It's time this imperious president is smacked down. Really

Forgive me if I’m a little angry. Also, forgive me if i don’t insert citations and links. I really don’t like them. Besides, you know what I’m talking about here. It’s the sense of the man I’m speaking to and not the “debatability” of his policies. On policy, even he doesn’t believe what he says anyway. But about the power of his station, he means every word. I think it’s time he were set straight as to just what the limits of that power is.

Since the passage of the Health Care bill, President Obama’s sense of himself has risen and risen. He struts and poses. He’s just one quart short of speaking of himself in the third person. Just a week or so ago, after Gov Bob McDonnell made that gaffe about Confederate History Month, Obama said he found it “unacceptable”. I nearly leaped out of my chair, i was so angry. How dare he? I made a little noise here, but was surprised to see that no one else did. Here or anywhere else. I don’t care, it simply is not within the authority of the President of the United States to find the conduct of any elected official of any sovereign state in America “unacceptable”. He assumed a pay grade, by God, he ain’t got.

Since then, as the days have progressed, almost daily, we have been treated to a rising scale of regal pronouncements that he will or will not “accept” or “allow”, perhaps forgetting that even on his best days, he represents only one third of the government…at least as the Constitution sees it. Bill Clinton would have been happy as a mere satrap, with a bevy of dancing girls, but this guy really sees well beyond.

For me, the final kicker came today, while telling the Wall Street world that he favors free markets, he would not allow “risk taking”. With Obama, I no longer hold out that this sort of oxymoronic language can be attributed to stupidity or naivete. But it is much more than mere arrogance. It is imperiousness, not on the rise, but incarnate, fully formed. He has crossed over.

And the taste for it needs to be slapped right out of his mouth…

…by someone in public authority. A governor. An RNC leader. A senator. Hell, maybe even a lonely, solitary representative might do. But better a governor, as the others, alas, save one or two, have shown their Sidney-side and conflict aversion.

I’ve been around corporate cloakrooms almost as much as Art has legislative ante rooms, and he will likely confirm what I’m about to say. That is where all the officers retreat after suffering an “out of school” chastisement by an executive, only to say “I wish he’d said that to my face.” I know what Gov McDonnell probably spoke in private about the insult thrown his way by Obama. I also know what several other governors probably thought when they heard it; a collective gasp. Still, few would have the presence of mind to come back with a quick retort…and what adviser wouldn’t advise his boss to cool his jets, anyway? Even as he insults you, your office, and the people of your State, not to mention your credulity, you still must consider the consequences if you insult him back, merely by yelling “ouch”. That’s what the lawyer in you says. And that’s what the lawyer-adviser tells you.

This is why i don’t like lawyers, Bob, and you shouldn’t let one within a hundred yards of you now that you execute laws rather than practice it. Different hat entirely. It’s time you all begin practicing your retorts.

I really don’t care who picks the fight. McDonnell’s opportunity has already come and gone, but any number of other governors could still grab the reins. It’s not like it was an isolated incident. There will be more…probably this week, at the rate things are going. He’s not letting up. He’s prancing around like a king in full.

I just want to say that picking a fight with the President is a winner. He can’t fight worth a lick. Really. I know, and I’ll even loan out Bernie Chumm to show you how. Limbaugh’s right. He’s a thug who hires out his misery. But he can ignore Limbaugh and Beck because he can use the media to snub them. He’s official, they’re not. That’s why I can’t slap him silly either, or EE. (I’d love to give Moe or Neil a free shot, wouldn’t you?) So, I am speaking here more to governors and other state officials than senators, RNC leaders, etc, as they are already well known for their squeamishness come smack-down day. Rush Limbaugh can’t do it. Really. Even Rep Joe Wilson probably can’t do it.

But, Governors (collectively) you’ll get a fair fight whether Obama wants to give it to you or not. The press has always had one passion greater than the Democrat agenda. And it’s a good public fight. It’s a winner. You won’t lose a soul in you state who doesn’t like you anyway. And you’ll be a folk hero in Idaho, Kentucky and here on RedState.

All you have to do is smack him down when he offends, and he will, count on it, then count down…one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, then watch him become undone.

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