better. None of them know enough about any of those things to even formulate a consistent foundation for a world view. Their politics is as base as a child’s tummy ache, bereft of ideas, totally lacking in the skills to assemble facts and engage in deductive reasoning or critical thinking. All they are doing is plaiting a braid into a rope, that rope into into a noose, never even noticing it as it gently slides over their own necks…as it is today.

In short, having discarded the Constitution, the Democrat Party has no natural voter base. Every member is there because it hates something else and wants to get even (“alienists”, a term used by National Review in the 1980’s to describe the Hillary Clinton-model), or wants a job that is easy, carries little responsibility, few risks, great security and even greater benefits (public employees and unions), or wants free stuff and a free ride which someone else purchases with his own sweat (the client-sector). Most of these are cannon fodder, only a very few are leaders who stand to reap any real benefits.

So, one way or another, every member is there to pursue a personal selfish “ideology” (Me-ism), which at some point, have to come in conflict with one another. That is when that noose finally tightens. Democrats are the Party of Can’t, (can’t do this, can’t do that) and eventually the D-stands-for-Despair they have helped impose on others will come home to roost around their own necks. In the end only the puppet masters, the “capos” (jefes, boss-men) will prosper. They have a very different view as to how this will all turn out. And this was always their Plan. They are in the catbird’s seat, and their ambition is as ancient as the Plantagenets; to create a perpetual ruling class.

We have to deny them that, and, the good news is, they are not quite there yet. Something I heard this week reminded me of a thing we’ve been saying for years…Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, for instance…are, in the end, apolitical. It is the End that matters, for when Good and Evil stand toe to toe, it will be the “radically” Good who will prevail. Not the moderately good. Why this is so is that in order for the Dem’s capos to reach their ultimate goal they must have total victory. Alinsky knew this. Lenin knew this. Mao. Marx. Soros. That’s why their Plan is so time-sensitive. And the longer they dilly dally around (or we impede) and fall short of that total victory, the more their Alinsky’s Rules become our rules, and Good becomes the radical. (I was actually once told that common sense was “radical thinking”.). Solzhenitsyn foretold this. He called it “wrecking”. Even Machiavelli hinted of this great power of the People to destroy every plan of the Prince, and right now, the Democrats are still 2-3 institutions short of economic control, but far worse, they are still 50% short of that total people-control they need.

Small business unemployment, the Dems next target of opportunity.

We mustn’t forget that unemployment compensation is a form of government payroll, and it can be manipulated so as make a recipient just as dependent as a welfare mom in Cleveland. It is also an entry-level launching pad to yet another form of dependency, the shovel-ready (and I mean that literally) state-run infrastructure project. We were all looking for those infrastructure jobs in ’08 with the stimulus package but they didn’t materialize. You will begin to see them very soon now that thousands will not have their unemployment benefits renewed by Congress. This too is according to Plan. It was always the Left’s intention to start handing out picks and shovels once those who no longer could rely on a govt check had to do something else, anything else, just to stay alive (i.e., hit rock bottom). In 2008 we (SICCM) posited this; that the Plan would be to eventually cause $13/hr labor to be laid off and then hire them back as unskilled manual labor at half the rate, albeit under strict union guidelines. Three hots, a cot and a card-check.

The Plan

Seeing this on the horizon as early as September, let me tell you what we did on a very small scale during that campaign, and what you (the candidates) can do nowwhich the Democrats can never replicate at any price, nor can they impede. This is a use-it-or-lose-it proposition. It’s the GOP candidate’s exclusively. But only conservatives who understand the actual stakes of this election can effectively utilize this.  Moderate candidates need not apply, for you must see and understand the intentions of the Left, and that “mere politics” is not going to turn this tide.

And you must be able to convey this in 20-30 minutes to small business, a few people at a time. You have to be of the Dan Benishek mindset that not just the GOP, but activist-candidates, conservative candidates, can stem this socialist tide. Small business must be made aware of what all this means to them; that they are the target..and their employees are the next round of Democrat voter “acquisitions”. Tell it and sell it and they will come. I droves.

We began working with some small businesses in our area, names I got from a few business groups I know, mostly with 8-20 employees who meet a typical demographic for our area, with the intent to create a three-step process whereby employers would 1) personally make all their employees aware of the darkside of unemployment and what this new type of government has in store for them 2) personally see that they were registered to vote, then 3) personally insure they had voted. All the candidate had to do was sell the boss.

The Demographic

These kids were mostly male, doing outside work, e.g., installation, maintenance, etc, requiring some OJT and skill levels, a 10:1 ratio to inside female employees. Ages: all were from 19-30. Racial mix was also about normal, 5:1, although what southerners recognize as “small town blacks” from farms or rural areas. Company size was from 8-20 employees. From discussions with the owner’s, most were what I like to refer to as “don’t-give-a-damns”, i.e., not a very strong religious background, more than half from broken homes, mostly unmarried but several living with a partner (about half), listen to county or rock FM, and almost 100% own a cell phone. Schooling: A few drop outs but with aptitude, especially mechanics and IT, the rest diplomas. Politics, like their religion: Don’t-Give-a-Damn apolitical in the book sense; couldn’t find Mississippi on a map, tell you one single thing about the Constitution or John  Adams, but will drop you dead in your tracks if you say one thing ugly about the Flag. Day-to-day politics? Just what they pick up in the street. They all knew Obama, of course, but almost nothing about Bush (in ’08). Never heard of McCain, except he was the candidate. (I was the closest thing to McCain-outreach around, brought him 120 votes and never even got a tie-tack.)

You (we) all know this type and see them everyday in our goings and comings, sometimes in a company van, Bill’s HVAC, or Jone’s Pest Control, always in work clothes, an earring, the buzz cut and that omnipresent cell phone.

Turns out there’s millions of them, and a lot have never bothered to register to vote. Cold Warrior and Remant60, a life-time NRA member, tell me over half of the NRA membership are not registered to vote. That’s millions. So, besides small business all over your district there’s the rod & gun club, car clubs, sports clubs (cars, dirt bikes), even local FM radio hosts. Any places these people gather, besides the workplace, find them and find their leader. Then make a pitch.

Make your own lists, Candidates. These are voters ACORN/OFA couldn’t enroll on a bet…but which the Democrats can gather up like minnows in a tank once they can get them laid off.

The Manifesto

I observed, but never spoke directly to the employees. I simply drafted a 3-page message for the owner’s to present to them in a stand-up talk, a few minutes, tops. It was a little like a manifesto, letting them know what the election was about and how it effected their jobs. It laid out the general feeling socialists have toward small business, the working class (drones) the private sector and why they are a target. Then it went on to describe unemployment, and what happens in that 26-week period, how it would affect all of them differently, their families, and their self-respect. It explained why they wanted them laid off, so they could rehire them at half the wages, and then keep them trapped like welfare folks. It went on to hit all the high-points of freedom that is important to a 23 year old good ol’ boy with nary a worry in the world, unless he sees he might lose it.

I didn’t make this talk, the boss did, and most bosses are not given to these kinds of speeches. The hand-out I gave them provided a lot of room for give-and-take, and in the three I watched personally all went off script very quickly, but all kept within the general notion we wanted to send out. So, in the end, all the bases were covered, and what’s more important, the boss felt comfortable in the way he delivered it. Point is, when he got to the closer…registration and voting…everyone knew why this was important. They were on board.

You see, as Paul Harvey says, the rest of the story: All 120 of those kids voted, and over half have since been laid off. A few I know have gotten jobs elsewhere. The rest, I can’t say. I just know now, unlike their counterparts in college, they actually know what’s happening to them…and why. That makes them smarter and wiser by half. And in the final analysis this matters, and I am quite sure no one will have to drive them to the polls this November. They want their old job back. They can connect dots they never even knew existed two years ago.

These are a few of the high points of that manifesto for the bosses.

“About unemployment, some of you will take a vacation, hang out in bars, go fishing, waiting to look for a new job at week 22 or so. Others will have another job inside a week, anything to keep a paycheck coming. Maybe out of pride. Depends on how you’re turned. Some of you will tell the ol’ lady to go get a job. Or maybe even get a second job. But almost none of you will give up your beer, Micky D’s, cell phone bill until you run out of money altogether. Then you may move back in with mom.

“What you have to know is this down turn is different for us, and you, and all small business. It’s on purpose. Every business hits a down turn, and every business has to lay people off from time to time, but the good boss will always have those jobs ready for you when time picks back up. Usually that happens within the first 26 weeks. You know I’ll call you back first. (Usually a hand goes up here as to who get laid off and called back first.)

“This is not a regular time. This crowd aims to kill our business and your jobs. It’s on purpose and there’s no way i can stand here and tell you even we’ll be here in two years, let alone your jobs. The new health care plan alone is going to drive everyone of you off the company plan. Your medical care will turn to dribbling crap. You’ll pay more and get less, but it won’t be our doing.

“Our only chance is to beat them at the ballot box. So, these are the rules. My rules. As long as you’re on my payroll it is your duty to get registered. On…X…day, this week, everyone who has not registered will be driven to…X… to register. On company time. On election day every one of you will be required to vote. We won’t tell you who to vote for, but you will vote. Or, you can drop by before coming to work. Just bring in that little “I Voted” sticker. If you don’t, we’ll drive you there, again on company time.”

Our goal here is two-fold: 1) whip a little current politics and history on these young minds, but through someone they respect, for the cause and effect of what is happening now will make them life-long aware, then hopefully 2) make them more responsible citizens.

Your Job, Candidates: GOTB (Get out the Bosses). Do this and they will get them to the polls…by the thousands. And 80% will vote for you. I promise. All you have to do is take the right message to small business, one by one or in groups, then offer them the support by providing them with the talking points outlined above.

(note: The steward for the RedState Writers Guild informs me that what I’m suggesting here may not be legal where there is a union shop on the floor. I assume in the case I’ve noted there are no unions, but in any case, the boss will know. It’s only for the Candidate to reach out to them. If there are state or federal laws in place that would prohibit or inhibit employers from speaking to their non-union employees in the manner I’ve just described, my own suggestion would be to ignore it and test it on First Amendment grounds.-VB)

(If you like what I’ve said here, please pass it around. We don’t have a marketing department, but do have draft “manifestos” we’ll be happy to fax or email over, via [email protected] I’d love to hear from every GOP candidate in America this fall. VB)