While Nature Fiddled, Obama Diddled, or, The Difference between a Public Relations Disaster and Bone Fide Federal Travesty

Follow me, because this has everything to do with Arizona and their immigration law.

A few on the right (our side) have tried to make Obama’s handling of the BP oil spill similar to Bush’s handling of Katrina, i.e. a public relations/political disaster. A few on the left and Democrats have said there is no comparison, especially as to the severity of the damage caused. Don’t tell an environmentalist that bird suffering just doesn’t rise to the level of human suffering dished out by Katrina, but in a totally different way, the Dems and Left are right. There is no comparison at all between Katrina and BP, but it all comes down to territorial imperatives (or prerogatives, if you prefer), not suffering.

You see Katrina was a PR disaster for Bush because the Left and national media wished it so. That Katrina was also a Louisiana disaster and not a Mississippi or Texas disaster was because the Left and national media willed it so. That Bush chose not to fight back only made it worse, but still, a public relations disaster is still a disaster. But the inescapable truth is that every step of the way the disaster that was Katrina was exacerbated by Louisiana local and state political officials (all Democrats), who, it has never been debated, had all the territorial power, including taking federal (FEMA) advice, which they did not, and inviting the federals in for support and assistance (which they did not until well after the storm’s landfall). Even the levies’ failure were due to local corruption, er, redirection of resources.

I stress the word “land” here, for the states have primary authority in managing disasters that happen on their “lands”.

The BP disaster, however, happened several miles out to sea, where the states now being threatened by the oil slick, have no such authority. The federal government ordered an investigation (the nature of which is till unclear to me as well as serious technical experts) but did nothing to begin impeding or trying to contain the oil coming from the rig as it moved coastward. For eight days, and Rush Limbaugh chronicled this, Obama diddled, making speeches to Wall Street, video speeches to people of color, cajoling them to get back into the campaign mood like ’08, and several trips and speeches about the Finance Reform bill (Dodd’s Stay-Out-of-Jail-Free bill). It wasn’t exactly on his mind, nor, it seems, on agencies that would normally be sending all sorts of assets to the theater to prevent the coming damage…unless of course, their computer modeling team was on vacation. Late in that 8-day swing, they began implementing plans to prepare the coastlines for the impact of the oil on fisheries, wildlife and tourism, which to me is like sending solace cards to the families of Waco…on April 16th. So, 9 days into the accident, we had feds, (including SWAT teams???) at the site of the oil rig, I assume aboard vessels, and feds on the beach, I assume with the permission of the states involved (permission which Bush was damned for having sought first)…but no feds in between here and there using the vast inventory of technologies and techniques at out disposal to lessen, contain, redirect or impede this oil slick heading toward the Gulf Coast.

That, my friends, is a travesty. A human, government-created travesty; a travesty solely within the jurisdiction of the United States to confront and prevent.

Which takes us back to Arizona and why it did what it did. Even though the United States claims exclusive jurisdiction to “control” immigration in this country, the Obama Administration has proved it is not just a matter of competence (or incompetence, if you prefer), to prevent erosion, spoilation and damage along our borders…from outside our borders. With the oil slick it has also proved they will only do some things within their exclusive jurisdiction only if it damned well pleases them.

Whatever Bush was, he wasn’t indifferent to the suffering of people or wildlife. It would do well for true Greens to begin re-examining the philosophical arrangements they have with the political Left, for they have proved they are, indeed, indifferent.