Watch your topknot, something is afoot.

Only three days ago I wrote about the national leftwing campaign to paint Tea Party and other patriot organizations as racist, and with that tag, to scare national Republicans away from the Tea Parties. A smart gambit in all likelihood, for you’ll have to admit, the GOP isn’t exactly an oak in these matters of honor and truth. As our political horse they more often prefer to be walked with a lead than to be mounted and lead a charge.

Then, at the same time a 2-day member diarist here made back-to-back posts asking everyone to go to another (“census”) website and donate money for a massive national uprising of public civil unrest and disobedience involving unnamed acts. A little wrong headed, and even provocative, this could only be a coincidence. Or a plant and a bait.

Today the lead stories are the arrests of some midwest (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana) “Christian” militia types with plenty of snot-eyed photos of arms and munitions being hauled away. This means they’re back, too, in a timely manner, I might add. So expect this story to have spider legs, as you don’t have to be Fellini to connect the dots between racism, underground religious nut jobs with guns, and ordinary citizens taking to the streets with placards, armed only with moral indignation about the loss of their rights.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, in fact was just discussing that this AM with another RedStater on the phone. Just like truthers and proofers, the true conspiracy theorist has to create facts out of whole cloth in order to bolster his theory. Smelling a rat isn’t conspiracy theory…but I smell a rat.

I’m just putting out a warning to those of you here on RedState who may be too eager to engage newbies in borderline talk of shillelagh law. Teatty your cards, watch your topknot. Something may be afoot.

And a man without a horse is afoot.