The American Tombstone: Death by Skinflint?

Art in Alaska no more than has to scrawl something across his keyboard and I run for my notepad. One prompt after another. This time it was his timely reminder of a book just out but a preview I read earlier in the year at National Review about the Democrat take over in Colorado in 2008. It’s called The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Every Republican Should Care), by Shrager and Witwer and can be had from Amazon for under $9.00. I recommend it, as Art has already.

Frank Capra did a film series during WWII called “Why We Fight”. We all do that here on RedState every day. But from time to time, I have to do a “Why We Lose” piece, for in the end, for all the huffing and puffing, rigid backbones, and bellicose language, we need to stop and realize that we are more likely to bleed to death from a million paper cuts wielded by a million paper hangers and their million paper machines than die that noble death underneath our banner on some rocky hilltop.

In the early 1950s, when I was a kid, we were on the front end of the new atomic age. I didn’t see it this way then, but the (Stalinist) Left in Hollywood did everything to undercut our 1) real superiority in the nuclear field…our captured German scientists were better than their captured German scientists…and 2) our belief that the world would be safer because we had this power. How I saw this develop, from age 7-12, besides learning how to hide under my desk in school as part of a drill, was an array of dull sci-fi films conjured up by Hollywood, with way too few monsters and special effects, way too much kissing and way, way too many scientists sitting around a council table in their white lab coats, always going on about how we (America) had crossed the threshold of sanity and had placed all mankind at risk. And only they could save us. Now, the docs always lost in the end, and we were all rooting against them anyway, but the filmmakers sent us away with the idea that unless America didn’t wake up and fix things, someday it would either be salvation by their prescriptions…or else. (What we mostly left with was the notion we wouldn’t pay to see that flick again. A quarter saved is a quarter earned.)

That theme continues with the attempted rise of the Pryksos Dynasty now, for you see, from the beginning of socialism and the scientism that always starts out as its sidekick, the idea has been to redefine the notion of American exceptionalism, which is a peculiarly alpha male/female experiment in self governance, so that it is the academicians and intellectuals and those goofy scientists who shall be called alpha. And the old alphas? Well, they’ll be ones driving the tractor that pulls the rocket out to the launch pad, or pulls the sheet steel from the furnace to build the rocket, etc., etc. And yes, they were the ones that first designed the rocket, engineered the tractor and the furnace, but that was yesterday. This is today. No one needs that anymore…only sane, well-tempered management.

Believe it or not this was Marx’s dream all along, just as it is the current Pryksos regime. And one of their favorite tools of death and subjugation is paper. “B” also stands for Bureaucrat.

Indeed, some of us noticed that by the late 1970’s the rise of a whole segment of the business community who could become very powerful and rich by following this more antiseptic (no dirt under the fingernails) paper-littered trail to prominence. One by one large corporations became inundated with these new bureaucratic armies who didn’t need to design, because that had already been done, and could “account” better than they could “build” (you can teach a monkey to build), i.e., Fastow and Skillings. And how the company looked on paper in the long run was more important that the goods or services they produced, i.e., Meg Whitman. Suddenly, by the early 90’s everyone woke up to see Big Business was almost a mirror image of Big Government. “B” is for Big, too.

I’ll save the Alpha-Beta sermon for later. The Colorado Blueprint showed what all those rich and powerful people did with their money. They invested in something that was so radical in nature as to defy all economic reason. They invested in power instead of a 12% annual ROI. And in doing so they did a thing similar to what the Founders did in 1776, by pledging “their fortunes” to build a thing so new they also tried to reverse the course of nature. Think of it in the medieval sense, where, instead of powerful ruthless kings begetting effete children who then dissipated their kingdom, these effete weaklings would all join forces to beget what? A race of supermen? Intellectual god-kings? Or just armies of brutish bullies who are more apt to scratch your eyes out than slug you on the nose? Or kill you with a thousand paper cuts?

The enigma of the Pryksos gambit is that this is a plan very Alpha in concept, for the risks are great, all or none. Still, it hopes to reshape America and the world by an army of paper-hanging weaklings, as if, by some miraculous transformation, once in power, they will 1) grow a pair and 2) know how to use them wisely. History proves otherwise, for this is indeed the primary chemical equation for gang bullies, who only grow meaner and more thuggish as their collective power grows.

Now I’ve seen people right here on RedState state that America is an historic and cultural anomaly, and has out-lived its shelf life already. It can’t be sustained.  And while they are wrong, you have to get deep into the philosophy of someone like von Hayek to see why this is so. (Or, simply read most of the great religious texts around the world.) It isn’t something you can arrive at casually. But the idea that you can build a thing (Marx’s Pryksos dream) with pencil necks (Strieff’s term, not mine, but it fits here) that will then become wiser and better defies all the laws of natural science. Hard laws, not iffy soft ones. So, I’m inclined to believe that this is either a pipe dream (a la Marx) or there is a small body of genuine Alpha’s with the visions of a Caesar or a Visigoth behind it all. (Soros and some others comes to mind.)

But in Colorado, indeed, around the country for many years, they’ve done it with lots of money and no discernible desire for a bottom line profit. And they’ve won… despite all our numeric, philosophical, even ethological advantages…all because our side wouldn’t even match them a lousy nickle for every dollar they invested.

Want to know how to beat them? Don’t ask Mike Steele or the RNC. Ask any of a hundred different members of RedState right here, then multiply that by a thousand and you come up with roughly how many good ideas are out there to defeat the Left in our back yard, in the institutions (especially schools), in the culture as well as they political arena. Most of them would like to be out there actively engaged in lighting some of Sam Adam’s little fires; taking school administrator’s to task, making smarmy librarians’ lives miserable for removing Lonesome Dove from the shelves, and generally kicking political correctness in the shin every time it steps outside the closet…instead of simply tweeting a buddy across the country about the day’s latest outrage. The army is there, just pawing at the ground, and there is so very much to do besides just going down to the polling station every two years.

Take ColdWarrior


No, this isn’t Henny Youngman schtick.

As you know, Vladimir can’t do a diary on polar bear flatulence without ColdWarrior finding a way to link his study to the need for Republican precinct committeemen. I noticed this persistence before CPAC and suggested he go (or be sent there) to break out the begging bowl in Washington. I’ve never put my whole pencil to it, but I was able to quickly discern that if what ColdWarrior and his project partners wanted to do could be sped up…they’re literally knocking on individual doors now…and time is of the essence…and let’s say speeding that process up would cost a half million bucks…not only would they by 2012 have secured some very important territory that the Enemy can’t take back, and hadn’t planned on losing (a big fly in their buttermilk, I can’t stress that enough), on top of that they would also have erased at least $10 million of investment and effort the Left had made. Up in smoke. Lost.

See? A three-fer.

Now I don’t know a thing about ColdWarrior’s executive skills in managing a much broader, multi-tasked fast-paced enterprise instead of the way he’s doing it now, but quite frankly, (to throw sand in the face of a smug leftie, Gengisdon, who appeared on one of Strieff’s pieces, complaining that Tea Partiers just didn’t have the management skills to go to the next level) the management end of such an enterprise such as this?…you can hire a monkey to do it. ColdWarrior and his pards know the business end of their business and that’s what matters. Everything else is built around that. We can hire the tools anywhere. An office, a few desks, and what, a bean counter, 3-4 man crew?  6-7? Better design. Broader outreach. Quicker results. And a kick in the arse of the Bad Guys they can’t retrieve.

And RoguePolitics, another RedStater, in Florida, with plenty of business pizazz, has sunk a lot of his own money into a training vehicle for Tea Partiers and others who want to go the next step and get politically involved. His business plan is sophisticated, it does have a national element, and will generate income. I don’t sit in on his planning sessions but I know a lot only because I’ve been involved with so many start-ups in strange environments, always needing money just to get a strong enough first leap off the ground. I know in my mind’s eye how he envisions this and how a little bit of money will send him quickly to the next level.

In both cases, all that is needed is for some Conservative Rich Guy to put a crowbar in his wallet and pony up. No tax write-off. No profit. Just doing good and beating the Devil. But if Rich Conservative Guy already has a Plan B in place that involves Costa Rica or New Zealand…well, you see our problem, don’t you? He becomes risk-averse, at best, cheap, without vision, no faith, at worst.

Outreach: How they can find the money

These are only two I’m close to. I know there are dozens around the country. But we (our side) doesn’t even so much as have an outreach or a clearinghouse, where people can come and lay out a 2-page mission plan and list of needs, to be passed over to a panel of people who then vet them for efficacy.

When I first came back from Russia in ’92 I begged for this from corporations. You can’t believe the talent, the ideas, the concepts, the solutions they have over there. But they didn’t know how it would fit into any given business solution in the US. And they didn’t know how to find companies. They had no Yellow Pages, no SIC-codes. I knew a company in Ukraine, when they lost their motor supplier in Estonia, didn’t even know another one was just down the street, making those same motors for a factory in Byelo-Russia. (Stalin, you gotta love him.) In the 1980’s high-tech seed capital firms in Boston and New York established outreach programs to find winners. A kind of R&D. One real winner for every 1000 proposals, and they made millions. But a lot of those ideas broke even. We asked companies to follow this model. “If you will just join with other companies and help them find you, you will be enriched immeasurably.” But no, US corporations sat back waiting for Russians to find them, as had been business tradition for a century, and from that, in the end, history will record the loss of a great “almost-free” nation. They’ve since slid back into the abyss. America voted absent.

It would require (and we’ve studied this) about $250K a year to undo several million dollars’ worth of the Left’s work in any given congressional district, and that, only for the first year, maybe two. After that, with performance, they can fund themselves. Success breeds success. And suddenly, rather soon in fact, you’ll wake up and find that no longer can schools teach second-graders worshipful songs about Obama, Umm, umm, umm, without consequence.

The GOP knows all this, we told them, state by state, some district by district, even before Obama was inaugurated.

This sort of pro-active approach, rather than playing defense all the time, completely changes the dynamic, only as Colorado proved, it has to come from right field, not within the establishment. funnel all the money through the GOP and they still can’t play slip-up in a mud hole.

That’s the problem isn’t it? Let’s go back to the Colorado Blueprint. A group of rich guys come up the Colorado Democrat Committee and say in essence this is what we’d like to do. “Just hand over the state to us and we’ll hand you the GOP. This is what we want in return.” They did. This was literally from out in left field. They completely took over the state, took their bribe-price (which remains to be revealed completely) and without leaving so much as a fingerprint of the State or National Democrat Party.  Only now, the Democrat Party does have the imprint of its (Red Wing) boot on the state’s neck. Nothing terribly illegal as far as we know. Just an attack from a direction no one was looking. Cunning and guile.

Neither the State nor National GOP saw this coming. Have they learned? I don’t think so, for they are comfortable inside their box. So are the donors. A lesson the GOP refuses to learn, the Left’s mastered: Throw it where they can’t hit it, hit it where they ain’t and hit them when they ain’t looking. Even I subscribe to those rules of “fair play”.

This was so easy to do by the Blueprint Coalition in part because all the fat cat Rich Conservative Guys had been “planned fo”r; they would give their money predictably, to known GOP and conservative causes and think tanks, which, while Heritage is really good, they aren’t doing what ColdWarrior or RoguePolitics, and thousand more unnamed can do, to kick the can, and Democrat behind, down the road. The Colorado Dem’s stepped outside the box, and God, how it galls me to have to say my enemy fights smarter than my side does.

To my knowledge no one on our side was (is) out there beating the bushes looking for new ways to beat the Left. Soros would’ve found ColdWarrior in a week and literally forced money on him. Where’s Limbaugh or Beck? Hell, I have to pay $10 a month just to send them an email. Beck wants to set up a “university” on one of his sites, just like Lady Penguin set up here free, only charge $9.99 a month to access it.

And even RedState. EE has to get out the begging bowl from time to time for some of the front page staff, since not a one of them is paid. We’re all volunteers here, don’t get me wrong, but the folks on the front page do yeoman’s work, on and off-camera. There’s a lot of tech stuff going on they’re in charge of. I know RedState generates income. I assume a profit for the home company. I could be wrong. But a lot of folks here have dreams of making RedState a bigger player, which considering its unique role as an “activist” blog (EE’s words) is a good thing in my mind. But that would require a change in management structure, some investment. But maybe a paycheck for those folks could ensue. I just know National Review never made a profit and WFB paid his staff well enough to make it the most influential opinion magazine in America. Newsweek is for sale, and while it has a great pedigree, RedState is the new future of print journalism. A lot of conservatives are considering making a bid for Newsweek. Instead, why not take RedState and expand it into something really huge? (I say this as my opinion only.) That’s what Ayles and Murdoch did at Fox.

In light of Colorado, and looking at the sad state of visionary disrepair the conservative cause is in, allocating money where it is of little use, you don’t have to be Sartre to see where the existential problem lies. The Left is risking their fortunes for esoteric gain (Betas being able to gang up on Alphas) while conservatives are squeezing their dimes as if they were diamonds.

I don’t like this picture one bit. Even Sartre’s making fun of us. Death by Skinflint. How fitting.