Given the Choice, Obama Chooses NOT to Profane Hallowed Ground on Memorial Day

This title belongs to Lady Penguin who made a comment yesterday when it was announced that Obama would by-pass traditional Presidential duties in Arlington and take yet another much-needed long weekend on holiday, his second since the BP oil spill. (I wonder how much North Korea is paying to find out Obama’s nap schedule?)

EE has a comment about this on the front page, but we have a different take on this slight of the American soldier.

First, Lady Penguin is right, we should take some comfort that this man will not profane hallowed ground, hopefully for the duration of the term. In fact, we should let that be known. Proclaim it. You, nor any member of your administration is welcome in those places. Don’t send Joe, either. Tell him to have a beer, go to the beach, grab some rays. Steal a speech. No-BFD, really.

But that is not to say that this is mere hubris on the part of the President. This isn’t just some teenager who stomps his feet and storms away in a huff because he has to go into the museum instead of staying in the car playing with his Gameboy.

As part of tradition presidents have set aside for them certain ceremonial obligations, some light- hearted, the commutation of the turkey’s sentence at Thanksgiving, others heartwarming, the lighting of the Christmas Tree, and the very solemn, such as Memorial Day. They are not taken lightly by the people, for one, because they are for the people. As EE explained, few Presidents have missed the annual wreath laying at Arlington, and always send a surrogate when unable to attend themselves.

Obama’s choice was made with cold calculation, as have been his other breaks with American patriotic tradition, such as the flag pin and the hand over the heart. He could have just decided to hang out this weekend in Chicago and shoot a round of golf, then called his scheduling secretary to make the appointments. But we know better. No, this went through several levels of staffers. He was warned, and probably cajoled by more than one to keep with the old traditions.

To be sure, his innermost beliefs compel him to do these things. Like Dr Strangelove’s Nazi right arm, forever struggling to salute a thing hidden deep within himself, Obama has a deep personal hatred for the things Americans cherish most. His most important point of self-identification is that he is not one of us in any way. Puppet, master, or poseur?… this one thing we know about Barack Hussein Obama, he is alien to all things American (except hoops).

But it is our belief that in government in the near future, and in the country at large, from sea to shining sea, by the end of second term, if he can pull that off, ALL these expressions of patriotism (and faith?) will disappear altogether. This is a plan, not petulant impulse. With the Republicans napping docile at his feet, and the unions knowing they’ll still have that last Monday in May off, where’s the downside? Summer vacation will still kick off on schedule, just as it will end on that first Monday in September. Both the workers and the GOP will always get their bone.

So we believe that by May 31st, 2016, Memorial Day will simply be called something else….unless you go to church. Congress decreed it, so they sure as hell can un-decree it. Right Joe? No BFD. This is our firm opinion and President Obama is simply signaling his approval now, plus testing for windage. Notice how the sleeping dogs still lie?

And Lady P, I’m sorry, I’m just not sure about the flag, but I fear its design is also up there already, on the drawing board.

Looking ahead to now, 2010, this should be lighting rod of a campaign slogan. So, would someone kindly kick those dogs lying asleep at Obama’s feet?