Why can't Barack Obama Govern?

Short answer:

Because he doesn’t know how.

Hillary was right.

Nor do the majority of people he has named to head the several agencies. I use to to wonder if Obama was some super deep-cover socialist evil genius, or Chauncey Gardiner (Chance the gardener.) In the art of governing, management, crisis or just day-to-day activities, the cards are leaning heavily in Chauncey’s direction right now, only an revised script where Chance’s landlord died, and he brings over the entire asylum with him. Their collective behavior is almost as if they never thought this governing and crisis-management stuff was even part of the job description.

Last week Erick wrote on the front page, concerning the “kick ass” comment to Matt Lauer, that his first instinct is to try to shift blame, and exempt himself from it. In the words of every rail station manager in India, “I am not responsible. I am not responsible.” From Bart Simpson to George Costanza, we know this riff, and instinctively react to it badly.

But there’s more to it than that. With his “kick ass” comment Obama also signaled that he hadn’t a clue as to what was supposed to have been done in the first place. His lashing out was just one of several ways of trying to reach out…well, actually throw out, hoping something would stick, something would resonate and get himself off the hook.

Want proof? Well only today Erick reported that the feds rejected offers of assistance and equipment from the Dutch right after the oil spill. On May 1st, only 9 days after the explosion, I wrote here about the diddling of the Administration in areas where only they had real jurisdiction. I’m not an expert, except maybe at diddling and executive inaction. (But I’m private sector.) Obama was out making speeches and the federal agencies had unleashed nothing in those early days…except an investigation. Even I knew there were all sorts if assets available to the government, I’d seen them at work, and fifty miles out to sea, only they could implement them. IT WAS THEIR JURISDICTION. EXCLUSIVE. Now, Vladimir knows far more than I do as to what those assets were, but no matter, they did nothing. Only a week or so ago, Obama suddenly walked back history and said he was in charge from Day One, and they were in crisis mode from the beginning…looking for the right asses to kick, I suppose. Now today there is news of them rejecting the offer of help from the Dutch. (Damned if they was, and damned if they wasn’t- Moses Sands.) Now he’s demanding that BP pay the salaries of the people he’s just laid off.!!!!

The bottom line and our embedded message.

Only a few days ago Bernie Chumm wrote here, asking what Obama might do when cornered, a wounded animal when cornered, a craven, narcissistic wounded animal when cornered.

Well, this wounding at least is self-inflicted, and the people’s rising disaffection with Obama will be measured in the November election.

Our prediction: If we win big (and we should):

  • The departing Congress will attempt to cut a swath of revenge across the nation in those last 30 days before the Christmas holidays;
  • Obama will unilaterally attempt to seize control of as much of the government as he can, by executive order, and pass it over to the bureaucracy…the same bureaucracy that has only recently proven it can’t find the Gulf of Mexico on a map;
  • By January, Hillary Clinton will resign her position as Secretary of State and announce her intention to run against Barack Obama in 2012, saying “I told you so, I told you so”, amidst cheers of “You go girl.”

I can think of a lot of reasons why this will be a dangerous thing for HIllary to do, but I believe, as we speak, her vanity is getting the best of her as Obama’s true abilities are being revealed. But Hillary will want to remove all other possible Democrat competition early on, staking out for herself the “rightful” owner of that job, as if to say the American people were scammed from the outset.

This in turn will cause Obama to drop even the pretense of governing in order to combat Hillary’s charge, especially since he will no longer have an acquiescent Congress. He will be isolated, and wounded, and surrounded. And he will still be the president of the United States.