Lesson Learned: A Crook Never Lets the Opportunity Pass to Shake Down a Patsy

Imagine a two lane road in rural Alabama. A wealthy farmer is in a car headed south, a car coming from the other direction is filled with four nuns on their way to a retreat. The farmer hits a slick spot on the highway and swerves over in front of the oncoming nuns. Stunned and dazed, he struggles from the car to find all four nuns with severe wounds, bleeding profusely and unconscious. He immediately calls 911 on his cellphone, rips off his shirt and then begins trying to stop the bleeding with first aid he’d learned in the Boy Scouts.

But before EMS and the state police can arrive, up drives a lawyer from the district attorney’s office. He leaps from his car, makes an immediate assessment and drags the man away from the nuns. “I saw everything” he lies. “You’ve killed them.” “They’re not dead”, the man argues, “so let me return to them.”. “No” the lawyer demands, “I have to secure this crime scene, I’m an officer of the court…But, hey, I can help you”, then pulls some documents from his briefcase and for five minutes pressures the farmer into signing a quit claim deed to his farm and a check for thousands of dollars in exchange for a promise to testify that it was an unavoidable accident. By the time EMS arrives all the nuns had bled out. As the lawyer was about to leave he turned and said, pointing to the farmer’s bloody lip, “You might want to put a little ice on that.”

The lawyer got what he wanted. Unsure of the law or his ultimate liability, the farmer thinks he got what he wanted. And of course, the nuns got a Christian burial.

Sound familiar? Yes, I know, it’s happened again. Once more, just like health care, Obama calls males purporting to be men into the White House, and an hour later they emerge, ashen-faced, a little wobbly, then stand in front of the microphone and call Boy O’Bama the greatest Irishman since Boy George (nee O’Dowd).

There is no sense in getting angry over the continuing inability of corporate (-)Beta’s to stand up to a (+)Beta. They are all still just betas, and what they bring to a knife fight is still pinking shears. All that will sort itself out in due course, so don’t get too over-wrought. Our job is to hasten that day. So forget the outrage and find the soft underbelly of the dragon’s scales, then attack it.

It has been exposed, you know, right here with BP.

What we have is an evolving picture of criminality every bit as much as fascism. But I repeat myself. The photos are all there, frozen for history. All we have to do is convince disbelievers that this is what they are in fact seeing. (Joe Barton?) Revisit Flagstaff’s post of just 4 days ago, “Who Says Obama can’t govern?“, read D-E-F, for the answer lies there, then change that title to “Who Says Obama can’t Shakedown?…and will postpone all his other duties in order to do it”…but not because it is in his blood or his training (it is) but because it is in his standing orders. Obama has a puppet master. No doubt about it.

The solution to every complex question begins with a consistent theory, and this is mine.

Considering what George Soros via his Brazilian oil interests stand to gain from this BP debacle, and what George Soros stands to gain by a collapse of the American economy and dollar (per Arthur Laffer) in January, before the new Congress takes office…(timing, everything is timing) even welfare madams in New Orleans will be able to see they’re being bled out for something ugly, and which is not down for the struggle. My bet’s on Soros, or a “them” headed by him.

There is no intention, and never has been any intention of staunching this open wound in the Gulf, or saving the coastline, habitat or wildlife…by the federal government.  (Broadcast this, it isn’t a lie, you can back it up.) True, Jindal would like to do it. But no matter. Obama in his speech in essence told the people of the Gulf, “Get over it.” Lost jobs? Tough situation (a little Russian lingo there.) To the wildlife, and their habitat…well, the catchphrase (I refuse to use “meme”, Mimi) is already out there in the media…the wildlife wouldn’t have made it anyway. In Obama’s mind the government is now off the hook…because they took care of the paperwork…in record time, mind you…and without courts, trials, appeals, or for that matter, even the Constitution. But no matter, they beat the hell out of the lengthy process over the Exxon Valdez. What? Years. Also, BP is actually off the hook, just like the farmer. They paid the bribe price. And all they have to do is come to Congress, bend over and grab the ankles for a couple of days, then go home and recalculate their business plan for next year. Let the accountants handle it. Yessir, Betas got everything working well….except for those poor nuns.

All this is happening now. The $20 billion is a shakedown, for the victims in the Gulf won’t see a nickle of it. A couple of brave congressmen (Barton and Bachmann..oops, Barton just retracted…Why do people do that? He was spot on the first time.) have already called it a slush fund. Trust me, Congress will find a way…next year…if they win…to stick the taxpayer with the “claims process” this $20 bil was intended to cover, but this $20 billion is already earmarked. That’s a lot of walking around money…$3B this quarter and this election…the remainder to cover Obama’s campaign in 2012. OFA, call your limo service.

Our job is simple in the intervening weeks and months. A lot of primaries, and yes, still all the general elections. Get as many candidates to see this BP shakedown as a game changer, if they were disbelievers, or a clarifier, if they were only half way there. This BP shakedown should be a part of every Republican candidate’s arsenal, because 1) it was unconstitutional, 2) it recused, voted absent, the federal government from its exclusive responsibility, so 3) being intentional, was criminal.

So, just like the financial meltdown, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, continue to take names…all the lawyers that crafted this should be treated like CIA attorneys were to be treated on the water-boarding case. Our time will come.

But most of all, throw them off their timing. We still fight better without a plan than they do.