Lessons from Etheridge and the Shakedown, Don't Misunderestimate Obama

Moe Lane led the Sunday features today with news that Mort Zuckerman no longer takes Obama seriously. Many of the smart set who heralded his almost mystic powers of persuasion, and his erudite gift of gab are quietly back-pedaling.  Only don’t look for public mea culpa’s.

It’s said most people don’t apologize once they see they were wrong. They simply change their behavior…very, very quietly. The Soviets did a land office business for years (the Left still does) by selling an idea to the vain and full-of-themselves, then goading them to proclaim it, then giggle as they watched them all sink into irrelevant silence once they’d found out they’d been wrong. For the chattering classes being publicly wrong is a fate worse than death.

There is a rising consensus among this brood that Obama can’t seem to find his arse with his hat. If they were to write the epitaph for this Administration’s tombstone today, it would read “They couldn’t do the Little Things. They couldn’t do the Simple Things.”

Beware of the Big Things, that’s all I can say.

As we’ve noted over the years dealing with Leftists, up and down the found chain, we’ve pretty much confirmed Moses Sands’ old axiom that when a person says something that is palpably false, it is because of one of four reason…he is lying, he is stupid, he is misinformed, or for many these days, he is delusional. Virtually everything a Democrat utters these days falls into one of those four categories, and while humility requires us to let God sort out which applies with any certitude, circumstantial evidence allows us to point a finger at 1, for the leadership and 2 and 4 for the cannon fodder, as being most often the truth.

Likewise, when a political organization fails to do even the simplest things that is expected of it, such as provide political cover for its own constituent members (Rep Bob Etheridge, Dem, NC-02, who recently assaulted a school boy with a camera asking questions) or doesn’t even bother to disguise the naked manner in which it extorts $20 billion from a tortfeasor then cavalierly walks away from all responsibility to the people/victims of the Gulf, as to clean up, protection, or even restitution, handing off all responsibility to third parties, one is apt to pose a similar set of choices.

So, we’re inching nearer a profile. Is this gross incompetence, indifference, or intentional “mis-direction”? Coldwarrior recently interviewed Sen John Kyl who reported that Sen Obama told him that the reason he is not “securing the border” is because he wants comprehensive immigration reform. Forget the first gut response which is to be angry that this is an open admission of a crime, an impeachable offense, i.e., intentionally refusing to do perform his duty under the Constitution in order to achieve a political end. More importantly now,  it is a big middle finger in-your-face, “Whatcha gonna do about it?” “Who’s gonna stop me?”

Indeed, who? The new Congress in February? See the response to the Etheridge affair? I know Etheridge should care, but Obama clearly is signaling either 1) no big deal that Etheridge, or every other Dem gets beat, up to 300, even, or 2) Etheridge will win, the fix is already in. He doesn’t seem to care or have a worry in the world about that. Again, stupidity? Or does he know something we don’t know? And if so, what?

Likewise, his treatment of the people of the Gulf reminds me of that little Calvin cartoon you see on the back of pick-ups, you know, of Calvin taking a whizz with a mean look in his eye. That’s the people of the Gulf underneath him. What does he know we don’t know?

Obama is the classic bully, he kicks down. Recalling another Brother Dave Gardner one-liner, “When a man’s down…kick him!” The Gulf oil spill proves this. And Kyl shows us he is an openly illegal president, the operative word “openly” for as Zuckerman proves, they’ll always pass it off as amateurism or incompetence. And Etheridge shows us he 1) could care less whether the Democrats lose it all in November, or 2) is already certain they won’t.

This little exercise in logic then, all comes down to that last equation. You have a president who isn’t afraid to break the law. You have a president who isn’t the least bit queasy about committing a crime, or publicly peeing all over the little people. You also have a president that subscribes to a system that calls for total control. You are a president who just got a contract for $20B, the first hand-off to come this fall. What does that president do with all that money? Gain control through the electoral process, the slow way? Or find a quicker path?

LaborUnionReport just posted a diary that the November election may be America’s Thermopylae. It may be even sooner. You at least have to consider it among the options.