Flash: Obama and Napolitano unleash anti-Terror BFL Strain for second time in 6 months! Holder fumes, McConnell wrings his hands.

The secret BFL-Strain was developed in the late 1970’s. I first wrote about it in January, and its role in assisting federal derring-do in capturing the Christmas bomber in Detroit. I reprise part of that article below, for background.- Bernie Chumm

My sources tell me that for the first time since 2000, the White House released a highly classified, top-secret anti-terrorism weapon to stop the attempted blowing up of Northwest Flight 253 over Detroit on Christmas Day.

Long sought by the Democrats after the Vietnam debacle, to change their militaristic image around the world, this weapon was developed at Ft Dietrich, Maryland during the Carter Administration. After a miserable failure with an early prototype used in the Iran rescue attempt in 1980, it was modified, but never tested and stored in a secure vault 20 stories beneath the earth. Its only other known use was on New Year’s Day, 2000, by the Clinton Administration, along the Canadian border, where it proved successful for the first time, utilized my a mere Border Patrol agent.

Known only as the “BFL-Strain” it’s unknown if it is gaseous or liquid, so secret has its existence and composition been kept.

In 2001 it was hinted that President Bush could have employed it before the 9/11 attacks, but unnamed sources close to Bush in Texas told me that while the president had heard of BFL, he personally had never seen any report on it, and under no circumstances would have relied on it. Sources close to the Clinton Administration confirm this, saying the existence of BFL had been kept from his successor by a wall of secrecy having been established by then-Deputy Attorney General, Jamie Gorelick.

In December, it was learned that the Obama administration, needing to transfer funds from national security to his costly and expanding domestic agenda, signed an executive order on December 21st, ordering the BFL-Strain to be removed from mothballs and recommissioned as the front line of defense against terror activities in the United States. It’s now believed Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, is the principle handler of this dangerous, volatile, and still unproven weapon. As one retired project engineer told us, off the record, “Relying on this is a crap shoot.”

But with two direct hits now, with the capture of the New York SUV-Bomber only last week, it’s believed the Administration will begin to rely more and more on the BFL-strain in future anti-terror ops. For one, it’s every inexpensive up front, although no one has calculated the costs if it fails. It has also been learned that Attorney General Eric Holder has privately lobbied the President for control of the weapon, saying his department is in far greater need of it, and can utilize it with far greater accuracy and potency, especially in the war on terror, a term which he has reluctantly had to use again.

When asked for comment, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell stated that although he wasn’t entirely sure of the BFL-Strain’s capabilities, as he was not on any need-to-know list, he did believe hearings should be held to determine if there shouldn’t be a more bi-partisan distribution of the Strain, seeing how it had “seemed to have proved itself in the field.”…and something about the Democrats “hogging all the spotlight”.

(For the chemical make-up of the BFL-Strain, we noted that in our earlier post.)

Bernard Chumm, in Portland

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