A side-by-side anatomy of the Greek Riots...on Horseback

If this sounds like a political analysis, it’s not. It’s about riots and face-offs. It’s about violence, who perpetrates it and who stops it. It’s about who’s under the color of law and who’s not, who’s on the inside looking out, and who’s trying to break in. It’s about who’s on the horse or behind the shield, and who’s being ridden down by that horse, and who’s fleeing from the tear gas. This matters. And it will matter all year.

The Greek Riots.

First, let me analyze the Greek riots demographically. This is a socialist country (ever see the film “Z”?, 1969). As with all socialist countries it has bankrupted itself, only now with a majority of the national workforce on the government payroll or funded by it indirectly (unions), and a sizeable portion of the non-working “client” sector (poor, disabled, retired) also on the payroll, they find there’s not enough productive people to skin in order to bring the books back into balance. Now, in order to secure money from healthier members of the socialist EU, they have to skin their own. When you try to do that, certain laws apply.

What we are seeing then, are the people at the delivery end of government welfare; teachers, union members, retirees, low-level bureaucrats, abetted by a whole bunch of communists and anarchists who just can’t “let a good crisis go to waste”….all storming out to protest their own socialist bosses’ decisions to cut their wages, hours and benefit…for they know they are protecting the upper levels of the management class of their own socialist system. Upper management vs front line workers; it’s no different in socialism than capitalism…except that in capitalism, it can be fixed.

What’s glaringly obvious then, and this was said as early as the 1950s by men like von Hayek and Friedman, is that this sort of economic crisis can never really be fixed as long as the socialists are in charge. They may be able to draw in their belts for awhile, but in another few years they will fit right back into that 60 inch lycra Speedo, only, since this defines all of Europe to one extent or the other, with less and less a chance of bailout next time. Failure is inevitable, at which time the streets will belong to the thugs (fascist or communists) and totalitarian control.

Side-by-side, the Bonus Army of 1932

Now, America’s had riots before, but nothing of this dimension. But still, we can provide a little bit of a side-by-side view of these Greek riots from the 1932 expulsion by the US Army of 43,000 WWI veterans who’d squatted in Washington for weeks, hoping to collect on bonuses promised in 1924 for their military service. For me, it makes for good imagery. (Note: these people were broke and out of work, and the government coupons would not mature until 1945, so they came asking/demanding for an early payout. It was not an obligation the government had reneged on, as many have said.)

Side-by-side, compared with Greece, we only had a wannabe socialist administration in 1932. This was before Social Security (1936), so less than 10% of the American people were on the government payroll, and except for a small number of government and military retirees, almost no one was part of the non-working “client” sector. So, when troops mounted up to remove the Bonus Army physically, their horses twelve abreast, with infantry on each side, something every American hates to visualize, Americans riding down Americans, the rest of America pretty much yawned…in part, because there were no 24/7 news services, in part because it was tough all around, in part because there was a presumption of rightness then when the government did a thing, and yes, Americans for the most part still believed they alone were responsible for their personal economic well being. They didn’t like people rioting for a handout.

So when the Bonus Army was finally expelled from Washington in summer, 1932, there was generally the belief that it could all still be fixed. And it could.

Although many saw the seeds for what we now see in Greece being planted in Washington during the FDR era, those warnings were muffled out by WWII. It was not until the rise of the welfare state in the 1960s under LBJ did those same sort of dire warnings emerge again, only with a tone of finality, namely that we were headed to a point down the road where it “could longer be fixed”. We’ve been lurching to where we are today since 1965. Almost 45 years. We’re now close to that 50% mark, where the shearers outnumber the sheared. We’re at that point where if we turn one way, it can’t be fixed, we turn the other, it can. That’s how history (written by the winners, mind you) will speak of these years of decision, 2010-2012.

Now no one hand-picked Greece to be first. Spain, relatively new to socialism, had raced against time to catch up with Greece, and almost made it. Portugal was not far behind. In the same vein, no one knows for sure where it will start here. Some say California, and I tend to agree. But with Christie kicking over money lenders’ tables in Trenton, it could very well start there. And quite frankly…and understand me here…since the Rodney King riots in east LA in 1992, members of the Congressional Black caucus, Maxine Waters in particular, have threatened to put people into the streets on several occasions. So, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, New York. Atlanta. Indeed, it can be argued that the Democrat Party “welfare” policy for years has been to keep that from happening by essentially paying the beneficiaries to stay on their side of the tracks, and in those nice comfortable “holes” they’d provided for them.

So, what happens when the money runs out? Well, we got an “orderly” surprise when Clinton was forced to reluctantly sign the Welfare Reform Act in 1994. Nothing happened. In fact, the opposite of ugly happened. Amazingly, young mothers virtually raced out of their holes to colleges all over the country to get educated, find jobs and grab that little dab of self-respect the Dems had denied them for thirty years. I know, I was working the other side of Obama’s street. Why? Unlike Greece, where no doors remain open for the state client-class to escape, thanks to Ronald Reagan, George W Bush, and the Gingrich Congress, a few doors have always been kept open so as to relieve that pressure in the inner city ghetto, by providing a way out for those who want to get out.

As you know, Obama, and key insiders in the Democrat leadership, have every intention of closing those doors, in all likelihood not fully aware of the explosive consequences. No matter, whether by accident, intent, or, in the case of Maxine and the CBC, the throwing of that last Molotov cocktail before catching the last flight to Bimini, we already know that as the neighborhoods empty of angry citizens because their monthly benefits have been cut, they will be met as they cross the tracks by armies of agents provocateurs from La Raza, SEIU, ACORN, the American Communist Party, NEA. All of them, and for awhile, in alliance with one another.

Art in Alaska reminded me how well the Nixon Administration really handled this sort of thing 1969-1972. I hope someone kept the playbook, for it comes down to…

Who’s Riding the Horses

It comes a down to a face-off, just as we’re seeing in Greece. Only there, it’s socialist-about-to-be-fascist, on the horse and behind the shields, versus the socialists-about-to-be-communist, in the streets with Molotov cocktails. As Kissinger once said about Iran and Iraq, you kinda would like to see both sides lose. The Liberty, free market faction, if Greece even has one, isn’t even on the radar screen. This is a fight between bad guys.

At some point, you just care about the fight and who wins. Militarily the guys on the horses are supposed to win. That’s why Ahmadinejab won last year in Iran, and why Rome eventually hung Spartacus. It’s even why Nixon won in 1969-1972. A couple of times they didn’t, though, as Germany in 1932, when the socialist could have steamrolled the Nazis, but never pulled the trigger. (We study the why’s of stuff like that here, which is why Greece is so important to us now. We just want to see if they’ll pull the trigger.)

But as you can see, horses don’t play favorites. They have no politics, no cause, no conscience. They’ll ride down a Christian as comfortably as they will a heathen. As long as we live in a nation where “it still can be fixed” it is so very important that it is us, our side, under the color of law, up there on those trusty steeds. The world depends on us riding the bad guys down, not the other way around. Remember, one of the things that defines us, we can still hang up our spurs at the end of the day. But ride that horse, we have to do.

So first, we have to be the ones up there on that horse. Consider the alternative. If they are the ones riding the horses after November, then…

This is why a few of us study the few who have won while afoot. It may come in handy.